Pipsy the Mouse
Pipsy's artwork from Diddy Kong Racing.
Full Name Pipsy
Current Age 13
Location Previously Timber's Island
Class Pilot
Main Weapon(s) Missles
Mouse Traps
Oil Slicks

Pipsy the Mouse is a yellow mouse that first appeared in the Nintendo 64 game Diddy Kong Racing and then reappeared in the Nintendo DS Remake. She has since reappeared one the Wii in Donkey Kong Racing, Mario Rugby League and most recently Timber's Island. The character was truly brought to fame in Pipsy The Mouse.


Back to the tracks

Pipsy made her main Donkey Kong series debut in the Wii racing game Donkey Kong Racing. She was part of the other category. In Land battles Pipsy could hit people with her tail and punch.

NRL Player

Pipsy is a player on the Diddy Kong Racers team on the multiplayer Wii sports game Mario Rugby League. She is a fast character with average skill and poor strength. Her special skill is to launch a homing missle as an extended tackle.

Kart specialist

Pipsy appeared as a supporting character in the Nintendo Wii platforming game Timber's Island. Pipsy decided to move to Timber's Island after Wizpig invaded because it was such a nice place. However when Captain Blackeye invaded the island she jumped into action with her friends. She gave Timber Karts, Plane and Boats whenever he needed them.

Cricket Player

Pipsy appears on the Rocking Racers team in Donkey Kong Test Cricket.

Tennis Player

Pipsy appears on the Timber Racers team in Mario Test Tennis.

Astro Mouse

Pipsy the Mouse
Astro Mouse
Astro Mouse's original artwork
Full Name Astro Mouse
Current Age Unknown
Location Outer Space
Class Astronaut

Astro Mouse is an orangey-pink coloured mouse and was the prototype character for Pipsy. Astro Mouse was to debut in the Nintendo 64 game of the same name, however the game was cancelled. Later, while looking for another character to appear in Diddy Kong Racing, the developers looked at Astro Mouse. However, they thought that his bulky clothing and nasty snarl wouldn't quite fit in with the rest of the playable characters of the game, so the art director of Donkey Kong Country and Diddy Kong Racing, Kevin Bayliss, redesigned him: changed his clothes, personality, and did a little gender swapping. Eventually, Astro Mouse got changed into Pipsy. The two characters are sometimes considered as two individuals, however, as is the case with Diddy Kong Racing 3DS, where both are playable characters.