Templatis is the first world in Pipsy The Mouse. After entering E.V.I.L.'s Head Quarters, they stumble abon a door leading here. The world feature many stone-era features, such as temples and tribemen from the past. Many important moves are learned here, although no teammates are rescued.


As already stated, Templatis is the first world of PTM. It fstarts out in a temple, with a door nearby. This leads outside, on a mountain. Falling off the mountain leads to your death (and a giant whiteness). A path leads further up the mountain to a big area with enemies, where one can fight. Another temple, located inside a mountain, has its enterance here, but it is covered up by a door. Another path leads further up the mountain, to a large downwards stair.

At the bottom is a large field surrounding the mountain. A small rock is next to a large one. The small rock may be kicked into the big one to knock off one layer of the rock. Some enemys are there to attack, but they can easily be destroyed. Behind them in a pond sorrounded by rocks. Pipsy can go near the pond to see a Move Kiosk that teaches her Dive. With the ability, Pipsy can dive beneath the pond to collect her very first Poker Card.


Name Location Description Energy Sparks
Dive By the pond Allows the player to pop down right beneath the serface. Not Swim; you must immediatly come back up. 6
Energy Barge At thetop of the mountain. Lets Pipsy use her Special Energy to barge through hard surfaces. 9

Poker Cards


Other Items

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