Pink Gold Peach and Baby Rosalina's Pointless Adventure is some game StarKing64 made in 20 minutes one night when he was bored a game that was made by Nintendo for the New WiiDS. It features Pink Gold Peach and Baby Rosalina (two pointless characters) trying to save Toadsworth from the clutches of Wind-Up, the worst Skylander.

The Nonexistent Story

One day when Pink Gold Peach and Baby Rosalina were playing Mario Party 420, Wind-Up sent them a telegram saying that he stole Toadsworth because he's salty since no one likes him. Then P.G. Peach and Baby Rosalina decide to save Toadsworth for some reason.


P.G. Peach and Baby Rosalina save Toadsworth and murder Wind-Up, but then Gregg the Grim Reaper appears and tells Baby Rosalina that she must go to the Underwhere because she murdered countless Lumas in the future. Pink Gold Peach has to go too because she's stupid.


The gameplay style is a direct ripoff of Super Mario Galaxy, but with a couple of twists. There are Tag Blocks in the levels that can switch your character (Baby Rosalina to Pink Gold Peach and vice versa). Both characters have their own advantages, disadvantages, and abilities. For instance, Baby Rosalina is slower than Pink Gold Peach, but she can Star Spin and use Launch Stars. And Pink Gold Peach can...I dunno...melt?


There are five worlds in the game. They are large and open, and the goal must be found to continue to the next world. The goals are hidden in dumb places so the n00bs can't play the game. Only MLGs allowed, yo. I'll tell you where the goals are so you be super awesome like me, though.

World 1 - n00b Land: This place is for n00bs. You should leave as soon as possible. Goal is hidden in the mouth of a megaladon.

World 2 - Your Bedroom: This world looks exactly how your bedroom looks at this moment in time. Goal is hidden where you hide all your dirty magazines.

World 3 - Fanfiction Land: This is the real (LOL TYPO MEANT REALM BUT IM TOO LAZY TO FIX LOL) of fan fiction. Goal is hidden in the fan fiction where Samus turns into a dog and marries Mother Brain.

World 4 - Rap Land: Everyone raps here. Goal is hidden in YO MAMA.

World 5 - Wind-Up's Underwear: Bleh. There is no goal because this is the last world n00b.


This game sucks.

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