"Pink Gold Peach makes the fight precious!" (Introduction tagline)

Pink Gold Peach looks so similar to Peach but they are to different: PG Peach is very heavy, she can't float and her special moves are based on Mario Kart 8 items. She is a Brick character and she hasn't got a main element.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Boomerang. Pink Gold Peach throws a boomerang which attacks when returns too! The first time the damage is 7%, the second is 13%.

Side Special: Piranha Plant. PG Peach puts a Piranha Plant which bites the opponents next to it. A bite inflicts 9% of damage. A plant can do only 3 bites and then disappear.

Up Special: Bullet Bill. PG Peach transforms herself in a Bullet Bill and you can control the direction. The attack inflicts 26% of damage.

Down Special: Item Box. PG Peach gets a casual item (except healing items or Smash Balls).

Final Smash: Super Horn. PG Peach uses her Super Horn and inflicts 48% of damage to every opponent who touches the Horn's shockwave.

Unlock Criteria

Complete Event 22: Two Princesses in peril!

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