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Pink Gold Peach
Mario Revival Artwork - pgp
The mysterious metallic form of Princess Peach.
Full Name Pink Gold Peach
Gender Female
Species Metallic Human
Location Mushroom Kingdom
Class Princess
Powered-up form
Ability/ies Invincibility against most attacks
Heart/love-related powers
Pink Gold Peach did not originate from fanon, and more information can be found on their respective wiki(s). You may read more about it on the following wiki(s):

Pink Gold Peach, also known as Metal Peach or PGP, is a metallic character who debuted in Mario Kart 8. Like how Metal Mario is to Mario, she is the metallic counterpart of Princess Peach.


Pink Gold Peach's background and identity depends on the views of the creator of whichever game she appears in. Some creators view her as simply Peach's form when she grabs a Metal Box or a Gold Flower, while some creators may view her as an entirely separate character.

Physical Appearance

Pink Gold Peach shares the same model as Princess Peach, and wears the same clothes, too. Pink Gold Peach is made up of a shiny pink metal (with a close resemblance to a bronze colour), called rose gold. Additionally, she wears diamonds.


Mario Kart 8

Pink Gold Peach made her debut in this game, to mixed reviews in the community. She was disliked by some, while considered a somewhat cool character by others.

Super Smash Bros. Spaghetti

She appears in this game as an unlockable character. Her move set is the same as Peach's.

Mario Kart Burst

Pink Gold Peach is an unlockable heavyweight racer in this game.

Super Mario Revival series

Pink Gold Peach first appears in episode 3 of the third season of Super Mario Revival, Super Mario Innocence. After stating that she will never stop protecting her friends at the cost of her life, Peach awakens her new power, and gains the ability to become Pink Gold Peach, her most powerful form.

Peach still has the ability to become Pink Gold Peach in the following season, Super Mario Unite!.

Powers and Attacks

  • Pink Graceful Kiss - a powerful attack which is a large blast of glittering pink light.


Pink Gold Peach shares the same personality as Peach, except there is more of a mysterious vibe to her. She is a bit more serious, and in Super Mario Unite!, she shows determination to race against opponents and save her people even if it means risking her life.


Super Mario Kart 8+
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