Pingy the Ice Koopa
Gender Male
Location Koopa Kingdom (former)
Mushroom Kingdom (current)
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Ice Hammer

Pingy the Ice Koopa is an OC created by Pingy Animatronic, he is an Ice Paratroopa, unlike Ice Koopa Troopas, he has a black shell, he is also friends with Mario & Luigi, and he hates bullies and bad guys, he only appears in RPG games, he appears rarely in the Mario Kart and Mario Party games.

Physical Appearance

He has a black shell, and wears a cyan bucket on his head with "P" on it to represent his name, and he has cyan shoes.


  • Shell Toss
  • Shell Ball
  • Fly
  • Retreat into Shell


  • His appearance resembles Corporal Paraplonk's.