Full Name Pine
Gender Male
Location Pine Forest
Current Status In Pine Forest
Class Hero
9009 Entertainment
Main Weapon(s) Pine
Ability/ies Use Pines
Vulnerable To Fire
First Appearance Pine (Game)
Pine is a monkey from the Dip (series). He lives in the Pine Trees of the Pine Forest . He respresents City Climates. He is very entergetic and makes wierd giggling noises.


Born from the Pine trees of Pine Forest came Pine. He was doing his daily things. Eat bannanas,wander, and sleep. He then got stolen by some scientists. They were doing some project called "AHC 890". They tested him with all theses injections. After AHC 890 was over. Pine suddenly had human characteristics. He could walk,speak English and Japanese. He could even be very cautiuos about "full exposure".

Later, He was sent back to the Forest. His test was to get monkies to help on AHC 890. He had many friends in his journey. He then was suspicous about the plan and went to the lab. He was amazed. He saw dead monkies from AHC past plans. He then saw the monkies he berfriended being expiremented. He told the scientists why are they doing this. They replied by saying that AHC is Animal get Human Characteristics. The were going to use them in war. Pine did not like it and freed the trapped monkies and escaped. The scientists wanted them back and sent their mutant monsters to get them back.

After defeating the scientists gimmicks, One scientist begged for mercy. He lets them go and the scientist never experimented again. Pine and his friends enjoyed his stay in Pine Forest.



Pine in Pine (Game)

He makes his first debut in Pine (Game) which was a RPG game. He has a pattern of purple and orange.

Appearence InfoEdit

Image Character Description
Pine Pine Pine is a Monkey with Human Characteristics,Which Scientists gave him. He then thought their plan went to far and released all the Monkies. He protected them against the scientists. He succesfully helped them change their ways


He has Human Characteristics. He also has a scythe made out of Sharped Pine Trees. He also has a Hammar made out of Bronze.