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Pincelle (Paintverse)
Current Age 19
Date of Birth  ???
Gender Female
Species Artizzian
Location Bu-ru-shia Town
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) None
Element(s) Paint
Ability/ies Producing mystical paint that can be used as a weapon, expertise at Meelee Combat
Ethnicity Artizzian
First Appearance Paintverse - Just the start!
Latest Appearance Paintverse - Into the Spirit Realm
Family and Relations
Sketch, Ky, Princess Kayla, Seraphina and Prof. Sanster (friends)
Paintress (Sketch in Into the Spirit Realm)
 Pincelle is one of the protagonist in the Paintverse series, she was trapped inside an ancient relic known as the "Paintbrush of All Souls" and called Sketch from another universe to help her and the Artizzians.


Pincelle would look like any normal Artizzian at first glance, in other words, pretty much like a normal human with the exception of having completely white skin, however, she has one glaring difference: her colorful and quite sharp metal-like tail, which grows out of her lower back and is actually way longer than it actually looks (extending inside Pincelle's spine up to her upper back).


Pincelle is rash and impatient, sort of like Sketch, but at the same time she has good reflexes and reaction times, as well as being quite clever and being able to detect weaknesses in opponents after studying how they fight for only a moment.

Pincelle enjoys games from human culture, often bugging Sketch to bring her new games, and often says one-liners from videogames mid-combat, she thinks it's cool but the rest of the gang just see it as weird (except for Sketch but that's purely because he's a nerd).


Mysterious Origin

No one really knows where Pincelle came from, the first time anybody saw her she was already a toddler found beaten up and unconscious in the middle of the woods, a group of friendly villagers brought her to their village, which was quite big, and healed her back up. Pincelle quickly befriended the townsfolk, but it all came crashing down for her when she exposed her tail nonchalantly, not thinking much of it.

The townsfolk, extremely paranoid, were terrified, as in past times people with tails would trick the townsfolk into inviting them into the town befoe revealing their identity as destructive and lethal "Dracos", reptilian-like beings who harnessed solar power to wreak havoc throughout the land. And so, they set out on lynching the poor Pincelle, who was quickly knocked out and set to be burned in the middle of the town plaza.

As she was tied up to a pole, her legs buried in a giant haystack which the town chief was about to burn with a torch, however, she managed to use her adrenaline to kick the town chief down before he could burn the haystack and use her tail to rip through the ropes tying her to the pole, after which she ran away as the townsfolk chased her down for days, then weeks and then even months, hoping to hunt Pincelle down at all cost.

Orphanage Days

After living in the shadows for many months, she found out that the town had given up on their search, and so she hoped to start anew in a new place, however, she quickly found that the town in which she was found in was quite away from most other forms of civilization, so she began a long trek to find another town or city, which ended in her collapsing from exhaustion midway through and being taken in by the owner of an old orphanage, who, after finding out that she had no parents or anyone to go to, decided to take her in and take care of her, becoming a motherly figure for Pincelle until she passed away due to old age just one year after.

Pincelle lived the rest of her life, at least until she was just one or two months away from becoming 18, in the orphanage, due to nobody really wanting to pick her up due to her tail unnerving many parents.


Not long before she became 18, Lord Spightmare's resurrection and assault on Artizz with his long-dormant Demon army began, and she became the leader of an insurgence that set out to defeat Lord Spightmare, however, this would require an important tool known as "The Paintbrush of All Souls", or the "Soul-Brush" for short, which is why they set out to retrieve it from an old dungeon, but during the mission the Soul-Brush is found and locked away by Lord Spightmare, forcing the rebellion into going into his fortress in order to get the Soul-Brush back.

However, even though they managed to get the Soul-Brush, Pincelle finds that she is not deemed worthy of wielding it, but Estrella, a companion, is. However, before they can leave or even wield the weapon itself, Estrella is shortly after murdered by Lord Spightmare as she seems to pass on her powers to some extent, before she is captured by Lord Spightmare and punished by being trapped inside the Soul-Brush, however, using Estrella's power and the brief surge of energy that she receives from Lord Spightmare as he transfers her soul over to the Soul-Brush, she manages to send a portal for someone to take her place as the leader of the rebellion and stop Lord Spightmare, this person ends up being Sketch.

Out of the Soul-Brush

Sometime after the events of the first Paintverse game, where she manages to synchronize with Sketch, allowing him to wield the Soul-Brush and defeat Lord Spightmare with the help of the Artizzian people, Professor Sanster started tampering with the Soul-Brush, hoping to learn more about it and get Pincelle out of it in the process, eventually he manages to get her out of it and she is given the opportunity by Princess Kayla to live in the castle since she has nowhere to go, an offer that Pincelle gladly accepts.

Into the Spirit Realm

In the second Paintverse game, Paintverse - Into the Spirit Realm, Professor Sanster makes some modifications to the Soul-Brush which not only improve its abilities as a weapon, but also allow Pincelle to jump in and out of the Soul-Brush at will, allowing Sketch and Pincelle to perform many tandem techniques in combat.



  • Pincelle actually got redesigned because her old design looked like any plain old paintbrush
  • In Into the Spirit Realm there's a poster of human Pincelle dressed as "Aoi Asahina" from DR sponsoring a donut place in the Japanese version, this was changed to the protagonist of Enfer, Jane sponsoring a brand new hospital known as "The Enfermary" in America.
    • In the PAL version human Pincelle stills sponsors a donut place but she's wearing her normal outfit.
  • At the beginning of Paintverse - Into the Spirit Realm it's discovered that Pincelle was actually freed from the Soul-Brush off-screen in between the events of the two games, and later on she finds out how to re-enter the Soul-Brush whenever she wants to.

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