Pilot Naucrates
Pilot Naucrates
He patrols the coast near Seagoat's lair
Full Name Pilot Naucrates
Captain of the coastal patrol
Gender Male-programming
Location Coastal Guardian (HQ)
Sardinia coast, Mediterranean Sea (last known location)
Current Status Online (Tempo 1Tempo 6)
Decommissioned (Tempo 7)
Class Robot
First Appearance Megaman Tempo: Dashed Reverie
Latest Appearance Megamen Sea 6
Augh!! Look what you did to my precious sub! I haven't even fully paid it off yet!
Naucrates, Megaman Tempo: Dashed Reverie

Pilot is a Type-VII "Coleman" Small-Chassis Reploid who operates as a freelance (vigilante) Maverick hunter, also known as a "poacher", serving as one of the members of the Seaside Shore Protection Agency.

Naucrates is a proud individual who greatly desires personal wealth. He has become the captain of the SSPA's large submarine, the Leedsichthys, which operates as both a mobile headquarters for the team as well as the lead in their large cluster of mechaniloids, known as the Coastal Patrol. However, he had obtained a large personal wealth before joining the SSPA and has made most of the payments for the sub on his own. Currently moving through the coastal waters of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea during an investigation of the area around which Lance Seagoat had been decommissioned a few months earlier, it was here that his patrol encountered their legendary chassis-father, Tempo, who had come seeking Naucrates himself in an attempt to make amends for Gothias' devious plot that ended in the decommissioning of numerous innocent poachers.

Unfortunately for Tempo and his plan, the mechaniloids of the Coastal Patrol automatically attacked him and he was forced to defend himself, eventually destroying the SSPA's sub. Having almost but not quite paid off the Leedsichthys, Naucrates emerged absolutely furious, though he also saw opportunity in Tempo's arrival as he knew full well the bounty on his "father's" head.


  • Pilot: "Augh!! Look what you did to my precious sub! I haven't even fully paid it off yet!"
  • Tempo: "Maybe you shouldn't have used your shiny new toy to confront me..."
  • Pilot: "It will be fine. The credits I will rake in after bringing in your core processor will be enough to pay that thing off AND buy myself an even newer one."
  • Tempo: "Is that all you care about?"
  • Manta: "Absolutely not. But we both know why you're here, don't we? So let's just get this over with."

Behind the scenes

  • Naucrates is based on a pilot fish (naucrates ductor).
  • He and the rest of his Poacher team, the Seaside Shore Protection Agency, are based off of a group of anthropomorphic animal antihero characters created by Somarinoa when he was in 4th Grade known as the Seaside Shore Gang. Specifically, he is based off of Pilot Fish.