Argnsjikandjifbahjtnsguemahdgaurbsjishhsu! Oops, my translator was off. What I said was that you are about to die.
Pilot Gary

Pilot Gary
Gary's character selection card
Full Name Pilot Gary
Location Glitch Town
Class Glitch
Main Weapon(s) Glitch/Hack

Pilot Gary (also known as Gary) is a character in the Glitch series, and is the only glitch character from the game that Jack plays that was put into the game before it was finished. He was meant to be a boss character in the game but the company scratched the idea as soon as they realized that Pilot Gary seemed to be more childish than evil, and was accidentally put into the game, but the place he was in could not be accessed.


Umm... He seems more childish than evil... He seems too easy to defeat. It looks like he is a glitch character from THIS game! Wait, then he could use glitches...

Ok, Gary joined us after we defeated him. Don't you know this? It's just like asking me who YOU are, Jack.

Who are you exactly? Gary? Ok. I don't know who you are, Gary. But I have got to say, I have seen all of Jack's video games and YOU haven't been in any of them.



  • Gary is the only character in the first game with 3 biographies.

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