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TV Series Crack & Friends (TV Series)
Season Number 0
Episode Number 0
Airing Date(s)
1997 19 December
Preceding Episode TBA
Following Episode Episode 1 - the Heavy Work

Crack & Friends Pilot - is an un-aired "prototype" of Crack & Friends, Created in 1997


  • (Appears Logo of Crack & Friends Episode)
  • Narrator: Beautiful Day assaulted in Planet Globox Beautiful Flowers, Beautiful Animals and Beautiful...
  • (Record Scratch Effect)
  • Narrator: Whaaat?! Why This Guy Is Here?! (Zooms Camera) Okay Golden-Crested hedgehog What's Your Name?
  • Crack: I'm Crack King of Gears... and Who are You???
  • Narrator: Ymmm.... I'm Narrator Man Invisible for All
  • Crack: (Laughs) Yes Right?
  • Narrator: Okay... then continue Beautiful Flowers, Beautiful Animals and Beautiful...
  • (Record Scratch Effect) Crack: Even thought about it No...
  • Narrator: Crack! You Stupid! Leave Out From my Show!
  • Crack: Okay Okay Okay.... Wait... This is my Show not Your!
  • Narrator: Yes?!
  • Crack: i Created This Show For TV Series!
  • Narrator: Okay Okay...
  • Crack: Okay Meet my Best Friend... This is Bluey, Bluey the Blue Kirby...
  • Bluey: Hiiii!!!!
  • Narrator: Ohhh so cute!
  • Crack: But I must say to the Narrator... Say: Good Bye! (Clicks Button)
  • (Black Hole Appears Under Narrator)
  • Narrator: What The!? (Falls) AAAAAAA!!!!!!
  • Crack: Okay Okay Okay.... Let's See Started
  • Bluey: Hiiii???
  • Crack: Please, I already do! i Gonna Make This Thing!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!
  • Bluey: (Hugs Crack)
  • Crack: Thank you my Friend!!! i Gonna Do!
  • Pengiun King: How Dare You Crash my Hammer!?
  • Crack: I'm Sorry
  • Pengiun King: That's Right Now... Fix My Hammer Now or Die!
  • Crack: Okay Okay Okay...
  • (1 seconds Later)
  • Crack: Okay Your Hammer Fixed Now. Do you like it?
  • Pengiun King: (Groan) Just you Wait, I'll give you!
  • Crack: Don't Kill me... Please!!!
  • Pengiun King: If you Fix My Hammer Now Will let you in full and will be FREE!
  • Crack: Fri?
  • Pengiun King: FREE!!!
  • Crack: I'm Sorry Take This My Friend...
  • Bluey: Poyo? (Eats Honey)
  • Bees: THIS IS HONEY!!! Let's Find Honey and Give Back!
  • Crack: Okay Okay... Just You... Wait Look It's Bees!!!
  • Bees: Give me Back Honey or sting!
  • Crack: I Gonna Do! (Runs Away)
  • Pengiun King: (Grabs Crack) You Don't Escape From Me!
  • Bees: Hey This Pengiun Have a Honey! Let's sting!!!
  • Pengiun King: If You... (Gets stung and Screams Droping Crack) leave me! Help No! No!!!!
  • Crack: Ha ha ha!!! Stupid Pengiun!!! Never Comes Here!
  • Pengiun King: (Runs to Crack and Grabs to Crack's Neck) HOW DARE YOU!?
  • Crack: i'm Sorry! Take This Fire! i Here in Central of Volcano! Ha ha ha! (Floats Away With Bluey)
  • Pengiun King: What? (Falls) (Screams Saying:) Heeeeeeeeelp!!!!!!!!!!
  • Crack: But in Desert... Not only will I type! Ha ha ha! (Jumps and Rides camel) Let's Ride!!!!
  • (Record Scratch Effect)
  • Crack: ohhh Come on! *Takes Rod and Carrots* Free Food!
  • Pengiun King: (Runs to Crack and Grabs to Crack's Neck) You Will Die!
  • Crack: I'm Sorry Look at underneath... Desert Snakes is Here!
  • Pengiun King: (Gets Bited by Desert Snakes Screaming and Says:) HEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!!!
  • Crack: Nice Place Here! Nice Grass!!! 
  • Pengiun King: (Lands)
  • Crack: (Walks Away)
  • Pengiun King: What's Going on!? (Screams) aaaaaaaaa!!!! It's Monster! (Runs Away)
  • Crack: Who are my Best Friend?
  • Bluey: Poyo!
  • Crack: Who are my Cute Thing?
  • Bluey: Poyo!
  • Pengiun King: Okay Time to Bomb! (Throws Bomb to Crack)
  • Crack: (Grabs Bomb) Not bad!!! (Throws Bomb to Pengiun King)
  • (Bomb Explodes)
  • Pengiun King: NO!!!! MY EPIC EVIL PLAN FAILED!!! (Cries)
  • Crack: Hey You, You want a My Free Mini-Food?
  • Pengiun King: (Takes CheeseBurger From Crack and Cries)
  • Crack: But if so I could say otherwise...
  • Bluey: Poyo Poyo! (Hugs Crack)
  • Crack: ohh so cute! Wait... Where's Narrator!?
  • (Black Clouds Appears)
  • Clandy the Black Dr: Well Well... You Next Time Meet my beautiful Machine Who Controling by me! (Evil Laughs)
  • Crack: Why!? You Want a Free (Takes Money) Moneeeeey???
  • Clandy the Black Dr: Wait.... Money... Money? Money!? MONEY!? MONEEEY!!!!!
  • Crack: (Kicks Clandy)
  • Clandy the Black Dr: (Screams)
  • Crack: Ha ha ha! i Save the World and let's clean it Sky!
  • (Later)
  • Crack: Let's See... Okay Okay.. Thank you My Friend!
  • Bluey: Poyo?
  • Crack: Ohhh!!!
  • Narrator: and so ended the story, wedding and pleases...
  • Crack: (Jumps Away From Page) Do not even thought of!
  • Narrator: Okay Okay... and so ended the story, wedding and pleases
  • (Book Closes)
  • (Sign Appears Called: THE END)

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