In a town named Nowhere, a small club known as The Jam is turning 8 years old. The regulars don't miss it, showing up to celebrate and remininsce. First Dark enters, headphones on. Followed is Brandon, who tapes a "KICK ME" sign to Dark's back. They are followed by the gloomy and quiet Ethan, side by side with the bubbly Samuel. Lastly Sketch comes in, notebook in hand. After sitting down, Dark brings up their past and comments on how they've grown. After cracking a joke, an earthquake takes place.

The door is broken down, with three bald gray creatures attacking. Dark steps forward and uses martial arts to take one out, but they are stronger, knocking Dark into a wall. One steps forward to kill Dark, when a bullet brings him down, and the creatures take note of the shooter, Brandon. With one left, they begin to calm down, but the surviving creature summons five more. Sam, Sketch, and Ethan step forward. Sam is able to defeat three with brute force but he's overwhelmed.

Ethan steps forward, putting his lack of self confidence behind him, using his wits to defeat one. The last is taken out by Sketch who stabs it with a pencil. The creatures are relentless and do not care about death. The Jammers run to the alcohol shelfs for hiding and Brandon leans on a shelf, hitting a button. Suddenly, they're launched into a control panel and find that the Jam has transformed into a gigantic mecha. Brandon, the technology whiz of the team, is able to figure things out and moves forward, crushing the foes. Ethan, who has motion sickness, falls onto a button that demorphs the mech. They are all bewildered, with Brandon bringing forward a drink, saying "To many more!".

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