Pillow 8 comp
the logo for the 2011 pillow 8 company
Founder(s) Pillow 8
Owner(s) Pillow 8
No. of Employee(s) Pillow 8 Joshuay54
This company was brought and owned by Pillow 8.She also works for it with Joshuay54. Only a few games are viewed for some characters. Some of jh2123 inc's characters are vised (Thunder Yoshi). Their mascot is Jocket. They are making the Fantendo Golf series.


The pillow 1 console is the first pillow game (except for jh inc)

The titanium
Titanium logo

games are available


Thunder the yoshi


Debru the evil

Spiny bro


Pillow bro

"the games are still in progress"


Pillow 8 came to fantendo.She wanted to make a video game company.she simply made it.She made Jocket for it but wasnt enough.she mysteriously got mail from fantendo ll.It said that jh2123 gave her thunder the yoshi.She then owned thunder and continued to make games if possible.she still needs to make games but is okay.

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