pikmin united is a game made by gamers inc and published by nintendo. it features alph,brittany,charlie and olimar trying to get off the planet of the pikmin, collecting parts of the drake and getting fruit to eat to survive.


The game begins with Olimar,Louie and new employee Bow delivering equipment in the new SS Dolphin mk 2 to Koppai. After landing they are met by Alph,Brittany and Charlie. Suddenly Bow knowing if the equipment is destroyed will result in another debt tries to destroy the equipment but fails and reveals to be a employee of Hocotate delivery and co a rival of Hocotate freight. he kidnapps Olimar and Louie and takes off. Alph,Brittany and Charlie give chase on Drake. They chase him till there above PNF 404. Bow fires at them with the nova blaster causing the drake to fall but not before the Drake destroys the Dolphin mk 2's main engine causing both ships to plummet to the ground below.



To be filled

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