Pikmin in my pocket is a mobile game developed by Piranha Plant Inc. and published by Nintendo.

Pikmin in my pocket
Developer(s) Piranha Plant Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Iphone, Ipad, Ipod
Release Date(s)
November 7th, 2012
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Simulation


The player starts out with a small patch of dirt. The game then directs you to the "Pikmin" section of the shop. Once you buy a red pikmin seed, you can water it and then wait for it to grow. Once it grows, the game then directs you to the "overworld". You can control your pikmin with the virtual D-pad, and make it jump and attack with the on-screen A and B buttons. You then have to collect enough pellets to advance to the bud rank. You are then allowed to explore the overworld area as much as you want. As soon as you collect enough pellets to become flower rank, you finally get to expierience the online part of the game. You can travel to "Pikmin City" and meet the tons of other players playing the game. In Pikmin City, you can buy hats for your pikmin, play minigames, and get a preview of other Piranha Plant inc. games.


Red Pikmin-Available from start

Blue Pikmin-Must be purchased for 0.99.

Yellow Pikmin-Must be purchased for 0.99.

White Pikmin-Must be purchased for 0.99.

Purple Pikmin-Must be purchased for 0.99.

Bulbmin-Must be purchased for 0.99.

Mushroom Pikmin-Must be purchased for 0.99.

Rock Pikmin-Must be purchased for 0.99 or bought for free in a certain event.

Pink Pikmin-Must be purchased for 0.99 or bought for free in a certain event.


Blue Pikmin's River Race!-Race to the finish and try and beat your best time, or race against a friend to see who can get to the finish line first!

Purple Pikmin's Weight Lifting!-Tap the button repeatedly to help the Purple Pikmin lift the weight!

Yellow Pikmin Skydive Adventure!-Jump from a cliff and try to fall through as many rings as possible! Remember to open your parachute!

Bulbmin's Follow the Leader!-Repeat what the adult Bulbmin does, and watch those coins add up!

Red Pikmin's Berry Catcher!-Catch as many berries as you can in the basket! red berries are worth 1 point, purple berries worth 2!

White Pikmin's Treasure Spotter!-Find the hidden underground treasures within the time limit!

Rock Pikmin's launch!-Launch Rock pikmin at the glass gate until it breaks. Watch out for enemies!

Pink Pikmin's fly away!-Use your finger to guide the Pink Pikmin through the air, and watch out for swooping snitchbugs!


This is a list of clothing available to buy for in-game coins.

Red Baseball Cap

Blue Baseball Cap

Yellow Baseball Cap

Purple Baseball Cap

White Baseball Cap

Bulborb Hat

Mario Cap

Luigi Cap

Wario Cap

Waluigi Cap

Peach Crown

Link's Cap

Olimar Helmet

Samus Helmet

Captain Falcon Helmet

Santa Hat

Jack O' Lantern Hat

Top Hat

Nintendo Hat

Fantendo Hat

Poke' Ball Hat

Super Mushroom Hat

Doug Piranha Hat

More coming soon....



  • For players who buy the game around Pikmin 3's release(basically, when PIMP comes out), the Rock Pikmin and Pink Pikmin become available for free.
  • This is the first game to feature Mushroom Pikmin as a playable character. (Not counting the glitch in Pikmin 1)

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