Pikmin X Chibi-Robo is a cancelled strategy action-adventure game developed by Deviltendo for the Devil System 64. The demo was released on November 23rd 2013 for the Wii U on Virtual Console and the full game was planned to be released on December 21st 2013. It is a crossover of the Chibi-Robo games and the Pikmin games.


In 2007, Deviltendo played Chibi-Robo. They thought it would be good if Pikmin appeared it. In 2010 they approached Fantendo if they could release a Chibi-Robo and Pikmin crossover. However, it was rejected.

After being rejected by lots of companies, Deviltendo decided to create a system called the Devil System 64. It would have five launch games: The Tucker Family, Ultra Pong, Mario Diving, Mega Fight, and Pikmin X Chibi-Robo. In late 2012 the game ideas were scrapped. However, in 2013 they brought back the idea of Pikmin X Chibi-Robo. The story was written by Shigeru "Devil" Koshiro and the music was performed the London Royal Orchestra. The theme song samples Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds".

A demo had been released for the Wii U Virtual Console. It was emulated as the Devil System 64 had similar hardware to the Nintendo 64. However, after receiving negative pre-release reviews from IGN and GameSpot, the full game got cancelled. Also, Deviltendo had copyright issues with the theme song, so the demo's theme song was replaced with a new orchestral instrumental track.


  • Characters from The Wonderful 101 were to appear in the credits, but this was removed just before releasing the demo due to copyright infringement.
  • The trailer shows Kirby carved into wood on a tree.
  • Ryu from Street Fighter is seen outside a robot factory drinking Pikmin Nectar.
  • A hacker found an unused 8-bit remix of "Escape from the City". Its purpose is unknown.

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