Pikmin Wii is peanut64's idea for a Pikmin 3.(Please do not edit without my premission-Peanut64 16:57, 30 October 2008 (UTC))



On Hocotate, Captian Olimar was showing a pikmin to a group of Hoctatian scientists. It was a red pikmin. It was in a toxic-proof jar. The scientists were asking too many questions.The screen scrolls in on to a boy who wants a job at Hocotate Freight.The setting is in front of the hocotate freight building. He has a telescope and views the whole area. No pepole. He points the telescope at the starry morning sky hoping to blast off as a hocotate freight space captian. He views a strange red object falling torwards the sandy surface. He bangs on the doors hoping the stange object dosent fall on him so he can get in but no one is home! The boy, named Glaxy runs around franticly then uses his shovel to bury himself for safety using a straw to breathe...

The object falls on top of the hocotate frieght building and releases a Red pikmin with a blue headband. The pikmin attacks Glaxy and he drops a tear. the pikmin stops and feels bad for attacking a good guy.


NOTE:Only Nunchuk Combo

Control Stick: Move captian and make selctions
A Button: Throw pikmin 
B Trigger: Call back pikmin and have pikmin move torwards crosshair.
Point Cross hair: Target that pikmin is thrown and Area where the whistle is blown
Z button: Punch/Attack
C button: Split up pikmin
1 Button: Pikmin Menu
2 Button: Pause Menu
- Button: Item Menu
+ Button: Switch Captians
Control pad: Use sprays

Bosses and enemies

  1. Rocky bark-Boss

    The rocky bark

  2. Rocky bulborb-Enemy
  3. Mr. I-Enemy(small)/Boss(big)
  4. Carna-Plant



  1. Dream Stage
  2. Shahara Cliffs
  3. Forest Of Destiny
  4. Valley Of Repose(Wii)
  5. Shahara Desert
  6. Tidal Cools
  7. Final Moutain
  8. Final Trial(Wii)

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