(The main point of this guide is to go into detail on how the game works, description of the areas, and to write a story-ish thing)

This page is for a playthrough of the game Pikmin HD. It will take you through the game, step-by-step.

Day 1

The ship comes to a landing on a flat green plane. What was once the Forest Navel has now experienced an earthquake, causing it to collapse in on itself. The wall behind the location of the Puffstool in Pikmin has now fallen, and an Electric Gate must be broken down to access the other side. The flat, green plane is round in shape, with three alcoves.

The first alcove is large, and the ship lands in the center of five circular indents in the ground. There is a small 'throat' into the main field. The main field is average in size, but with little other than Pellet Posies. The alcove south of the field holds the Red Onion, but the Pikmin are near the Electric Gate. Call them over to you, have them defeat the Dwarf Red Bulborb in the area, and breed them with the various Pellets. You should end up with 30 Red Pikmin, and the ship will have you knock down a White Gate to reveal a hole. The ship first has you carry a lollipop, which it names the Sweet Sucker. When you proceed to jump down the hole, the first Sublevel shows 5 Purple Pikmin trying to carry an onion. The ship realizes what they are trying to do, and has you the onion, three sticks, a flower, and purple paint to create a Purple Onion for them (Onion = 75, Stick = 10, Flower = 5, Paint = 75). There are no treasures, and you go down one more sublevel.

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