Pikmin HD
Developer(s) Freezygamesinc
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
December 2012 (Global)
Singleplayer Story, Multiplayer Story, Multiplayer Battle, Challenge
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Adventure, Strategy, Exploration
Media Included Wii U Disc
Pikmin HD is an upcoming game for the Wii U, developed by Freezy Games Inc. It will contain old features and ideas from the first two games, such as a limited day, multiple captains, multiple Pikmin colors, cave systems, above-ground exploration, and multiplayer battle mode! It also introduces new ideas, such as: four brand new captains (new employees of Hocotate Freight), three new Pikmin (Rock, Fly, and TBA), multiplayer story, and multiplayer battle!


Video: (Old Video)


Upon returning home, Olimar and the President of Hocotate get out of the ship and head back to the office-building. Four Hocotatians visit, and each apply for a job. With his newfound money, the President gladly hires them, and their first order of business is to set up a permanent base on the Pikmin planet to hunt for treasures for trade.

After some time passes, Louie joins the other six, who are in the process of building a ship. The final pieces are added, and a ship with six seats now sits in front of them. With new coding, it is much more sophisticated. The President decides to stay back, and waves as the other six leave.

Upon reaching the Pikmin planet, they survey the area, and notice that there are significant differences in well-known areas, the most predominent being the season. They see a green field linked to the Forest Navel, and notice that an earthquake has knocked the ground into the abyss, filling it in. They bring the ship down low, and land in the field. The six captains get out of their ships, and decide to name this area The Green Field. Olimar and Louie head out to find the Pikmin while the other four stay behind.

After a short amount of time, an SOS signal is receaved, and the ship realizes that the trackers for Olimar and Louie have deactivated. In a state of panic, the four captains agree to work together as well as they can to figure out what happend to Olimar and Louie.


(The Ship is the one talking)

SOS from Olimar and Louie

"Mayday, mayday! I am getting a distress signal from Olimar and Louie! I recieved only the following message:

"We need help... Help us!' Try and search for them..."

After a second or two,

"Their trackers have gone out! Their suits are unpowered! We have to try and find them!"

Red Pikmin Discovery

Looking around, they notice the Red Onion, but no Pikmin around.

"Look... Over there! It's... The Red Onion from the report! I do not see the Red Pikmin, however... Further scanning is required."

After three more seconds, the cutscene continues.

"I have located the Red Pikmin. They are scattered around the area. Please gather them together, using your whistle with the B Button. Use R and L to switch Captains and maximize your searching capabilities."

After gathering all 5 Pikmin,

"The Pikmin seem to like you... Maybe it is your spacesuits? They seem to accept you as leaders! According to the logs, you can use A to throw them, X to seperate them into groups, B to call them back, and {Right Analog Stick/C} to swarm them! You can use - to switch which Pikmin you are holding."

Onion Explanation

"I have deciphered more important information for you. If you destroy one of those plants and have the Pikmin carry the resulting pellet, you can breed the Pikmin!"

After carrying a pellet

"It seems the number on the Pellet represents the Pikmin you will get. It is also important to know that rapidly pressing A will allow you to pluck Pikmin quickly."

Cave Discovery

"Warm air... cries of monsters... this must be one of those cave systems mentioned in the report! My scans show that there are bodies underground, so maybe we can find Olimar and Louie! Along the way, keep your eyes peeled for valuable treasure for the sake of Hocotate Freight."

Purple Pikmin Discovery

"Well well well! It seems we have discovered the Purple Pikmin! They cannot be thrown far, but do extra damage, and create a shockwave that stuns nearby enemies!"

After assisting the Purple Pikmin in carrying one part of their onion:

"This is not mentioned in the report! It seems the Pikmin... Are trying to build an Onion! It seems they want to have a home to live in! Help them with their task, you four!"

After completing the Onion:

"This is a great discovery! I shall have to add this to the log. With your help, we have succeeded in building a mothership for the Purple Pikmin! Maybe you will find Purple Pellets scattered around, too?"



  • Oomb: The first
  • Joey: The second captain
  • Lila: The third captain
  • Greg: The fourth captain


Name/Color Immunity Flower Attack Carry Description
Red Fire White 2x 1 Has a nose
Yellow Electricity White 1x 1 Has ears, and is thrown higher
Blue Water White 1x 1 Has a mouth and gills
Purple Crushing Pink 1.5x 10 Thrown shorter, and create a shockwave
White Poison Pink 1x 1 Small, fast, and poisonous when eaten
Rock Ice Violet 2x 3 Bashes into enemies, but cannot latch on
Fly Falling Violet 1x 1 They can hover and be thrown over gaps
Toxic Acid Violet 1x 1 They have purple eyes, and are small and fast
Bulbmin All White .5x 1 Only found in dungeons; parasitic Pikmin in a Bulborb
Bearmin All Pink 2x 2 Only found in dungeons; parasitic Pikmn in a Bulbear


  • Green Field: A flat, green field divided by a large, white picket fence. The landing side has five, evenly-spaced, ringed 'indents' in the ground, with the ship landing in the center. There is an Electric Gate blocking a hole in the Picket Fence, and the tutorial area is on the South side. A large stream runs through the upper side, and there are elevated rocks where the stream narrows out. There is a slight mist created by the moist location.
  • Golden Sands: A large, mysterious desert. The landing area is on a sandstone platform with heiroglyphs surrounding the ship; each one represents a different element (Red Onion onto Fire, Yellow Onion onto Thunderbolt, Blue Onion onto Teardrop, Purple Onion onto Stone, White Onion onto Skull). If one sits still for a long enough time, mirages appear in the distance. There is an Oasis some ways to the left, where one will find the Blue Onion. Rays of sunlight shine across the screen.
  • White Hill: A supermassive, snow-topped hill with very few flat areas. The ship lands at the peak, and the Onions land around the ship, their legs getting partially buried. The area to the right is made of some sort of metal, and the Yellow Onion is found after some climbing. There is a constant, light snowfall.
  • Gray Junkyard:


Wii U Gamepad

  • Left Analog Stick - Move
  • Right Analog Stick - Swarm
  • Directional Pad Up - Zoom in
  • Directional Pad Down - Zoom out
  • Directional Pad Right - Next view-type
  • Directional Pad Left - Previous view-type
  • A - Throw Pikmin
  • B - Whistle
  • X - Dismiss
  • Y - Change Pikmin in-front
  • Right Bumper - Dodge Roll left
  • Left Bumper - Dodge Roll right
  • Right Z Bumper - Next Captain
  • Left Z Bumper - Previous Captain
  • Start (+) - Pause Menu
  • Select (-) - Pause Menu
  • Tap Screen - Map-view mode
  • Title Gamepad - Control the Cursor

Wii Remote with Nunchuk

  • Point Wii Remote at Screen - Control the Cursor
  • Analog Stick - Move Pikmin
  • Directional Pad Up - Zoom in
  • Directional Pad Down - Zoom out
  • Directional Pad Right - Next view-type
  • Directional Pad Left - Previous view-type
  • A - Throw Pikmin/Captain
  • B - Whistle
  • C - Swarm Pikmin to cursor
  • X - Dismiss
  • 1 - Next Captain
  • 2 - Previous Captain
  • Plus - Pause Menu
  • Minus - Change Pikmin type



  • Fire: Fire geysers and certain enemies will light Pikmin on fire. Call them to put the fire out.
  • Electricity: Electric gates and certain enemies can electrocute Pikmin. There is no way to save them.
  • Water: Non-Blue Pikmin will drown in water. Call them to pull them towards shore, or have Blue Pikmin throw them to shore
  • Poison: Non-White Pikmin will become poisoned by certain obstacles and enemies. Call them to heal them.
  • Ice: Ice will freeze any Pikmin, and they will slip on icy surfaces. Certain caves have Icy Rooms, where Pikmin will freeze every 5–10 seconds. They will die if you don't thaw them out. Any Pikmin can attack/thaw out another, but only Rock can live through the cold. Rock Pikmin can instantly shatter the ice a Pikmin is stuck in.


  • Sand Gate: This gate is very weak, and easily knocked down.
  • Bramble Gate: This gate is slightly stronger, and takes a little bit longer to knock down.
  • Stone Gate: This super-powered gate take time to knock down.
  • Firey Gate: These gates are on fire. Only Red Pikmin can touch them.
  • Electric Gate: These gates will electrocute any non-Yellow Pikmin that touches it.
  • Watery Gate: This giant, water-filled, glass gate can be attacked by any Pikmin, but as it breaks, it begins to leak water, which may drown some non-Blues.
  • Poison Gate: These gates are covered in toxic chemicals. They glow green and poison non-White Pikmin.
  • Glass Gate: These gates are made of impenetrable glass; Rock Pikmin, however, can shatter it after some time.


  • Fire Geyser: Brown spots on the ground that spit fire, pause, spit fire, etc.
  • Electrizer: There are two sides that will connect with an electrical current, then shut down, activate, shut down, etc.
  • Bodies of Water: Collections of water that will drown any non-Blue Pikmin.
  • Poison Generator: Generators that constantly produce poison.
  • Crystal: Although not dangerous, they will get in your way and must be shattered by Rock Pikmin.
  • Gaps: Holes that will kill anyone who falls in; Fly Pikmin are required to cross it.

Differences from Pikmin 2

  • Four captains instead of two
    • Multiplayer story
  • Three new Pikmin types
    • Rock
    • Fly
    • TBA
  • Brand new locations, rather than new seasons in old locations
  • Instead of caves, there are 'dungeons' one must explore; they come in many shapes
    • Large Cave
    • Hollow Tree
    • Buried Ruins
    • More to come
  • ​More elements
    • Crushing
    • Ice
  • New hazards
    • Elemental Gates


See here.


Name Picture Description
Dwarf Red Bulborb Dwarf Red Bulborbs These cute little ladybug-type enemies will eat any Pikmin they come across. They are actually Breadbugs, not Bulborbs.
Red Bulborb NPC Red Bulborb These gargantuan creatures are noctunal. Waking one up will anger it, and it will devour any Pikmin it comes across.
Dwarf Orange Bulborb Dwarf Orange bulborbs These orange variations to the Dwarf Bulborbs have stronger noses, so they can sense PIkmin that are further away.
Orange Bulborb These cousins of the Red Bulborb are woken up by the smallest of footsteps, and walk faster than their red cousins.
Snow Bulborb These little blue-and-white spotted Breadbug imitators couldn't mimick the fur, but act just like a Dwarf Red Bulborb.
Hairy Bulborb These huge Bulborbs are covered in a hair of sorts. Underneath the hair is a regular blue-and-white spotted back.
Dwarf Toxic Bulborb These little green Breadbugs will act just like their 'parents;' they will poison any Pikmin they bite.
Toxic Bulborb These creatures act like a normal Red Bulborb. However, their bite is toxic to almost all Pikmin.
Adult Bulbmin Bulbmin As an adult, the Bulborb side of these creatures take over, and they hunt Pikmin for a living.
Bulborb Larva These cute critters don't even chew before swallowing a Pikmin whole!
Dwarf Bulbear These Bulbears are not Breadbugs like their look alikes. They are truly young Bulbears that can wander as far away as they want.
Spotty Bulbear Spotty Bulbear These monstrosoties act similarly to an awake Red Bulborb and never go to sleep.
Dwarf Fiery Bublax With a flaming back, only Red Pikmin know how to fight these creepy critters.
Fiery Bublax These large Bublax are on fire! Any Pikmin that tries to fight them will catch on fire!
Dwarf Anode Bublax A staticy back will only electrocute those who touch it.
Anode Bulblax A Bulblax with a back of electricity. These rare sites are dangerous to non-Yellow Pikmin.
Water Dumpling A small member of the Grubdog. It uses its senses to follow the scent of Pikmin, eating up to five at a time.
Watery Bulblax These creatures live purely in the water. Good luck reaching them without Blue Pikmin. They have no eyes, and appear to be large Water Dumplings with feet.
Dwarf Acidic Bublax A small Grub-Dog with a back constantly secreting a green, glowing acid
Acidic Bulblax A very large Grub-Dog that has been mutated by the acid, which it now constantly secretes.
Lickiblax This advanced species of Bulborb has snout and a really long tongue used to snatch Pikmin from afar.
Male Sheargrub Tiny purple insects that enjoy the taste of Pikmin.
Female Sheargrub Tiny pale insects that cannot chew their own food, and therefore cannot harm Pikmin.
Shearwig Green insects similar to the Sheargrub; they eat Pikmin and will fly if they take too much damage.
Fiery Blowhog These pig-like creatures can blow fire from their snouts, but do not directly eat Pikmin.
Watery Blowhog Yet another pig-like creature, but it spits out water.
Anode Blowhog As the name suggests, these Blowhogs will charge up and spit a ball of electricity.
Toxic Blowhog These poisonous Blowhogs spit out sprays of poison that will actually leave puddles lying around.
Withering Blowhog Wither Blowhogs prefer to blow air, rather than an element. Black Pikmin are unaffected by their gusts of wind, and they can hurt captains.
Puffy Blowhog A wider range blow only moves captains, but hits many more Pikmin at one time.
Fiery Dweevil These spider-like creatures enjoy taunting Pikmin by carrying their goods around. They spit out fire when upset.
Watery Dweevil Similarly to the fire versions, these enemies will spit out water when upset.
Anode Dweevil Any non-Yellow Pikmin is instantly vaporized by its electric discharge.
Toxic Dweevil These poisonous Dweevils are dangerous to linger around!
Crystal Dweevil These pesky little Dweevils tend to pick up crystals on their back!
Volatile Dweevil A Dweevil with a bombrock for a head. They will explode to hurt you or your Pikmin.
Fiery Beetle These little scampers like to link each other with fiery chains.
Caustic Beetle This version enjoys using water as a connector!
Anode Beetle These yellow-spotted insects enjoy using electricity to communicate with its friends!
Toxic Beetle These strange critters found a way to conduct poison into a chain...
Icy Beetle When the snow-flakes connect, they leave behind a long chain of ice, too cold for most Pikmin!
Breadbug This creepy little guy will drag treasures endlessly into his pit until he is killed.
Wogpole Wogpoles are baby Wollywogs. They have yet to grow up, and they swim away from any Pikmin or captain.
Wollywog A greenish gray frog-like creature that will jump into the air and squish Pikmin.
Yellow Wollywog This yellow form of the Wollywog is faster, but takes longer to fall.
Toady Bloyster The Toady Bloyster is relatively calm. It slowly turns towards Pikmin, and suddenly sticks out its tentacles to gulp up Pikmin.
Swooping Snitchbug A greenish-insect that flies around, replanting PIkmin into the ground.
Bumbling Snitchbug This vile creature doesn't aim for Pikmin, but it will pick up captains!
Cloaking Burrownit Creatures that hide in the ground, waiting for Pikmin to wander by...
Antenna Beetle An odd creature that blows a whistle taunting the Pikmin...
Careening Drigibug Floating creatures with balloon-like appendages. They use spit to conjure up bombs.
Creeping Crysanthemum They look like a flower, but approaching them will force them to reveal their entire body.
Creeping Posy These blue-ish creatures look just like a Pellet Posy, until you get too near...
Cannon Beetle Larva These green caterpiller-like creatures spit out rocks at incoming players. As adults, they become an Armored Cannon Beetle.
Decorated Cannon Beetle These red Cannon Beetles are a close relative of the Armored variety.
Iridiscent Flint Beetle This green insect wil wildly run around, and hitting it will award you with pellets and nectar.
Iridiscent Glint Beetle The green relative of the above is a lot faster, but has much more abundant rewards.
Ravenous Whiskerpillar A simple Whiskerpillar that will clime up Burgeoning Spiderwort, and eat all of the berries. Flees when attacked.
Vampire Whiskerpillar Looking very similar to the Ravenous variety, these Whiskerpillars will suck the life out of any interfering Pikmin, but cannot penetrate a spacesuit.
Hermit Crawmad Hermit Crawmads will hide in their burrow, and launch out at passing Pikmin.
Jellyfloat A small, floating Jellyfloat that can suck up a Pikmin. It cannot harm a captain.
Spotted Jellyfloat A large, golden-colored Jellyfloat that can suck up multiple Pikmin and captains.
Magmorb A black-and-orange slug-like creature whose body is always on fire; they can lash out a blue tongue.
Skit A four-legged creature that can skate across the surface of water.
Buzzloing A long, caterpillar-like creature with the wings of a dragonfly; they cannot directly attack Pikmin, but hold treasures and drop Pellets.
Skitterleaf A small creature that hides on the ground looking like a leaf. It runs when attacked.
Spectralids Small butterfly-like creatures that award you with nectar that matches their color.
Honeywisp An egg-carrying creature that drops nectar, or sometimes Mitites, when attacked.
Pearly Clampclamp A clam that usually holds a valuable pearl. It will clamp down on any intruders.
Mitite These annoying creatures come in groups of 10. They cause Pikmin to panic.
Ujadani Strange, tiny, golden bugs that award the player with tons of nectar. They are very rare, and can emit poison.
Mamuta The Mamuta is a muscular creature that does not harm anything unless provoked. It forces Pikmin back into the ground.
Puffstool A strange mushroom-like creature that uses a poison spray to turn Pikmin against their captain. The glitch of commanding Mushroom Pikmin is fixed.
Medusal Slurker An evil creature that consumes Pikmin and turns them into Rock! It is the only way to obtain Rock Pikmin.
Gatling Groink A creature with a very powerful attack. It launches 3 missiles that explode on contact with anything! It can revive after some time after dieing.


Name Picture Entrance Cutscene
Emperor Bublax Emperor Bulblax The screen circles around the room as the group walks forward, towards a green plant. Its head shoots out of the ground, it roars, and the group is thrown back. It jumps out of the ground, slams back down, and swings its head while roaring.
Empress Bublax Empress Bulblax The captains walk forward into a large, ovalic, empty room, and a single Bulborb Larva falls from the cieling. It moves towards the captain, but rocks rain down from the cieling, the camera pans upward, and the Empress Bublax detaches from the cieling, landing on top of the Larva, and creating five more.
Beetle King The camera pans around, and a large, buzzing beetle is seen flying in circles around the stage, and quickly swoops in for a landing, throwing up rocks and dust where it slides.
Beetle Queen The group approaches a strange pattern in the ground, and getting near it causes it to jump out of the ground, sending them backwards, and it hovers in the air for a second before landing.
Burrowing Snagret The group walks forward, and looks around, not noticing anything. Suddenly, a blue serpent's body rushes by on their left, and circles them like a land-shark, surfacing every here and there. It submerges for an extended period of time, and its head bursts out of the ground at the center of the room.
Pileated Snagret The group walks into the room, and looks around. They can only stare in awe as a large, green-bodied, serpent-like creature bursts out of the ground and arcs back in, similarly a giant sand-worm. It also burrows into the walls, then finally bursts out of the cieling, landing on its one foot.
Beady Long Legs The group walks into a room, looks around, and see the shadow of a web. They all look up, and a huge web, with the Beady Long Legs in the middle is seen. It jumps down, and slams into the ground at the center of the room. It stomps around a few times, and the camera zooms back out to the group.
Raging Long Legs The group walks forward, as the enormous creatures falls from above. It slams the ground multiple times with its feet, getting faster with each stomp.
Man-at-Legs Approaching a small, metal ball, it suddenly starts smoking, and four legs stab out of the the ground, one at a time, and lift the ball off the ground. It bobs up and down twice, followed by a gun being pulled out, and loaded. The gun is pulled back inside, and it stops smoking, the ball folding back into its original shape.
Armored Canon Beetle The groups walks into an empty room, followed by the whole wall in front of them breaking down. The Beetle walks forward, twitches its wings a few times, and proceeds to inahle.
Giant Breadbug A loaf of bread falls out of the sky, and wobbles back and forth upon landing. Two legs come out from under it, hoisting itself upward, and its face lifts up from underneath. It waddles in a 'U' shape, and walks away.
Vampire Breadbug A black loaf of bread falls out of the sky, and wobbles back and forth upon landing. Two legs come out from under it, hoisting itself upward, and its face lifts up from underneath. It growls, snarls, and hisses, before scampering away.
Ranging Bloyster The group approaches the creature sitting in a room all on its own. Its eyes jolt up, its tail begins to wag, it shougs "Mooo!" and proceeds to turn around, with eyes glowing the color of the active captain's light.
Segmented Crawbster The group walks into a room, followed by a shadow overfalling them. Moving backwards, quickly, the creatures slams into the ground in its ball form. It rolls around the group, before unvealing itself, and smashing its claw into the ground thrice.
Waterwraith In a large, maze-like area, a cylinder falls in the distance. Another one quickly follows, and the they start to roll through in a square around the group. As it's doing so, odd lights start flashing above them, and all gather together into its visible form, and it stops in front of the group. It slams its front roller into the ground five times, getting faster each time.
[Fire-based Boss] TBA
[Electric-based Boss] TBA
Goolix In a large, empty, circular room, there is a lone pipe above the group, from which a blue slime begins to leak. Two large nuclei fall into the goop, the it snaps its nuclei together thrice.
Crush Claw Walking into a large, open area, the group hears a hissing noise, and the creature pounces out from behind the wall, and growls, lowering its head near the group, sniffing them all, and licking its lips.
[Poison-based Boss]
Armored Mawdad The group walks into an empty arena, when a few rocks fall behind them. They turn around, and there the creatures sits on the wall above the entrance. It runs along the wall, onto the ground, and lifts itself into the air, bashing its mandibles together and hissing.
Burrowing Snarrow In a large, open arena, the group hears flapping wings, and sees a white-feathered snake-like bird fly around them in a circle, proceeded by its burrowing into the ground, and popping back up, facing the group, and screeching, before lifting off once more.
Smokey Progg An egg is seen in front of the group, and the active captain approaches it. Kicking is seen thrice, before the egg shatters into pieces, and the creatures roars into the air. It lands its feet on the ground, and looks around, as a puddle of acid spreads around it.
Titan Dweevil The group approaches the pile of treasure, but soon, two feelers lift out of the ground around the treasure, and each of four legs lift out of the ground one-at-a-time. It hoists its body out of the ground, and proceeds to lower-and-lift itself repeatedly, before grabbing one of its weapons.
[Final Boss]


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