Pikmin 7
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo Switch
Story, Bingo Battle, Mission Mode
Genre(s) 3D real-time stratagy
Series Pikmin (series)
Predecessor Pikmin 6
Successor Pikmin 8

Pikmin 7 is the sequel to Pikmin 6, I know shocker, but this time we're having a change of scenery.


Hoccotate's in dept (we are really bringing on the originality) so Captain Olimar and Louie are on there way to PNF-404 to get the treasure in the newly re-bought S.S. Dolphin, but they run out of gas and crash on PNF-404's MOON after encountering a strange looking Rock Pikmin the realize they have all of there communication devices scattered and there oxygen tanks damaged so they have 25 real-life days to retrieve there communication devices, get 5 treasures and get back to Hoccotate.



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