Pikmin 6

Box art

Pikmin 6 is a Pikmin game and is the 6th installment in the Pikmin Series. Its also marks the first apearance of Captain Luise (Captain Olimar's Sister). It is set for relese in early 2019.


Sophia (a scientist) asks Olimar and Louie about there trip to Earth, soon she asks them if they'll go back and bring back 10 Jam Jars full of DNA (remember Olimar and Louie are about the size of a grain of rice) Olimars says "Thats gonna take a wile better get some renforcements..." so they go get Luise they go to Earth and start collecting the DNA.

Pikmin and Powers

Red = Fire resistence

Blue = Water resistence

Yellow = Electric resistance

Purple = Worth 10 pikmin

White = Poison resistance

Lime Green = Can glide

Pink = Can fly

Violet = Can hang

Grey = Worth 20 pikmin

Turquoise = Wirlpool resistance

Orange = Makes Electricity

Black = Tar resistance

Brown = Digs holes

Hot Pink = Psychic resistance

Teal = Ice resistance


Poison Blowhogs

Firey Blowhog

Watery Blowhog

Shocky Blowhog

Spychic Blohog

Windy Blowhog

Tar Blowhog

Icey Blowhog

Empior Blowhog


Wolly Wog

Yellow Wolly Wog

Queen Wolly Wog

King Wolly wog



Burrowing Snagret

Burrowing Snarrow

Mommy Long Legs

Toxic Dwevel

Combustion Dwevel

Highdration Dwevel

Electrical Dwevel

Cold Dwevel

Beady Long Legs

(more coming soon)

Starter Characters



Luise (Olimar's Sister)

Unlockable Characters

Sagittarius (Fill half a Jam Jar

Lebra (Fill one Jam Jar)

Aquarius (Fill 3 Jam Jars)

President (Fill 4 Jam Jars)

Gramsy (Fill 4 and a half Jam Jars)

Sophia (Fill a10 Jam Jars)

New Features

Pikmin 6 is very similar to the other Pikmin Games but in this one you have the option to stay up through the night, It's like day but there is more DNA and also more enimies. Trivia

The Pikmin in this game are all pikmin from SuperToadMan56's imagination not from other fanon pikmin articals.

This Game marks the first apeances of 3 people and 9 Pikmin.

All pikmin with a Pink Flower are female and all with a White Flower are male.

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