Pikmin 4: Too much Bulborbs!! is a Pikmin game that's currently in development. The game features lots of bulborbs that can easily be avoided. It is a continuation of the Pikmin series, and as such plays very similarly to past Pikmin games. Players control either Olimar or Alph and their army of up to 1,000 Pikmin as they explore a large world, attempt to make money, stop a corrupt organization, and learn the truth about this mysterious planet they have both been to so many times.

Pikmin 4: Too much Bulborbs!!
Coming Soon!
Developer(s) /Users/Thomas/Desktop/TimocomLita New Logo.jpg
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U



Pikmin 4: Too Much Bulbors is a spiritual successor to Pikmin 3, as the treasure hunting mechanic returns from that game, and dungeons return as well. Players also have no fear of running out of days.

Various treasures can be collected throughout the world and brought back to the ship to be appraised. Some treasures will actually rust/spoil over time, and if the player takes to long to find them, then the rusted/spoiled treasure will not be worth nearly as much as a clean treasure.

Dungeons, returning in this game, are required to beat the game. They are the only ways of obtaining upgrades for the captains. However, they aren't nearly as prominent as they were in Pikmin 2, and there are much less of them. Time no longer stops while inside a dungeon, but to compensate for this, dungeons aren't nearly as big as they were in Pikmin 2. You can also skip down to any sublevel, assuming you have been there before.

New to this game, the environments are interconnected, and players can travel between environments using an interconnecting subterranean tunnel system that goes to all of the areas. The first time players enter an area and discover the landing site, the area is marked on their map, and at the beginning of a new day players can choose to land in this new area. Exploration is key in this game, as the worlds are much larger and have plenty of secrets and treasures to find.

Days are two minutes longer in this game to allow for more time to explore, making days now last fifteen minutes before sundown. Also new to this game, players can actually choose to not go up at night in order to gain another fifteen minutes that lead right into the next day. However this can only be done once every other night, as the Captains will need time to rest between nighttime explorations. Not only that, but they will have to turn in five minutes earlier the next day in order to get more sleep. At night, there are more monsters, as well as deadly creatures that only appear at night, making the world much more dangerous.

Weather Effects can occur in the environments, changing the elements of the area, such as Rain increasing the water level, or Snow covering certain cave entrances and such. There are even Cold fronts and Heat Waves, which change how well your Pikmin perform.

Body Temperature is a new feature in this game that determines how well certain Pikmin perform in specific temperatures. Each environment has a base temperature rated on a scale of one through five, and each Pikmin type has a body temperature rated on that same scale. When the Body Temp. matches the environment's temperature, then the Pikmin gets a stat boost. If they are off slightly, then the Pikmin will perform normally. If they are very far apart, then the Pikmin will not perform nearly as well. Some Pikmin Types, however, are not affected by temperature. The only way to get a temp. to 1 (extreme cold) or 5 (extreme heat) is through a Heat Wave or Cold Front, which raises or lowers the temp. by 1 respectively.

Playable Characters

Captain Olimar returns from the past games to take up the role of one of the two protagonists of Pikmin 4. He has returned to the planet once again for financial reasons, not to bring his company out of debt, but to create a college fund for his children. Shortly after landing he is attacked by a large Centipede monster and taken away. Luckily Alph finds Olimar shortly after landing and saves him. Olimar, remembering him from his last journey, asks Alph to join him on his quest for riches. Olimar eventually gets tangled up with stopping Hocotate Freight from destroying the planet, and he even fights King Bulborb for the safety of the planet.

[1]Captain Alph returns from Pikmin 3 as the second of two protagonists. Alph has returned to the planet for research, as he aims to learn more about the mysterious Pikmin planet. He encounters Olimar shortly after landing, and after saving him from a large monster, tags along with Olimar in hopes that he will lead Alph towards the evidence he needs. He too gets caught up in Hocotate Freight's plot to drain the Pikmin Planet of natural resources. He stays by Olimar's side the while time, and helps him pull through the tragedy of King Bulborb's dark turn.

The Pikmin

data-sort-value="10;" style="border-color:white;text-align:center;"|Grey

Attribute  Location   Feature   Mobility  Immunity   Body Temp.   Ability  
Red Above Ground Nose Normal Fire 4/5 1.5x Power, Generate Heat
Yellow Above Ground Ears Normal Electricity 2/5 High Throw, Conduct Electricity
Blue Above Ground Mouth Normal Water (including precipitation) 3/5 Swimming, Ice Skating
Purple Below Ground Hair Slow Wind 3/5 10x Carry Weight, Stun Enemies, 2x Power
White Below Ground Red Eyes Fast Poison 2/5 Locate Buried Treasure, Poison Foes That Eat Them
Rock Above Ground Shell Normal Crushing/ Impaling 0/5 Smash Crystals/Crystal Armor
Winged Above Ground Wings Fast Ground 4/5 Lift Obstacles, Fly
Green Above Ground Tufts of Green Fur on Body Normal Spores 3/5 Can Absorb and Use Spores for Various Purposes
Orange Below Ground Stubby Stalks; Trip Frequently Slow Earth 2/5 Drill Through Walls And Hard Armor, Can Be Mind Controlled
Black Below Ground Longer Limbs Normal Explosions 4/5 Stretchy Limbs can Create Ladders or Tightropes
Indigo Above Ground Fatter than a purple Very Slow Wind and Poison 7/10 Once thrown at a Bulborb, it instantly kills them. (extremely rare)
Grey Above Ground hands Normal Almost everything 1/2 Transforms into a key if you really need it or you can't find one at all when they're is a keyhole.
Sky Blue In water Gills Normla Water effects 3/10 Can swim underwater; create paths of sand so other pikmin can go through water.


Object Location   Description  
Nectar found in grass, or in trails, or dropped by enemies. When you find some, collect them to make your pikmin stronger. collect 3 blobs each to level up.
Heart Dropped by enemies when you lose one. Gives you a heart when you take damage. a big heart gives you an extra 3 hearts.
Timer found in trails Gives you extra time. small ones gives extra 30 seconds; big ones give an extra 5 minutes.
Coin all of the above you can use them to buy upgrades like extra hearts.
Hammer Seed found underground. Allows your pikmin to pound enemies like a hammer.
Whip Seed found underground Allows your pikmin to fly straight towards you targets.
Knuckle Seed found under ground Triples pikmin damage.

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