Pikmin 4: Growth
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Developer(s) Dark Flame Studios 5
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Platform(s) WiiU, NX, Visus Sphere
1-4 Player
Age Rating(s)
OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) Adventure, Dungeoneering, Action, Exploration
Series Pikmin
Predecessor Pikmin 3
Pikmin 4 is an upcoming sequel to the Pikmin series. It follows the Alph, Brittany & Charlie as they once again search PNF-404 for a special seeds to grow the giant fruits as well as a mythical liquid that can cure the Koppaites inability to comprehend hunger.

like its predecessors, Pikmin 4 has a Day & Night Cycle, however due to the new breed of Pikmin, the player is able to venture at night now, although they will not be able to access the same areas in each time frame.

Pikmin Species

Red Pikmin

Like the previous games, Red Pikmin are a returning species of Pikmin that appear in Pikmin 4. They once again are the first species of Pikmin met in the game, as Alph finds them in the Red Mountain Pass. They retain their resistance to fire and have a long nose like before and additionally can be used to absorb fire from something or ignite something.

Yellow Pikmin

As with Red & Blue Pikmin, Yellow Pikmin also return in Pikmin 4. They are the first species met by Charlie who finds them in the Overgrown Swamp. They once again have a resistance to electricity and are able to redirect current from one circuit to another. They also continue to have their ability to perform high jumps allowing them to reach areas most other Pikmin cannot. They also still have their large ears.

Blue Pikmin

As with Red & Yellow Pikmin, Blue Pikmin also return in Pikmin 4. They are the first species met by Brittany who finds them in the Greatwood Trunk. They are able to swim like in previous games and now have a resistance to wind currents as well as Ice based attacks. They also appear to be slightly more aquatic in appearance with webbing between their arms and their body, they also retain their mouths.

White Pikmin

Making their return from Pikmin 2, White Pikmin are the Pikmin capable to resisting Poison based attacks and are the first Pikmin the player can find that are able to be used at night as well as day. They retain their Red coloured eyes and small size in comparison to other Pikmin, they are the weakest species in the game now as well.

Winged Pikmin

Another returning species, the Winged Pikmin from Pikmin 3 make a reappearance in this game as a day only species like the core 3. Winged Pikmin are shown to now be larger than White Pikmin but smaller than the other Pikmin species. They still retain their Blue Eyes, Pink colouration & Insect-like Wings. Interestingly they appear to have very small secondary wings below their original set, indicating that like the Blue Pikmin, this may be a new sub-species.

Indigo Pikmin

(Not to be confused with Purple Pikmin) Indigo Pikmin are one of the four new species of Pikmin introduced in Pikmin 4. Indigo Pikmin are luminescent, meaning that they will glow in dark places. They are the only Night-Exclusive Pikmin and will stay in their Onion during the day. Indigo Pikmin help the player by lighting the path and being able to generate a very small electrical charge capable of powering up other lighting devices. They are also the strongest Pikmin in battle even more so than Purple Pikmin. They appear similar to regular Pikmin with the exception that they have two stems as opposed to one and have a spotted complexion to their skin.

Maroon Pikmin

Maroon Pikmin are another species introduced in Pikmin 4. Maroon Pikmin are capable of camouflage, this allows them to sneak past sentries and some enemies. They are also extremely fast being able to outrun Bulblins making them optimal for item retrieval, they are however hindered by their low jumping ability and limited power. They appear to have distinguished eyebrows as well as three large stripes on their torso.

Gill Pikmin

Similar to Blue Pikmin, Gill Pikmin are Teal coloured Pikmin capable of swimming in water. Unlike their blue counterparts they are able to dive underneath the water and remain there for prolonged periods of time, this allows them to fetch items that are not normally accessible. Aside from their Teal colouration, Gill Pikmin also have Gills on their necks as well as clawed fingers.

Wooden Pikmin

Wooden Pikmin are the last Pikmin introduced in Pikmin 4, being elusive and hard to see. The Wooden Pikmin, as their name suggests are comprised of wood. They are able to grow and shrink being able to fit through tiny holes as well as create platforms, ladders & stairways for the player. They appear green & brown in colouration with two distinctive horns to their foreheads.


Like previous Pikmin games, there are many enemies the player will have to compete against to find treasure & other items. The list below is of every enemy, mini-boss & boss in Pikmin 4: Growth.

Regular Enemies

  • Red Bulborb
  • Orange Bulborb
  • Blue Bulborb
  • Spiky Bulborb
  • Dwarf Red Bulborb
  • Dwarf Orange Bulborb
  • Dwarf Blue Bulborb
  • Spotty Bulbear
  • Barked Bulbear
  • Dwarf Bulbear
  • Plasma Bulbear
  • Water Dumple
  • Alliwater Dumple
  • Fiery Blowhog
  • Steamy Blowhog
  • Watery Blowhog
  • Toxic Blowhog
  • Puffy Blowhog
  • Fluffy Blowhog
  • Armored Cannon Larvae
  • Decorated Cannon Beetle
  • Armoured Cannon Pupa
  • Iridescent Flint Beetle
  • Clicking Flint Beetle
  • Female Sheargrub
  • Male Sheargrub
  • Female Sheargrub Pupa
  • Shearwig
  • Shearfig
  • Anode Beetle
  • Diode Beetle
  • Hermit Crawmad
  • Coil Shelled Crawmad
  • Pond Bank Crawmad
  • Swooping Snitchbug
  • Slashing Snitchbug
  • Clubbing Snitchbug
  • Male Spotted Jellyfloat
  • Male Razor Jellyfloat
  • Female Spotted Jellyfloat
  • Female Spiked Jellyfloat
  • Anode Dweevil
  • Fiery Dweevil
  • Chilly Dweevil
  • Buzzy Dweevil
  • Watery Dweevil
  • Boomy Dweevil
  • Toady Bloyster
  • Froggy Bloyster
  • Wogpole
  • Wollywog
  • Yellow Wollywog
  • Black Wollywog
  • Creeping Crysanthemum
  • Stalking Crysanthemum
  • Skitter Leaf
  • Skitter Bark
  • Skitter Log
  • Skitter Lily
  • Vebogator
  • Red Vebogator
  • White Vebogator
  • Farnarx
  • Feathery Farnarx
  • Jet Farnarx
  • Scubatroob
  • Divatroob
  • Oceatroob
  • Peckish Aristocrab
  • Starving Aristocrab
  • Pyroclasmic Slooch
  • Hydronamic Slooch
  • Arctizzard Slooch
  • Nectarous Dandelfly
  • Red Spectralid
  • Yellow Spectralid
  • Blue Spectralid
  • Green Spectralid
  • Boomvanes
  • Ampvanes
  • Gorooky
  • Muscular Gorooky
  • Goriiky
  • Black Goriiky


  • Hunter Bulblorb
  • Burrowing Snarget
  • Pileated Snarget
  • Grizzly Bulbear
  • Gusty Blowhog
  • Armoured Cannon Beetle
  • Shearking
  • Battered Crawmad
  • Fiery Feathery Farnax
  • Plasmavanes


  • Giga Bulborb
  • Serpent Snarget
  • Yamito Darter
  • Yamito Crusher
  • Black Bulbear
  • Polar Bulbear
  • Cyclonicy Blowhog
  • Boofdat Grazer
  • Luminous Stagdra
  • Shearqueen
  • Male Jellybloat
  • Female Jellybloat
  • Rainbow Spectralid
  • Stonited Slooch
  • Hurooky
  • Fire Wraith
  • Water Wraith
  • Drezedane
  • Beta Drezedane
  • Alpha Drezedane
  • Horachorn


In Pikmin 4: Growth there are many locations to explore, the game once again takes place on PNF-404 with many of the locations taking place on the now seperating continents. Due to rapid shifting of the crust the planet has had the continents diverge out into 5 Continents. The player visits 11 Locations, 2 per continent with the largest continent having a final third location. The continents recieve names in this game by Alph, Brittany & Charlie and are named; Warrowat, Skrosis, Halacook, Drevoint & Atronger.


Warrowat is the first continent the player will land on and is Alph's starting location. Warrowat is a dry region with sparsed vegetation and desert like environments. Warrowat is the first location where the player encounters Red, Winged & Maroon Pikmin. It is home to the Seeds of Awakening & Genorosity.

Red Mountain Pass

Bosses: Giga Bulborb & Boofdat Grazer

Rusty Grove

Bosses: Serpent Snarget & Stonited Slooch


Skrosis is the second continent the player will explore and is where the player will first be able to play as Brittany as well as have Brittany & Alph meet up. Skrosis is shown to be a rather fertile location with overgrown forests with sky bound trees. It is the first location where the player meets Blue & Indigo Pikmin. It is home to the Seeds of Power & Will.

Greatwood Trunk

Bosses: Yamito Crusher & Black Bulbear

Razor Mines

Bosses: Cyclonicy Blowhog & Male Jellybloat


Halacook is the third continent the player will explore and is where the player will first be able to play as Charlie as well as regroup the three heroes. Halacook is a temperate location with a mix between Jungle & Tundra. It is the first location to meet Yellow & Gill Pikmin. It is home to the Seeds of Determination & Acceptance.

Overgrown Swamp

Bosses: Rainbow Spectralid & Water Wraith

Blinking Caverns

Bosses: Polar Bulbear & Hurooky


Drevoint is the fourth continent the player will explore and has the player look for more fruit to solve their planet's problem. Drevoint is a semi-flooded continent and is a mix between savannah & marsh. It is also the first location where the player will meet White & Wooden Pikmin. It is home to the Seeds of Enlightenment & Ascention.

Wild Hills

Bosses: Yamito Darter & Fire Wraith

Dividing Ocean

Bosses: Shearqueen & Female Jellybloat


Atronger is the final continent the player will travel to, to acquire the last three Seeds; Clarity, Triumph & Hope. It does not introduce any new Pikmin although has three regions to investigate as opposed to the previous Continent's two, despite it not being the largest. Atronger has a varying temperature as its north is Warm and Dry while its south in the coldest location on the planet.

Dusty Mesa

Bosses: Luminous Stagdra & Drezedane

Cybernetic Tunnels

Bosses: Beta Drezedane & Alpha Drezedane

Blinding Mountain

Bosses: Horachorn

More TBA...


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