Pikmin 1+2 Throwback is a compilation and remake of the first 2 pikmin games made by chillv64 for the Wii U. It is part of the Nintendo Throwback series. It also used many of Pikmin 3's features such as the Koppad. However, it is refered to as the Hocopad.


  • Models for ship parts in Pikmin 1 have been slightly changed to be more detailed
  • Models for most treasures in Pikmin 2 have been completely redone to be more detailed
  • There is an cave called "The Cave of World Wonders", which contains all of the foreign treasures for each regional version they were not present. For example, the Japanese version will have items like the Duracell battery because it was replaced with the Hi-Top Battery and vice versa for the American version.

Hocopad Features


The following apps are present in Pikmin's Hocopad

  • Map
  • Pikmin Info
  • Olimar's Log (In replacement of the the Fruit Log)

Pikmin 2

The following are accessible via Pikmin 2's Hocopad

  • Map
  • Pikmin Info
  • Mail box (In replacement of the Fruit Log)
  • Piklopedia (In replacement of the data files)

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