Pikmin & Captain Olimar
Olimar SSB4
SSB Pikmin Series
Availability Default
Series Pikmin
First Appearance Pikmin (2001)
Home Stage Distant Planet
Final Smash End of Day

Captain Olimar's Description

Captain Olimar, also referred to as just Olimar, is the main protagonist of the Pikmin series, although only the main character in the first two games. He discovered PNF-404 and all types of Pikmin so far. He works at Hocotate Freight and, in the first Pikmin game, owns and captains his ship, the S.S. Dolphin.

Olimar has a family on Hocotate, his home planet, and the currently known main members include his wife, son, daughter and his dog. In-game, Olimar monologues some notes in Pikmin; in the second game, they are replaced by the Ship's notes.
Source: Pikmin Wiki

Pikmin's Description

Pikmin are a plant-animal life-form first encountered by Captain Olimar when his ship crash-lands on an uncharted planet in Pikmin. The Pikmin are loyal to their leaders, although their criteria for deciding a leader is unclear. Pikmin come in a number of different types, each indicating a unique set of attributes that better suit them to different environments and tasks. They are 1 inch tall from foot-to-tip and have a vaguely humanoid shape, allowing them to walk, run, carry and fight. Atop their head is a stem, topped with a leaf, bud, or flower, depending on their maturity.

Captain Olimar was noted in Pikmin to wonder, a bit uneasily, why the Pikmin don't attack him, and speculated that they might see him as a "parental figure". But the Antenna Beetle being able to control Pikmin with its sound might prove that it is in fact the whistle that makes Pikmin non-aggressive.
Source: Pikmin Wiki


- : Pikmin Pluck - Olimar plucks a Pikmin. It cannot be used in midair and has ending lag if it is attempted. (0%)

> : Pikmin Throw-  Thrown Pikmin latch onto opponents, falling off after a certain time or flinching. If the target cannot be latched onto, it simply deals damage. Purple Pikmin also simply deal damage due to their inability to latch onto anything. (7.8% (thrown R), 6.5% (thrown YB), 5.2% (thrown W), 6.5% (P), 1.1% (latched RYB), 3.7% (latched W))

^ : Winged Pikmin -  Two Winged Pikmin carry Olimar around. Having more Pikmin, or using the move consecutively, reduces their effectiveness. Attacking will put Olimar in helplessness. (0%)

v : Pikmin Order -  Recalls Pikmin, sorts them, and changes which one heads the line. It also has utility in that it grants Olimar super armor, which can enable him to resist being launched. (0%)

F : End of Day -  Olimar launches into space in his Hocotate Ship, causing all nearby opponents to be buried. While the ship has left the stage, Bulborbs viciously assault opponents, inflicting rapid damage. The Hocotate Ship finally crashes back down to the ground, dealing a staggering amount of knockback and damage to anyone caught in the explosion. (10% (launch), 10% (ascent), 10% (descent), 12%/10% (explosion))

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