PikminFan is an Fan-Charcter, which is based and made from FantendoFan

A Bulborb who likes Pikmin, and helps them. He can beat enemys and he can carry Pellets back to the Onions.
Full Name PikminFan
Current Age 11
Gender male
Current Status Olimars friend
Bulborbs, Pikmin
Main Weapon(s) Mouth (attacks Bulborbs and other enemies)
First Appearance Pikmin Party Story Mode 1
Latest Appearance New Super Pikmin Bros.


Pikmin Party Story Mode 1

He can help you beating Enemies and bring Pellets back to base.

He meets up with you at The Forest Of Hope when you collect the first part in the area!

Pikmin Party Story Mode 2

He can found treasures that are in the underground, he can carry things back to base and he attacks enemies.

He meets up with your Party when you have 1.500 Pokos.

New Super Pikmin Bros.

Nothing is known about this because this game isn't confirmed at the moment.

Star Fox 0

He is making a cameo as a toy at the end cutscene of Route 2.

PikminFan's Mansion

This is his first own game. The first name of the game was FantendoFans Mansion.

PikminFan's Summer Mansion

See: Interview

Early life

He was born at the Wistful Wild and every Bulborb hates him because he likes and helps Pikmin.
His parents were very strict. But he was a happy little Bulborb.

First he was a Bulborb Larva. Then a Dwarf Red Bulborb. After that he was an Red Bulborb. And now he is an new Type of the Bulborbs: Golden Bulborbs.