Pikmin: Tales of the Times Past is a game released by Oogle.


 25 years before Olimar's crash, the Pikmin race is reduced to a Red Pikmin. After the last blue died of Spotty Bulbears, and the Pikmin must restore their homes before the dawn of Great Longlegs, in 25 yrs.


Red Pikmin

The Red Pikmin return as the first Pikmin playable. They are resistant to heat and have 3 pikhearts of life.

Pink Pikmin

Introduced as the speed of the Pikmin species, their lost homepart spawns one.They are second playable. They are able to run on water and have 8 pikheart of life.

Black Pikmin

The third able to unlock, after beating Mr.Shortlegs. They are not prone to Abyss enemies and has 10 pikhearst of life.

Blue Pikmin

After beating Water Fruit Master, you unlock this Pikmin.They have the rare ability to dive under water with 7 pikhearts.


  • Pikmin Community
  • Orchid Gradens
  • Pikmin Ruins
  • Boulder Heights
  • Forest of Wonders
  • Cavern Tavern
  • Old Odd Planets
  • Fly Fly Fort
  • Secret Castle
  • Waterway Works
  • Grand Pikpik Sation

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