Pikmin: Solidarity
Developer(s) Phazonworks
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) NX, RiiVolution Ultima
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Series Pikmin
Predecessor Pikmin 3
Cost $49.99

Pikmin: Solidarity is a follow-up title to the acclaimed Pikmin series, and so far a diverse entry to the series compared to Pikmins 1-3.


Sometime after the events of Pikmin 3, the massive resources on PNF-404 have been a playing factor in the rising tension between Koppai and Hocotate; the president of Hocotate Frigate has been driven by his own fantasies and is determined to mine every last treasure from the distant planet, but the Koppain counsel wishes to colonize the planet for their own intentions. Friendly relations had been cut off, and soon war erupted.
There were a few stubborn people who believed that the war would benefit their own planet (includiing the headstrong Charlie and the President), but four captains from both of the planets (Olimar, Louie, Alph, and Brittany) knew the consequence of the massive war and decided to leave for PNF-404 to set up a front to prevent the massive war from breaking out between their homeworlds.
Things are not going to be easy, however; a lot of the nocturnal predators and massive monsters have become much more abundant than normal, and some new strains of others have appeared, which unfortunately are all the more lethal. However, this doesn't mean the Pikmin are in any more danger that they were before. Plenty of new tactics have developed to help Pikmin survive in the harsh world, and plenty of new strains of Pikmin have been born since. With these new Pikmin and new mechanics, players can explore a dense and massive world with little to no time limit.
The Game's Summary

Act 1: Rough Landing

The game starts off with a rendevous between Olimar and Louie and Alph and Brittany, about the state of the war on their planets; Olimar knew that the long term effects of the war would irreparably damage all planets affected by it, including the Pikmin planet. Calculating the risks, Alph concludes that the best possible option to prevent the war is to return to the Pikmin planet themselves and collect all the treasures and fruit before their planets come to blows over it; Louie initially rejects the idea of seemingly rebelling against his own people, but Olimar assures his fears. While Britanny was still on the fence about doing the big plan, Alph cements her resolve by mentioning that there could still be new fruit on the terra firma incognito that is PNF-404.

When the S.S. Drake and the S.S. Dolphin enter the planet's atmosphere, something goes wrong with the controls and both ships crash into each other, knocking all the captains loose above the ground of the planet, scattering all 4 over the Garden of Hope; in his search for his partners, Olimar rediscovers the Red Pikmin, who aid him in finding Alph and later Britanny; Louie, however as usual, is nowhere to be seen. Due to the rapidly approaching sunset, the crew have little time to look for him as they had to escape the surface before the nocturnal predators awake and tear the ships to shreds; forced to leave Louie behind for the day, Olimar and co. make it their top priority to find him, come morning.

Louie, left on the surface at dusk, makes his way to a nearby cave where he finds a special Pikmin, that while unnamed at the time, helps him survive until dawn, when the crew returns to the surface and the Pikmin species retreats into their cave to avoid the light (as their mushrooms can't tolerate intense sunlight for long periods, thus making this kind of Pikmin a nighttime species); after the Mushrooms on their head, Olimar names them the Spore Pikmin, and then proceeds into the Garden with the aid of the others and the Reds; collecting treasure as they go, the Captains eventually happen upon the cave of the Prince Bulblax, who they defeat with some manner of difficulty, and manage to secure another treasure for the vault before heading off to new areas.

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Act 2: The Night Shift

Act 3: All the Corners of the World

Act 4: Wrath of the Wraith



  • Olimar - Failing to reason with the President and ending up temporarily suspended from piloting in Hocotate Freight, Olimar eventually decided to take action before the war between the worlds; with Louie reluctantly going along, he convinced his old acquaintances Alph and Britanny to help him stop the inevitable war between Hocotate and Koppai.
  • Alph - Knowing that a war of the scale he anticipated would devastate both homeworlds and the Pikmin planet to an irreparrable scale, Alph immediately agreed to join Olimar in taking preemptive actions for the coming storm.
  • Louie - Though hesitant to betray his home planet, Louie reluctantly trusts Olimar's judgement and tags along to PNF-404 in the quest to stop the interplanetary war over the Pikmin planet's resources.
  • Britanny - Feeling responsible for Alph's safety since Charlie was unwilling to help them, Britanny went along with Olimar, Alph and Louie to the Pikmin Planet in anticipation of the coming war; plus, there was a promise of new, tasty fruit, so that got her adrenaline rushing.
  • Metal Suit Z - This super-durable suit upgrade made from the Justice Alloy allows for better damage protection from the creatures of PNF-404.
  • Scorch Guard - Crafted from the Forged Courage, this special armorsuit upgrade makes the user flame-resistant.
  • Anti-Electrifier - With the Dream Material in its possession, the Ship managed to create a non-conduction jacket that prevents the captains from getting shocked (unless a giant foe gets the drop on them; there's really no way to prepare for that kind of shock).
  • Rocket Fist - The aptly-named Brute Knuckles gave rise to this upgrade when the Ship had time to research it; it allows the 1-2-3 punch the captains use to do more damage to the enemy they face.
  • Pluck-O-Phone - With this upgrade manufactured from the Professional Noisemaker, a captain's whistle alone will inspire Pikmin to pop out of the ground, making plucking Pikmin a thing of the past.
  • Mega Tweeter - Shaped from the Ampilfied Amplifier, this adds a larger radius to the captains' whistles; coupled with the Pluck-O-Phone, it makes plucking Pikmin a breeze.
  • Rush Boots - Though the Repugnant Appendage was initially a useless treasure, the Ship found cushiony material within it that formed the Rush Boots; with this, the captains run at a pace that makes even White Pikmin envy their speed.
  • Solar System - With a special light crafted out of the Stellar Orb attached to the antenna of the Captain, the nighttime becomes not so dark when the light shines upon almost everything onscreen.


Obviously, the Captains won't be alone in their task of preventing a massive war; ironically with an army of their own, they'll be using a slew of Pikmin to make navigating the much harsher planet much, much easier than before.

Type Abilities Defining Trait Description
Red Pikmin
  • Fire Immunity
  • Enhanced Attack Power
  • Nose
A classic type of Pikmin first discovered when Olimar first crashlanded on PNF-404, Red Pikmin are a resilient class of Pikmin capable of tackling tons of tough foes; with an immunity to fire and a combat prowess that shows in the damage they deal, Red Pikmin are the go-to Pikmin specie when there's a fiery enemy that needs to be given a lesson in beatdowns.
Blue Pikmin
  • Water Breathing
  • Swimming
  • Mouth
Another common Pikmin type discovered when PNF-404 was first visited, Blue Pikmin are the amphibious members of the species; with mouthlike gills and the ability to swim and fight foes like a swarm of vicious aquatic plants would. Their inability to drown and assault water-based foes can come in handy when crossing massive bodies of water.
Yellow Pikmin
  • Increased Throw Height
  • Electricity Conduction
  • Ears
The last of the common Pikmin species discovered when Olimar visited PNF-404, these big-eared Yellow Pikmin can go higher than any other species when thrown, and are the only ones capable of resisting and conduction electricity themselves, meaning that electric enemies have no ways to harm them.
Purple Pikmin
  • Double Strength
  • Double Power
  • Hairs
  • Heavy Build
A species found when Olimar and Louie went treasure-hunting to PNF-404, Purple Pikmin bloom deep underground courtesy of the Violet Candypop Bud; but in recent years Candypop Buds haven't been seen much of, due to a rampaging disease that's driven the Candypop Buds of every variety to near-extinction. But the Purple Pikmin have found a way to survive: they've been rooted above ground long enough to gain an Onion of their own.

The massively burly Purple Pikmin have the strength of two red Pikmin and the throwing weight of 3, and the carrying power of 10 Pikmin.

White Pikmin
  • Double Speed
  • X-Ray Vision
  • Poison Immunity
  • Eyes
The second species of underground Pikmin discovered, the White Pikmin are fast, lightweight and poisonous (and thus immune to poison by extension); their X-ray eyes let them dig up buried stuff and even alert the captains to underground danger, their speed outpaces every Pikmin class, and their poison can greatly cripple a foe if eaten.

Their normal method of obtainment is unavailable, since Candypop Buds are driven close to extinction, but since they also spend most time above-ground now, they have gained their own Onion, allowing for collection above-ground.

Winged Pikmin
  • Flight
  • Aerial Combat Boost
  • Wings
A species discovered on Olimar's recent trip to the Pikmin planet, the Winged Pikmin are just what their name suggests: Pikmin that grew wings making them flight-capable and efficient of aerial combat; they can fly over most hazards, knock down airborne enemies, and even grab normally unreachable objects; their ground-based strength isn't as good, though, and just because they can avoid hazards doesn't mean they aren't hurt by them.
Rock Pikmin
  • Crush Immunity
  • Crystal Breaking
  • Rocklike Shell
Indigo Pikmin
  • Enhanced Cling Duration
  • Silk Threads
  • Rounded Head
  • Four Arms
Woolly Pikmin
  • Fabric Tearing
  • Ice Immunity
  • Fuzzy Appearance
  • Claws
Green Pikmin
  • Camoflauge
  • Enhanced Attack Power
  • Nighttime Vitality
  • Vines
  • Venus-Flytrap for Flower
Desert Pikmin
  • Wall-climbing
  • Eating Immunity
  • Spiny Arms
  • Bulgy Stomach
Spore Pikmin
  • Bioluminescence
  • Poison Immunity
  • Nighttime Vitality
  • Mushroom for Flower
  • Glowing Eyes
Ultimate Pikmin
  • Superstrength
  • Endurance Meter
  • Hazard Immunity
  • Nighttime Vitality
  • Height
  • Internally-Rooted Armor


4 Captains on the Field

24-Hour Shifts

Provision System

Station Upgrades



Name Pikmin Types Enemies Description
Garden of Hope
  • Red Pikmin
  • Spore Pikmin
Marble Mountain
  • Rock Pikmin
  • Purple Pikmin
Distant Tundra
  • Yellow Pikmin
  • Woolly Pikmin
Scorched Canyon
  • Desert Pikmin
Mudpack Marsh
  • Blue Pikmin
  • Green Pikmin
Twilight River
  • Winged Pikmin
  • Indigo Pikmin
Thunder Coast
  • White Pikmin
The Battleground (Formidable Oak) None



Name Area Family Description
Prince Bulblax Garden of Hope Bulborb
Crystal Cannon Beetle Marble Mountain Cannonbeetle
Bulbmin Queen Distant Tundra Bulbmin
Dodrian Snagret Scorched Canyon Snagret
Quaggled Mireclops Mudpack Marsh Mireclops
Petrified Skitterleaf Twilight River Skitterleaf
Blizzardous Vemothing Thunder Coast Stormoth
Skeletal Amalgam Wraith The Battleground (Formidable Oak) Unknown