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Pikmin: Evolution is the first of yoshistarhunter's Pikmin timeline. It stars the protagonist Odat, who has been called to monitor the development of the new creatures, the Pikmin, however after a "unknown force" pulls the ship to the ground and it crashes. he is thankfuly unharmed but only has enough oxygen to stay out for the day before he has to go back into the ship the Sporce. to make matters worse, the Sporce only has enough power to produce CO2 for 5 days. your job is to play as Odat and find a way to get back home while colecting fruits to use as a energy source.

Level/Pikmin map

Continent 1: Green Island

  • Basic gameplay tutorial stage, takes place in forest with various features.
  • How to use pikmin tutorial stage, introduces Tangerine pikmin.

Continent 2: Exotic Island

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