Pikmin: Emperor Bulblax's Revenge is the final game in the pikmin series.It will be released for the Wii U in

Pikmin: Emperor Bulblax's Revenge
Developer(s) Nintendo Entertainment Analysis &


Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
October 27th 2014
Single player,

2 player co op, Boss mode

Age Rating(s)
5 stars
Genre(s) Adventure

Real Time Strategy (RTS) Platformer

Series pikmin
Predecessor Pikmin

Pikmin 2 Pikmin 3 Pikmin 4: King Bulbmin's Attack Pikmin 5: Titan Dweevil Rises Pikmin 6 Pikmin 7 Pikmin RPG Pikmin Wii Pikmin HD Olimar & Pikmin's Final Destiny

Media Included Video Game
October 27 3014. 


Captain Olimar has defeated Emperor Bulblax in his previous adventure. Little did he know Emperor Bulblax did not yet give up. So, the Emperor and his team of baddies scheme to take over the universe, and to kill Captain Olimar in the process. It's up to Captain Olimar to stop the tyrant, and save the universe.


Grassy Plains

Dying Desert

Icy Wasteland

Tropical Ruins

Spooky Forest

Dweevil Cave

Bulblax Fortress


Grassy Plains: Segmented Crawbster

Dying Desert: Plasm Wraith

Icy Wasteland: Shaggy Long Legs

Tropical Ruins: Ranging Bloyster

Spooky Forest: Waterwraith

Dweevil Cave: Titan Dweevil

Bulblax Fortress/Final Boss: Emperor Bulblax


Grassy Plains:

Dwarf Bulborb x 9

Red Bulborb x 9

Burrowing Snagret x 1 Miniboss

Male Sheargrub x 3

Withering Blowhog x 1

Segmented Crawbster x 1 Boss

Dying Desert:

Dry Dwarf Bulborb x 10

Dry Bulborb x 10

Cacti Dweevil x 3

Burrowing Snagret x 1 Miniboss

Mummified Dwarf Bulborb x 3

Mummified Bulborb x 5

Plasm Wraith x 1 Boss

Icy Wasteland:

Snow Bulborb x 9

Hairy Bulborb x 9

Withering Blowhog x 3

Fiery Blowhog x 5

Watery Blowhog x 5

Beady Long Legs x 1 Miniboss

Shaggy Long Legs x 1 Boss

Tropical Ruins:

Dwarf Bulborb x 2

Red Bulborb x 3

Caustic Dweevil x 10

Dwarf Bulbear x 5

Spotty Bulbear x 1

Burrowing Snagret x 1 Miniboss

Ranging Bloyster x 1 Boss

Spooky Forest:

Ghastly Dwarf Bulborb x 10

Ghastly Bulborb x 10

Ghastly Snitchbug x 10

Miniwraith x 10

Mushroom Pikmin x 10

Dry Dwarf Bulborb x 10

Dry Bulborb x 10

Waterwraith x 1 Boss

Dweevil Cave:

Dwarf Bulborb x 3

Red Bulborb x 3

Swooping Snitchbug x 3

Fiery Dweevil x 5

Munge Dweevil x 5

Anode Dweevil x 5

Caustic Dweevil x 5

Volatile Dweevil x 5

Cacti Dweevil x 5

Burrowing Snagret x 3 Miniboss

Titan Dweevil x 1 Boss

Bulblax Fortress:

Dwarf Bulborb x 10

Red Bulborb x 10

Dwarf Orange Bulborb x 10

Orange Bulborb x 10

Dwarf Bulbear x 5

Spotty Bulbear x 6

Fiery Dweevil x 5

Munge Dweevil x 5

Anode Dweevil x 5

Caustic Dweevil x 5

Volatile Dweevil x 5

Cacti Dweevil x 5

Dry Dwarf Bulborb x 5

Dry Bulborb x 10

Titan Dweevil x 1 Miniboss

Emperor Bulblax x 1 Final Boss


Olimar: The hero of the Story

Louie: The secondary hero of the story

Pikmin: The creatures who help Olimar battle enemies

Titan Dweevil: Emperor Bulblax's Right Hand man

Emperor Bulblax: The villain of the story 


For Wii remote & Nunchuck:

Attack: A (when there are no Pikmin to throw)

Call with Whistle: B

Charge:Shake Nunchick (When locked on)

Dismiss: Shake Nunchuck

Lock On: Z (Press and hold when the pointer is hovering over a target)

Move: Control Stick

Move Pointer: Aim the Wii Remote in the desired direction

Pluck: A (when near Pikmin sprouts)

Select whom to throw: C

Switch Captain: -

Throw Pikmin: A

Sprint: 1

Jump: 2

For Wii U Game Pad (Requires a second or third Player)

  • The Wii U Game Pad acts like a map, so here are the controls

Rotate Camera Left: L Control Stick or L Button

Rotate Camera Right: R Control Stick or R Button

Zoom In/Out: X


Opening Music

Grassy Plains Music

Dying Desert Music

Icy Wasteland Music

Tropical Ruins Music

Spooky Forest Music

Dweevil Cave Music

Bulblax Fortress Music

Boss Music

Boss Defeated Music

Titan Dweevil Music

Titan Dweevil Defeated Music

Emperor Bulblax Music

Emperor Bulblax Defeated

Staff Roll Music