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 Note: This is not Electrosynthesis' article, I am just rewriting it so it makes sense :)
Pikmin:Alarming Symbiosis
Publisher(s) Fantendo inc.
Platform(s) Playstation 2
Release Date(s)
October 2018
Challenge, Multiplayer, Single Player story, Multiplayer story
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Adventure, Exploration, Strategy
Series Pikmin
Media Included Playstation 2 disc,Nintendo Gamecube,Nintendo Wii,Nintendo Wii U

Pikmin: Alarming Symbiosis is a game in the Pikmin series. It was created by Cherylfrancis3000, but rewritten by Electrosynthesis. It is for the Wii U, the NX and the 7Si. The goal of the games revolves around crafting and exploring the world.



In Pikmin: Alarming Symbiosis, the day begins at five o'clock in the morning and ends at eleven o'clock at night. The day is split in to three sections; morning, which begins at five o'clock and ends at twelve o'clock, afternoon, which begins at twelve o'clock and ends at six o'clock and evening, which begins at six o'clock and ends at eleven o'clock.

  • From 5am to 6am, the sky appears to be dark blue and orange. It is sunrise and there are some animals looking for prey.
  • From 7am to 10am, the sky is bright and barely any of animals are awake.
  • From 11am to 1pm, all of the animals are asleep. This is prime time to go exploring.
  • From 2pm to 5pm, the sky begins to darken. The number of animals begin to increase.
  • From 5pm to 11pm, it is night and the moon is rising. Enemies are common.


In this game,there is a new feature of the PNF-404:Which is weather. In science, weather is the status of the air or the sky. There are different types of weather:

Weather Status/Picture Description Recommended Pikmin to use Cause
Normal:Clear The sky is mostly clear. The sun/moon can be seen. Any type High-Pressure Area,
Normal:Cloudy The sky is partially covered by clouds. Any type Mix
Normal:Overcast The Sky is covered with clouds. There is a chance of rain or potentially a thunderstorm. Any type Low-Pressure Area,
Special:Thunderstorm The sky is full of lightning. It is recommended to use the yellow Pikmin, as they can resist lightning strikes Low-Pressure 
Precipitation:Rain Rain Water Droplets are raining from the sky. Has chance of Thunderstorm. Use Blue, Cyan or Rock Pikmin because they can survive water. Water droplets can drown other pikmin.
Precipitation:Sleet Sleet begins to fall. The ground is very slippery. Use Cyan or Rock Pikmin. Sleet can freeze other Pikmin.
Precipitation:Hail Hail is a dangerous ball of ice that can kill pikmin. Use Rock Pikmin because they have a hard exoskeleton that a hailstone can't penetrate.
Precipitation:Snow Snow is a very cold material that falls from winter skies. Use Cyan or Rock Pikmin.

Lava charges its way down the side of a volcano. The sky turns black with ash. Can harm organisms with the heat.

Use Red Pikmin or Rock Pikmin. Rock Pikmin can Heat charge from the hot materials. Volcanic Eruption
Catastrophic:Acid Rain Very Deadly Disaster. Acidic molecules named nitric oxide and sulfur oxide harm any organism. Only use Lime Pikmin. Lime Pikmin can't be corroded by acid. Pollution, Volcanic Eruption.
Catastrophic:Tsunami If you are near a coast, tsunamis are big problems. The are large waves which can have a severe impact on your Pikmin. When it is coming, only use Blue Pikmin if you want to survive inside the tsunami. Rough and spiky things may hurt your captains severely, so equip armour. Earthquake
Catastrophic:Earthquake Extremely Rare. The Ground shakes slowy and cracks. Just try to keep Pikmin in their onions and only let your captains to go. You can go back to orbit and go to another location until its over.



  • Olimar
  • Louie
  • Karrie(New Female Character)
  • Goma(New Male Character)
  • The President


Name/Color Resistant/Power Carry Speed Strength Throw Height Onion effect when activated
Red pikmin Heat-Resistant,but vulnerable to Chills. 1 Average

Above Average(20)

Above Average Spews Flames
Yellow Pikmin Electricity,Conducts Electricity 1 Fast Average(15) High Releases Lightnings
Blue Pikmin Water/Can survive in water.But cannot survive in Freezing temperatures. 1 Fast Average(12) High Leaks water
Cyan Pikmin Immune to Freeze but vulnerable to heat.Can also breathe in Water. 1 Medium Average(10) Above Average Creates a Snowstorm around it
Green Pikmin Glides on air.If it glides,it makes a Lilypad-like Leaf on its top.This is used for Gliding missions.This was introduced because of the Introduction of High Cliffs and Fall Damage.Very,very,very Light Pikmin.It becomes lighter of Flower Stage.Its Lilypad leaf allows it carry up to 15 Objects during Gliding,but only 1 when not Gliding.

15(If Gliding with Leaf Stage)

20(If Gliding with Bud stage)

25(If Gliding with Flower stage)

1(If not Gliding)

Very Fast Weak(5) Very high Glides on the air
Orange Pikmin Withstands Radiation and too much light. 6 Slow Strong(35) Releases Gamma Rays around it and acts like a Pulsar.
Purple Pikmin Wind,Shakes the area where the pikmin is there when jumped.This is also useful to fiery enemies.Stuns enemies. 8 Slow Very Strong(40- 60) Jumps Heavily on the ground
White Pikmin Immune to Poison hazards 1 Very Fast Below Average(6-10) Whirls Poison around it
Dark Red Pikmin Lava/Survives In lava. 4 Medium Semi-Strong(28-32)
Lime Pikmin Liquid/Gas Toxic/Can Stay at Toxic Areas.Anti-Radioactive pikmin. 3 Semi-Fast Quarter-Strong
Light pikmin Can survive in Plasma/Lasers  3 Slow Strong Heavilyn glows 
Dark blue Pikmin Darkness/Creates Light to help Exploring in a dark place. 2 Fast Semi-Medium Releases Fireflies
Gold Pikmin Sand Hazards/In Any Sandy Hazards,They Cannot Die On This Hazards. 2 Slow Average
Rock Pikmin Cant be Crushed,and can withstand weak Blunt forces. 4 Medium Above Average(15 to 25) Creates a thump
Winged Pink Pikmin Deals 2x damage to air enemies,constantly flying in the air 1 Very Fast Weak(5 to 16) Flaps its petals
Black Pikmin Camouflage and hiding from enemies 2 Fast Weak(7.5)


Plant Description Can transform how much before wilting? Re-Growth
Crimson Red Candypop Bud Transforms other Pikmin into Red Pikmin but reverted to Leaf Pikmin. 10 to 50 3 Days
Topaz Orange Candypop Bud Transforms other Pikmin into Orange Pikmin but reverted to Leaf Pikmin. 4 to 30 6 Days
Golden Yellow Candypop Bud Transforms other Pikmin into Yellow Pikmin but reverted to Leaf Pikmin. 15 to 60 4 Days
Calamansi Lime Candypop Bud Transforms other Pikmin into Lime Pikmin but reverted to Leaf Pikmin. 8 to 45 7 Days
Emerald Green Candypop Bud Transforms other Pikmin into Green Pikmin but Reverted to Leaf Pikmin.
Frosty Cyan Candypop Bud Transforms other Pikmin into Cyan Pikmin but Reverted to Leaf Pikmin.
Lapis Lazuli Blue Candypop Bud Transforms other Pikmin into Blue Pikmin but Reverted to Leaf Pikmin.
Obsidian Indigo Candypop Bud Transforms other Pikmin into Indigo Pikmin but reverted to Leaf Pikmin.
Nebula Purple Candypop Bud Transforms other Pikmin into Purple Pikmin but reverted to Leaf Pikmin.
Ivory White Candypop Bud Transforms other Pikmin into White Pikmin but Reverted to Leaf Pikmin.
Slate Gray Candypop Bud Transforms other Pikmins into Rock Pikmin but reverted to Leaf Pikmin.
Diamond Light Candypop Bud Transforms other Pikmins into Light Pikmin but reverted to Leaf Pikmin
Tektite Black Candypop Bud Transforms other Pikmins into Black Pikmin but Reverted to Leaf Pikmin.
Helios Golden Candypop Bud Transforms other Pikmins into Golden Pikmin but reverted to Leaf Pikmin.
Aliziran Pink Candypop Bud Transforms other Pikmins into Winged Pink Pikmin but reverted to Leaf Pikmin.

Worlds and levels

Durian Narra

Durian Narra is the 1st location you will have.It is a Wide and Wild Rainforest near the Equator of the Distant Planet/PageNotFound404.This is where the Ship crashed.There are also Beaches on the corners of the Rainforest.It was formed from the Philippines.It has 48 Caves and 342 Treasures.Also has 76 Food species here.The Main Boss of this world is the "Pamatlig Dara Narra".Pikmin Found here are the Red,Winged,Rock,Blue and Green.

Attemptation Sillica

Attemptaion Sillica is the 2nd Location you will have.It is a Hot,Humid and Radioactive desert with some Oases and Ancient structures.It also has Canyons.You will need to find and repair the Planetary Reactor 1 to unlock it.Has 36 Caves and 437 Treasures.Has 26 Food Species here.The Luxoral Mummy is the Main boss of this world.Yellow,Orange,Gold,Black and Indigo Pikmins are found here.

Gymnorong Ala Kyosa

Gymnorong Ala Kyosa is the 3rd Location you will have.It is a Mountainous and Windy Taiga with some snow.You need to find and repair the Planetary Reactor 2 to unlock it.64 Caves,845 Treasures and 120 Food species belong here.The Aralagonte Golem is the main boss of this.Cyan,White,Light and Light Green Pikmins are discovered here.

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