Pikachu and the 12 Stars is an RPG for the Wii U. You are trying to rescue the twelve stars that have been stolen by Mewthree. You play as Pikachu, and can get power-ups, items, weapons, and armor. It has over 10,000 of

Pikachu and the 12 Stars
Epic Gamer Presents: Pikachu and the 12 Stars
Developer(s) Epic Gamer
Publisher(s) Epic Gamer
Platform(s) Wii U EpicPlay EpicHand
Release Date(s)
1-4 Player
Age Rating(s)
Everyone 10+
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included EpicPlay/EpicHand Cartidge and Wii U DVD
each type of item.


Pikachu and his friends have left the PokePark, and are heading through the portal. When they get
out, however, they find their homeworld in ruins. As they travel through the city, they discover that the mythical Pokemon Mewthree has stolen the 12 Elemental Stars of Kanto. They realize that they must find all the stars. The First Star, the Star of Earth, is found in Diglett's Cave, and is guarded by Dugquadrio, the evelution of dugtrio. The Second Star, the Star of the Universe, is found in Mt. Moon. The Third Star, the Star of Gold, is found in the Pokemon Mansion. The Fourth Star, the Star of Technology, is found in Lavender Radio Tower. The Fifth Star, the Star of Electricity, is found in the Power Plant. The Sixth Star, the Star of Gaming, is found in the Celadon Game Corner. The Seventh Star, the Star of the Current, is found in the Seafoam Islands. The Eighth Star, the Star of Enterprising, is found in Silph, Co. The Ninth Star, the Star of Nature, is found in Viridian Forest. The Tenth Star, the Star of Power, is found in Victory Road. The Eleventh Star, the Star of Courage, is found by beating the Pokemon Stadium Challenge. The Twelfth and Final Star, the Star of Completion, is found by defeating Mewthree.


The GamePad Joysticks are used to move, the L and R buttons to attack, and the Touch Screen to access your bag.

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