Pikachu and Kirby: Amazing Adventures
Genre(s) Comedy/Action/Romance/Adventure
Country of Origin Japan/United States
Original Language Japanese/English
Season(s) 4
Episodes 104

Pikachu and Kirby: Amazing Adventures is a TV series created by Lord Caesar. It centers around two best friends, Pikachu and Kirby, as they get themselves into outrageous misadventures, meet new people, and eat a lot of food.




  • Pikachu-a very intellectual and friendly mouse pokemon. He is at first socially awkward, primarily because of how everyone else is weird in his opinion, but opens up to meeting new people after meeting Kirby. He tends to solve various problems, which is one way he and Kirby get into a lot of situations. The reason for his anti-social perspective on others is that no one ever bothers to talk to him in the first place, which pretty much upsets him dramatically.
  • Kirby-a little pink puff ball from Dream Land. He is Pikachu's best friend, and a real party animal; while Pikachu is kind, neat, and smart, Kirby is pretty much the opposite. He is most responsible for getting him and Pikachu into crazy shenanigans.


  • Midna-the tall, beautiful princess of the Twilight Realm.  While pretty and slender, she is very protective of herself and has physical boundaries. She is very kind and is well aware of her surroundings. At first sight, Pikachu automatically falls in love with her, and she does not seem to notice. She loves her kingdom and does everything in her power to help it. She has personal hobbies like photography. She is Pikachu's biggest love interest in the series.
  • Zelda-the princess of Hyrule. She was Pikachu's first crush, basically because of how they are both kind and smart. But later on, he begins to get over it and moves on to another amazingly beautiful princess, Midna. Zelda is very supportive to her new friends and knows very well when something is wrong.
  • Meta Knight-a knight who is claimed by others to be one of Kirby's greatest enemies, but Kirby doesn't seem to thinks so at all, as he thinks he is one of his best friends. Meta Knight is good and heroic on the inside while intimidating on the outside.
  • Lucario
  • Peach
  • Samus
  • Squirtle
  • Ivysaur
  • Charizard



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