Pikachu Park!
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Pikachu Park!
Developer(s) Nintendo...?
Publisher(s) Nintendo...?
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Japan Flag May 12th, 2099
Flag of Europe May 13th, 2099
Iceland May 14th, 2099
Flag of USA June 18th, 2099
Canada June 18th, 2099
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
ERSB: ERating Everyone
PEGI: 3Rating Ages 3 and older
Genre(s) Simulation
Series Pokémon
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc

Pikachu Park! is a Pokémon spinoff where the player character runs a fun park for Pikachus. The player can interact with the Pikachu as they grow up and live in the park, with many modes of play available with Pikachu and friends.


The player assumes the role of the owner of Pikachu Park, a broad area which is home to many Pikachu and is a nature reserve. It is a popular area for tourists to encounter and play with the many wild Pikachu there, and many Pikachu memorabilia is available for guests to purchase.

As manager, the player constructs the park where people can see the Pikachu in their natural habitat. The player can change the landscape at will to cater to the many different personalities of Pikachu around, such as the surfing, balloon and cosplay variety. The player can also build amusement facilities not unlike managing a theme park with food stands and rides which are all Pikachu themed. The main aim of the game is to generate as much revenue as possible while keeping your Pikachu population well fed and healthy.

Story Mode

In Story Mode, you start off with a small budget and small amount of land, including your Park House which you can decorate with Pikachu-themed furniture. It is your job to spend three years developing the park and generate revenue. You start off with a small Pikachu population, although you can add more Pikachu through breeding programs or by buying them. You can also receive special Pikachu from donors. In the first year, you main focus is to make the park as big as possible and generate as much revenue. The second year is similar except midway the Pokémon World Economy takes a crash which severely hurts your business and it is up to you to find new ways to make money. The third year is identical to the first year as you recover from the economic crash. The game is considered over if you go bankrupt and your Pikachu population reduces down to 0 after too many are taken away or leave on their own, or die of natural causes.


There are many minigames where the player can interact with the Pikachu who live in the park. These include a Pokémon Amie-like session where the player can play with the Pikachu and care for them as well as play fun games with them. The more affection you have with your Pikachus, the more profits you will get as well as having a good time with the Pikachu. More minigames can be unlocked as you do certain things or when certain events in story mode happen, such as Pikachu Cosplay, where you can dress up Pikachu and take pictures with them.

Pikachu Playtime!

In this minigame, you play with your Pikachus and can use a variety of toys which you buy to raise their affection. You also are in charge of their food, and can feed them regularly - you are also in charge of cleaning up their habitat and waste products. The minigame will increase the happiness of your Pikachu population, which will keep your population high and your revenue solid, as low Pikachu happiness will make guests unhappy and more likely to die from electrocution if the Pikachus are provoked and attack your guests.

Cosplay Pikachu!

This minigame is unlocked when you build the Pikachu Theatre in your park. You can dress up your Pikachus in over 50 costumes and show them off to guests for a Pikachu fashion show. You also have the option to change your Pikachu colors and outfits outside the theatre to keep your Pikachu population varied and give them their own personalities. The outfits you choose can be chose to be used as merchandise ideas for your Pikachu shop in your park. You can also create a Pikachu band that will sing and dance.

Cooking With Pikachu!

This minigame is unlocked after you build the Pikachu's Fun Restaurant! in your park. In this minigame, you cook with Pikachu. There are various types of Pikachu meat to choose from, and your guests at the restaurant will respond accordingly to how well their meal has been cooked. There are over 50 various Pikachu recipes to choose from, and running the restaurant includes training staff and chefs and designing the interior as well as the menu. The better dishes you can make, the more revenue you will rake in with your guests. This game works well with the Foraging Pikachu! minigame as you can handpick your ingredients in the park.

Foraging Pikachu!


Screenshot of the Foraging Pikachu minigame in play

This minigame is unlocked after the economy in story mode takes a really bad turn and you have no other choice to gain money by allowing people to hunt Pikachu for sport in your park. This minigame consists of you finding Pikachu and then helping your clients choose one and shoot it. You can also shoot a Pikachu of your choice to be used as Pikachu Meat for the Cooking With Pikachu! minigame as well as the Building With Pikachu! minigame.

Building With Pikachu!

In this minigame, you build Pikachu-themed merchandise. It is unlocked when you build the workshop in your park, which becomes available after Year 2 of the Story Mode. You can use Pikachu you hunted in the foraging game and taxidermy the Pikachu you caught, and sell it for a profit or decorate your Park House with them and other Pikachu memorabilia such as authentic Pikachu Fur Rugs and Sofas. You can make many products from Pikachu Fur in this minigame and sell them for profit in your Park Store.

Learning Pikachu with Pikachu!

In this minigame you learn how to speak the Pikachu language and how to properly construct every day conversation using only the syllables pi, ka and chu. It is considered the only educational minigame in the game, and has absolutely no use outside of the Pokémon franchise.

Pikachu's Fun Restaurant! Recipes

These are recipes that you can cook and add to the menu in the restaurant and also make in the minigame, "Cooking with Pikachu!"

Name Picture Summary Ingredients Required Difficulty Type
PikaCola A Pikachu-themed cola that is a default drink. None Drink
MooMoo Milk Fresh MooMoo Milk Milk Drink
PikaTea Tea made from the Pikachu-Tea Leaf Tea ★★ Drink
PikaSmoothie Pikachu's favorite berries, all blended into a lovely smoothie. Pecha Berry, Oran Berry, Mago Berry ★★★ Drink
Pika Latte A lovely coffee blend infused with the stll-warm blood of an adult male Pikachu. Coffee Beans, Pikachu Blood, Cream. ★★★★ Drink
Pika Soup Simple Corn & Egg Soup served with a buttered bread roll. Sweetcorn, Egg, Bread Starter
Pika Shellders Fun, delicious Shellder tonguess made with love and care, with Shroomish on the side. Shellder, Shroomish, Butter Starter
PikaOnion Tast Onion and Cheese toast on bread shaped like Pikachu's face. How cute! Onions, Bread, Cheese ★★ Starter
Torchic Salad A nice green salad with Torchic chunks. Tomatoes, Lettuce, Torchic  ★★★ Starter
Smoked Basculin Soufflé Smoked Basculin Soufflé, a classic Unovan favorite for everyone. Basculin, Cheese, Butter ★★★ Starter
Clawncher Broth A healthy Kalosian delicacy which is a delight to the taste buds. Clawncher, Vinegar, Onions, Ginger, Chili ★★★★ Starter
Chargrilled Bulbasaur Salad A fan favorite fram Kanto - a very healthy start to any meal and a beloved starter everywhere. Bulbasaur, Garlic, Onion, Tomatoes, Olives, Basil ★★★★★ Starter
Pika-Bites Little Pikachu bites, hearty and fried lightly. Pikachu Meat Sides
Fries Classic McPika fries which are seasoned lightly and fried in organic Sunflora Oil Potatoes ★★ Sides
Mozzarella Sticks Crispy sticks of fresh Bouffalant-milk cheese. Cheese, Bread Crumbs, Eggs ★★ Sides
Hoppip Pasta Salad A healthy side dish, suitable for vegetarians. Hoppip, Pasta, Onions, Cheese, Carrots ★★★ Sides
Grilled Sunkern A tasty treat that was grilled alive by Pikachu Park's specialist Torkoal chefs. Sunkern ★★★★ Sides
Sausage and Basil-Stuffed Chikorita A Chikorita stuffed with nutritious basil, prime Grumpig Sausage and Shroomish dices. Chikorita, Grumpig Sausage, Shroomish Dices, Basil, Onions ★★★★★ Sides
Oddishes Supreme Lovingly seasoned Oddish salad with chunks of Sunkern, Bulbasaur, Shroomish and Bayleef with Pikachu Chunks. Oddish, Sunkern, Bulbasaur, Shroomish, Bayleef, Pikachu Meat ★★★★★ Sides
PikaPizza Classic pizza - everyone's favorite, topped with fresh Bouffalant-milk cheese. Dough, Tomatoes, Cheese ★★ Main Course
PikaBurgers Pikachu Burgers, made from the freshest Pikachu meat and ingredients. Bread, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pikachu Meat ★★★ Main Course
Tandoori Torchic Marinated overnight, this lovely Torchic recipe is bursting with flavor. Torchic, Garlic, Chilis, Paprika, Cinnamon ★★★ Main Course
Magikarp Pie A lovely seafood favorite, served everywhere but Unova. Best served just before the Magikarp is about to evolve. Magikarp, Bayleef, Potatoes, Cheese, Spinach, Olive Oil ★★★★ Main Course
Bulba-Noodle Stir Fry Pokémon Egg Noodles with fresh Bulbasaur Bulb, Bellsprout, Bayleef, Shroomish and Chikorita. Soy Sauce, Noodles, Bulbasaur, Bellsprout, Bayleef, Shroomish, Chikorita ★★★★ Main Course
Grumpig Ribs A lovely chunk of prime ribs cut from fresh Grumpig, locally grown. Grumpig, Onions, Bayleef, Gravy ★★★★★ Main Course
Miltank Steak A hearty steak from a Miltank. Beautifully garnished and presented. Miltank, Bayleef, Shroomish, Onions, Garlic, Pikachu Meat ★★★★★ Main Course
Cherubi Jelly Cherubi-Flavored Jelly. Tried and tested recipe, loved by all. Cherubi ★★ Dessert
Slowpoke Tail A delicacy in Johto and Kalos that is extremely controversial. Slowpoke. ★★★ Dessert
PikaCake A Cake shaped like a Pikachu's head. Eggs, Milk, Flour, Butter, Icing ★★★★★ Dessert
Moo Moo Ice Cream Gorgeous Dairy Ice Cream made from the finest MooMoo Milk Milk, Cryogonal ★★★★★ Dessert
Pancakes Classic pancakes topped off with a generous drizzle of Shiny Trevenant Syrup Eggs, Flour, Butter, Trevenant Syrup ★★★★★ Dessert
Snivy Brownies Brownies baked with a Snivy's Tail that are said to cause wonderful feelings and turn one into a flying type. Snivy, Chocolate, Eggs, Sugar, Butter ★★★★★ Dessert
HazelNuzleaf Chocolate Cake A delicious HazelNuzleaf Cake that is the pinnacle of Pokédesserts. Nuzleaf, Chocolate, Eggs, Flour, Milk, Butter, Icing ★★★★★ Dessert
Birthday Cake A cake that is served on your birthday. Your Birthday Pikachus will serve it to you fresh! N/A ★★★★★ Special
Pikachu Steak A lovely steak made from Pikachu Meat. Pikachu Meat ★★★★★ Special
PikaPika Burger A burger made from Pikachu Meat. Pikachu Meat ★★★★★ Special
PikaDogs A hot dog made from Pikachu Meat Pikachu Meat ★★★★★ Special
Pikachu Tail A Pikachu's Tail. Pikachu Meat ★★★★★ Special
Pikachu Jerky Classic Pikachu Jerky Pikachu Meat ★★★★★ Special
Pika Cakes Mini-sized Pikachu mince pies. Pikachu Meat ★★★★★ Special

Pikachu Types

Name Picture Summary Meat Quality
Normal Pikachu NormalPikachu A normal, adorable Pikachu that loves to play. Very affectionate. Normal
Pichu The baby form of Pikachu. Stars to appear when breeding programs are introduced. Poor
Raichu The evolved form of Pikachu. Only seen when you use a thunderstone on them or they find one in the wild by digging. Good
Balloon Pikachu A Pikachu who flies on balloons. Prefers high areas and is very relaxed. Normal
Surf Pikachu A Pikachu with a surfboard. Lives near water areas and is very playful. Normal
Fuzzy Pikachu FuzzyPikachu A fuzzy Pikachu that lives in colder areas of your park. Has a lot of fur to keep warm and is popular due to its cuteness. Good
Fiery Pikachu A Pikachu with a temper. Found in hot areas and is very hostile to guests, often attacking them. Good
Jungle Pikachu A Pikachu with primal instincts. It is not very playful and is a bit less intelligent than other Pikachu. Found in jungle areas. Amazing
Feral Pikachu A Pikachu that was donated to you from a previous trainer. May know some uniqe moves and is more intelligent than others. Poor
French Pikachu A Pikachu with a mustache and a striped shirt. Can be seen playing the accordion and always carries a baguette. Fantasique
German Pikachu A Pikachu wearing a lederhosen. Generates extra income during Oktoberfest and is very friendly and productive. Keep away from Greek Politician Pikachu. Wunderbar
Paolo the Pikachu A Pikachu who is very good at mating with other Pikachu. Very valuable to the breeding program.  Normal
Power Pikachu A very buff Pikachu that works out. Usually lifts rocks to train and is very aggressive when provoked. Terrible
Supercharged Pikachu A Pikachu with a gift for generating electricity. Fatal to guests if it attacks them, but good for the electricity generator. Terrible
Greek Politician Pikachu GreekPoliticianPikachu A Pikachu that will undoubtedly bankrupt your park and put it in debt. Poor
Rockband Pikachu A Pikachu that has a guitar. Plays various songs according to its mood and provides entertainment to guests. Normal
Fabulous Pikachu A fabulous Pikachu that will be popular with guests. Knows how to flaunt its sass and fabulosity. Enjoys attention. Amazing
Curly Pikachu A Pikachu with curly fur. Many of these in groups will make a lot of static electricity and shock your guests. Terrible
Birthday Pikachu A Pikachu that unexplainably appears on your birthday. These are party planning Pikachu and will celebrate your birthday with you. Best Quality
Smokey Chu A Pikachu that is far out, man. It sees things that other Pikachu can't such as pesky ghost-types. Hallucination-Inducing
Volt Tackle Pikachu A Pikachu that knows Volt Tackle. Keep away from guests at all costs, but is impressive for keeping out poachers. Worst
Spiky Eared Pichu A time traveling Pichu that appears randomly with Celebi. It is üuber-shiny and cute, like. Never evolves. Normal
Super Raichu A Raichu that has reached Level 100. Very powerful and best left alone and not angered. Amazing
Crystal Raichu A rare Raichu that appears once every 5000 years. Insanely rare and beautiful. Appears randomly. Inedible
Not Gonna Raichu A Lovesong A Raichu that sings a pop song in the sake of a pun. Mixes well with Rockband Pikachu. Normal
In the Shower, I Pikachu A Pikachu that should be locked up for its devious behavior. Poor
Cralschu Cralschu ??? Astronomically Awful