Pikachu Chronicles is a video game based on the TV series for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

Reports of small gems falling from the sky have recently become a world mystery. One night, Pikachu and most of Ash's Pokemon come across one and get caught by its bright flash of light. Soon afterward, Pikachu gets seperated from his friends and ends up in another dimension only inhabited by Pokemon. Meanwhile, Hunter J wakes up from a coma and finds herself in a world of souls connected to every dimension. She then makes a bargain with its leader to find a electric type's soul to take her place, and Pikachu is her choice

Opening Sequence

A long time ago, there were dimensions. The Pokemon of the Pokemon Dimension live hapilly without a care in the world. Then one day, darkness plauged the skies of the land. The guardian of the Dark Stone has conquered Pokemon Dimension with an iron fist. On their last effort, the stone gaurdians entrusted the guardian of the Light Stone, Light Guardian to seal Dark Gaurdian within the depths of the Realm Of Souls. However, the gaurdians prophesized that Dark Gaurdian might be released, and will use set his dark powers upon the other dimensions. This is where our story begins.

Meloetta wakes up at some type of alter with a man with red skin, horns, and dressed like a gentleman the first thing she see's after waking up. It appears to be a forced wedding between Meowth and Meloetta. Team Rocket's current Pokemon are seen as audiance along with some darker versions of Pokemon. The man introduces himself as Soulicus and introduces his assistant Mismagius. Meowth admits that he doesn't know what the big deal is, but finds it as a dream come true. Mismagius conducts the forced wedding, only for Meloetta to refuse. In a hasty effort, Mismagius uses his hypno ability to make Meloetta say "I do", which surprises everyone including Meowth. Meloetta tries to resist, untill Mesmagius kicks the hypnosis to max.

Once the forced wedding is complete, a dark powerfull looking stone appears and falls into the hands of Soulicus. Snivy (who was unconscious in the audiance) wakes up to see what is happening in the alter. As Soulicus is excited to have the Dark Stone on the palm of his hands, Snivy intervenes by shooting two razor leaves, one hits Meowth by accident, and the other hits the Dark Stone. A bright flash of light engulfs the entire area. Soulicus and Mismagius manage to avoid the flash discuss about what to do next. The evil gentleman mentions that if the prophesy is correct, Dark Gaurdian will now be free soon. The two villains teleport away with Meloetta falling of a nearby cliff and into a vortex.

Prolouge: The Adventure Begins

12 Hours Earlier

We see a radio set to some world news. The lady on it is heard talking about gems falling from the sky around the world. Pikachu and most of Ash's Pokemon are listening to it with Squirtel and the Squirtel Squad that were just here for a visit. Charizard claims that he would blow fire on a gem if it falls here. Nearby, Oshawott is holding a drawing of Meloetta with a sad look on his face. Scraggy, Snivy, and Pikachu are annoyed that Oshawott is still in love with her. Ash's voice is heard calling his Pokemon for some kind of battle. They all do so with Pikachu having a sweat drop on his head.

Meanwhile at Team Rocket HQ, Dr. Zager is analyzing the mysterious gem the Team Rocket trio found. James finds that it could be something they could use for world domination (and capturing Pikachu). Zager points out that its foreign to the whole world, including all the other regions. Jessie thinks the gem is from outer space like the Meteorite (which Meowth tells Jessie not to remind him of). Mime Jr. takes a closer look at the gem and it starts glowing. The others take notice of the gem, then it freezes the humans in the room and all the Team Rocket human members. Woobat tries to make Jessie budge by tapping her, but nothing happened. Suddenly, the gems gets even brighter and engulfs the whole room in a flash of light. Once the light clears off, Meowth, Wobblefett, Mime Jr., Woobat, Yamask, Carnivine, Seviper, Amoongus, and Frillish are gone.

Several hours later at night, Pikachu and friends are exausted from the battle they just had. Suddenly, a gem falls out of the sky and lands near the Pokemon. Glalie is awed by the gem's appearance. Bulbasaur and Swellow get behind Heracross for protection, only for the latter to get behind Snorlax. Pikachu gets a closer look at the gem. Once he picks it up, nothing happend, relieving the Pokemon. Their relief is short lived as the gem starts glowing. All the humans in Pallet Town have frozen by the gem's waves. Oshawott is now getting nervous. The gem then engulfs the entire field in a flash of light. This time, we see Pikachu and his friends (including Charizard) get sucked in to the gem.

Back To The Present

Pikachu wakes up at a harbor being watched by a gang of Ratatta. The Ratatta immediatley leave afterwards. A confused Pikachu looks around the place wondering where he is. A nearby Foongus told him that he's in Pokeburg. The Foongus further explains that Pikachu fell from a portal in the sky, so he guessed that Pikachu is from another dimension. This has shocked Pikachu, then shrugs it off by asking if the Foongus has seen any other Pokemon from a foreign dimension. He replies that Pikachu might want to visit Dr. Haunter, he'll help Pikachu find the Pokemon he's talking about. Before Pikachu leaves, Foongus gave him a map of Pokeburg so he won't get lost. Pikachu comes across a fountain where he finds Oshawott finding his scalchop. Once encountered, Oshawott is somewhat relieved that Pikachu is here. Oshawott explains that he lost his scalchop after falling into the fountain over there. However, Pikachu is more concerned about finding their friends. Pikachu thinks that someone named Dr. Haunter might help them, so Oshawott starts to follow Pikachu.

Meanwhile at a different part of Pokeburg, Squirtel and Bulbasaur observe the new place their in. A portal then opens up and Meloetta comes out, thus hitting the ground. The duo come to her aid and once she wakes up, Bulbasaur asks if Meloetta is okay. The Legendary Pokemon says that she's allright now, then wonders where she is. Squirtel claims that's what their trying to figure out and are planning to find Pikachu and the others. This gets Meloetta's attention. The trio then agree to split up, Meloetta will go with Bulbasaur, while Squirtel is going it alone.

Pikachu and Oshawott enter a hospital where a Chansey greets them and asks which one needs to be healed. Pikachu reassures the Chansey that their here to see Dr. Haunter, and looking for the friends. In response, Chancey calls Klink, Klang, and Klinklang to tell the doctor that two Pokemon are here to him. The duo follow Chansey after she tells them to follow her to the doctors office. Once there, they find Dr. Haunter meditating in his crystal ball. Dr. Haunter correctly guesses that Pikachu and Oshawott are from another dimension. A confused Oshawott wonders how the doctor knows that, and their not even sure their in another dimension. The Gear Brothers confirms that Dr. Haunter uses the crystal ball so he knows all and sees all just to find cures, thats why he's talented. The doctor confirms Pikachu that few of his friends are in Pokeburg, including someone special to Oshawott is there to (much to Oshawotts surprise). Pikachu then asks about the others, to which Dr. Haunter replies that they have been scattered across Pokemon Dimension. Before the duo can ask another question, Dr. Haunter asks Pikachu to take this Sun Stone to the Guardian Ruins at the Park District. The doctor assures Pikachu and Oshawott that they'll need to do that inorder to find their friends. This confuses the duo, but they go along with it. Before they leave, Dr. Haunter tells them that if they find an evolutionary stone, come back and let him examine it. After they leave, Chancey asks why he asked them to take the Sun Stone to the ruins. But the doctor says that time will tell.

Reunion And Prophesy Stopping

Along the way with Oshawott getting tired carrying the Sun Stone, the duo get attacked by darker colored Weedles. They threaten to give up the Sun Stone and nobody gets hurt. However, Pikachu retaliates and fights with the Weediles. Pikachu manages to drive them away, with a little help from Oshawott (who was reminding Pikachu how to fight). Oshawott was shocked at the color of those Weedles, but shrugs it off thinking that their just shiny Pokemon that want to steal something. Pikachu spotted some more dark colred pokemon up ahead and tells Oshawott to stay behind.

Pikachu and Oshawott made it to the Park District, but Oshawott is beginning to wonder why the docto said "someone special" to him. Meanwhile, Bulbasaur and Meloetta came across the same district hopelessly lost. A Raichu in a black jumpsuit shows up claiming to have been wondering where Meloetta went to. Bulbasaur asks what the Raichu wants. Raichu introduces himself as the "thunder of darkness, the lightning that srikes fear; Mr. R". Just before the two could react, Mr. R summons a bunch of dark colored Pokemon after them claiming that Pokemon Dimension now belongs to Soulicus and the Darkness Gang. While running, Bulbasaur and Meloetta literally bumped into Pikachu and Oshawott. At the sight of seeing Meloetta here, Oshawott's eyes shaped into hearts and got closer to her. Mr. R and his troops show up and demand that they give up the Sun Stone, or else they have to face him. As the fight begins, Meloetta teaches Pikachu and Bulbasaur (as well as the player) how to fight as team. The two manage to beat Mr. R in combat, but he surrounds the gang with all his troops. While Mr. R and the dark colored Pokemon clash into a cloud of smoke, Pikachu and friends sneak away to the ruins with the Sun Stone. Mr. R orders the troops to stop so he can see where the target is. But realizes that their gone as well as the Sun Stone. He is forced to retreat with his troops as they gotta report to Soulicus.

Pikachu and friends stop at the Guardian Ruins Dr. Haunter mentioned. They see 10 pillars surroundeing a pedestal. Squirtle then shows up having decided to help Bulbasaur and Meloetta out, only to see that they already found Pikachu and Oshawott. Oshawott then asks what to do now, only for Pikachu to guess that their supposed to place the Sun Stone on the pedastal. Pikachu places it, and a beam of light shines on the stone. One of the pillars started glowing and an orange robed man with a sun shaped head appears out of thin air. He introduces himself as the Sun Gaurdian, and tells Pikachu and friends that dark forces are planning to bring back Dark Gaurdian. Sun Gaurdian then gives the gang a Leaf Stone saying that their gonna need it. After he vanishes, Pikachu thinks that they should go back to Pokeburg Central and talk to Dr. Haunter.

At Dr. Haunters office, Meloetta explains how she ended up in this situation. She and Ridley were investigating the mysterious gems that have fallen to his village. While examining the gem, it started to glow and all the villagers have frozen. The gem then sucked her in, then she found herself at a forced wedding with Meowth. The last thing she remembers before ending up in Pokeburg is that some guy named Soulicus claiming a stone called the Dark Stone. The doctor explains that the whole forced wedding thing is just a way to restore the Dark Stone. Dr. Haunter explains that thousands of years ago, Pokemon Dimension was under siege of a dark entity known as Dark Gaurdian. The stone gaurdians led by Light Gaurdian banished Dark Gaurdian to the depths of the Realm Of Souls. As a result, the Dark Stone shattered into pieces. The gaurdians then prophesized that Dark Gaurdian will be freed once the Dark Stone is put back together. The doctor explained that inorder for the Dark Stone to be put back together, each fragment be in one dimension to send random Pokemon to Pokemon Dimension. But inorder to do that, they must first freeze all the humans in the town/city/village their in. And that there also has to be a wedding between a Legendary Pokemon from another dimension and a normal Pokemon from said dimension. A few days ago, Soulicus "leader of the Realm Of Souls" had found the fragments and decided to bring back Dark Gaurdian by flinging the fragments to Pikachu's home dimension. The prophesy also mentioned that Dark Gaurdian will take over other dimensions if he's back to full power, including the one Pikachu and his friends are from.

The news has shocked the gang as they know that their human friends are still frozen. Oshawott asks if there's a way to stop the prophesy. Dr. Haunter explains that there is, Pikachu and friends must venture to different parts of Pokemon Dimension to place each of the evolutionary stones on the Gaurdian Pedestals. He then says that Soulicus might send his forces to stop them at their tracks. The dark colored Pokemon they faced are the Shadow Pokemon of the Realm Of Souls, Mr. R is one of their commanders. After some thought, Pikachu agrees to help save Pokemon Dimension and their home. Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Meloetta, and Oshawott (who just wants to spend time with Meloetta) also agree. Pikachu gives the Leaf Stone to the doctor, and he confirms that the pedestal for that if in Grassy Fields. They can use the train at Pokeburg East to get there. Pikachu and the others leave the office with Oshawott still wondering where his Scalchop is.

Once at the train station, the gang get on the train that goes to Grassy Fields. Before they get in, Oshawott looks up feeling like their being watched. But he shrugs it off when the train is leaving in 1 minute. As the train leaves, we see a glimpse of something flying away.

Intermission 1

Meanwhile at the Realm Of Souls, Soulicus is discussing with his commanders about the current status. Mr. R shows up with a tired look on his face. The Sawk comments that Mr. R's pride might have given him a tough battle> The Raichu confirms that they have a problem, a group of Pokemon had placed a Sun Stone onto the pedestal of Gaurdian Ruin. Mismagius comes out of thin air to tell his master that Meloetta has found some friends, and are heading for Grassy Fields. Soulicus is not at all amused with those news as the return of Dark Gaurdian is at hand and his commanders are doing nothing right now. A Dustox commented about how Red Razer (the Scizor) is using his claws in an improper way. Red Razer claims that he can take down any openent in a proper way, and is going to prove it by going to battle Pikachu and his comrads. After Red Razer leaves, the Steelix tells the Duxtox that if she insults anyone of the commanders, they'll seriously want to eliminate the problem. The Gothitelle uses her psychic powers to calm the commanders down. Soulicus confirms that they may have to send in their best Shadow Pokemon after Meloetta & her friends. Mismagius gets permission to leave the chambers just to check on the "comotosed soul" that showed up a while ago.

Hunter J is seen unconscious in a cell of some sort. Her Salamence, Ariados, and Drapion are tiredly watching her in a patient manor. J then wakes up wondering where she is, and to the extend why its so warm. J begins to think about what she last remembers. She remembers sinking into the lake with her airship, then starts to think that shes dead ("Am I dead, maybe I am dead, but I don't feel dead"). Mismagius shows up to J's cell a little shocked to see J awake. He telepathically tells J that her confusion is understandable as she died in an underwater explosion. Then welcomes her to the Ream Of Souls; a realm connected to every dimension ever known. Suddenly, the cell opens for J and her Pokemon. Mismagius claims he's going to escort them to Soulicus for a judgement before going back to the cell. J and her Pokemon are then forced to walk out of here with Mismagius behind.

J and her Pokemon are standing before Soulicus at his throne room. J explains that the Lake Guardians used Future Sight on her ship, so its their fault. Soulicus tells J that he already knows that, she's here for a reason. If someone dies and their souls get sent to the Realm Of Souls, their in the Realm Of Souls. Enraged, J aims her arm at Soulicus, only to realize that her braclet is missing. Mismagius taunts her by showing J the braclet while saying "looking for this". In a desperate move, J asks if there's any way to get out of here. Soulicus says that there is one way, she must bring a soul of a type of Pokemon to take her place. Mismagius and Soulicus decide on which type of Pokemon J must collect by using a wheel, with Salamence, Ariados, and Drapions eyes spinning. The wheel stops at "electric type", so Soulicus gives J until Dark Gaurdian returns to get the electric type. J then makes an evilish smile claiming that she thinks she knows the perfect electric type.

Chapter 1: The Leaf Of Shadows

Road To Leavesville

The train stops at the station of Grassy Fields. The conductor tells the passengers to leave the train as soon as the doors open. Meloetta sees construction of a nearby bridge and tells her friends about it. Pikachu asks the Timburr what's going on. The Timburr explained that the bridge to Leavesville just got totaled by a Scizor wearing a black jump suit, as the witnesses say. So they'll have to go around inorder to reach Leavesville. A whistle is then heard and a Gurdurr yells out breakfast break. The Timburr wishes Pikachu and the group luck if their going to Leavesvill. Squirtle exclaims that they have no choice but to take the long way, which they agree with Oshawott behind again. Nearby, Red Razer is spying on Pikachu and friends with a chuckleing smile.

Pikachu and friends made it to Leavesville, only to see everyone fleeing to their homes. A Weepinbelle confronts the gang and warns them to hide from the Rat Troop. Oshawott is getting nervous about the situation, but Pikachu is hesistant to see what this Rat Troop is. Meloetta flies up and sees what she thinks are the Rat Troop from up ahead.

Shortly, Pikachu and friends confront the Rat Troop, which happen to be the Ratatta from before. The Ratatta get frightened over seeing the Pikachu they failed to rob caught up, so the better fend him, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur off untill "the boss" shows up. Pikach and friends manage to beat the Ratatta in battle. The Rat Troop are exausted from their loss in battle, then get scolded by their arriveing boss "Don Raticate". The Don mocks the gang for being weak but smart to defeat the Rat Troop. This makes Oshawott angry while Bulbasaur and Pikachu are trying to hold him. To increase the mockery, the Don shows them some of the thing he and the Rat Troop manage to steal, and one of them is Oshawotts scalchop. Don Raticate explains that he found it near a fountain in front of an unconscious Oshawott. This makes Oshawott even more mad, but the Don and his minions retreat while taunting Pikachu & friends. A Bellesprout comes up to congradulate the gang for driving off the Rat Troop. An impatient Oshawott asks where their hideout is, they have his scalchop. The Bellesprout explains that they went to Bandit Caverns up high in Hill Pathway. Meloetta tells Pikachu that even though she thinks that Oshawott is cute, he's stubborn enough to get the scalchop. Pikachu & friends have no choice but to help Oshawott get his scalchop back.

Scalchop Recovered

Pikachu & friends made it through the perils of Hill Pathway to the entrance of Bandit Caverns, where they encounter a passing by Celebi. Celebi tries to persaud the gang from entering the caverns, but Oshawott is still insistent on getting his scalchop back. Before they enter, Bulbasaur asks Celebi if he knows where the pedestal of the Leaf Stone is. However, the leaf Legendary Pokemon claims that they'll have to find out if they make it back to Leavesvill alive. As Celebi leaves, Meloetta begins to suspect something, but shrugs it off.

Don Raticate is gloating over the loot he and the Rat Troop has collected. But most of all, the Don proclaims that with the scalchop, the Rat Troop will be more powerfull than before. Pikachu & friends arrive at the scene with Oshawott demanding his scalchop. Obviously, the Don tauntingly refuses and calls out some of the Rat Troop. The two sides then battle with Oshawott watching hoping that Pikachu will win. Luckilly, Pikachu, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur defeated the Don. Oshawott runs to the loot inorder to reobtain his scalchop, but Pikachu informs him that the scalchop is in the Don's bag. Then Oshawott joyfully reunites with the scalchop while his friends form a sweat drop. Meloetta wonders what they should do now, and immediatley gets a reply from Oshawott that their going back to Leavesville with him officially fighting with the part. The musical Legendary Pokemon instructs the player on switching party members. After the gang leave, Don Raticate exclaims that they haven't seen the last of him.

Pikachu & friends return to Leavesvill in a confident fasion. Celebi then shows up clapping his hands over amusement. Oshawott then demands the answer to Bulbasaurs question from earlier. Few seconds later, Celebi finally confirms that he's the pedestals keeper. Celebi explains that he is finding some Pokemon that are worthy enough to brave the Temple Of Leaves. Pikachu then asks where they can find the Temple Of Leaves, which Celebi answers that its the castle like building up on that tall hill they can't miss it. Our hero proclaims that they better prepare themselves if they have to get pass the temple. Red Razer eavesdropped and realized that he has to get ahead.

Meet Red Razer

The gang gained access to the Temple Of Leaves, only to be stopped by a unseen voice. Red Razer lands right in front of our heroes and introduces himself as "Red Razer, member of the Darkness Gang". The Scizor quickly recognizes Meloetta as the bride from that forced wedding, to which Meloetta seemed a little upset. Red Razer however doesn't have time for a fight as he has to observe the pedestal inside the temple. As Red Razer enters, he blocks the entrance with a huge block with three symbols on it. Squirtle sees a note on the block and reads "use combination ability's to destroy block". Bulbasaur sees that they'll have to use combination attacks if they have to continue moving forward. Meloetta once again teaches the player, this time its about combination attacks. Pikach & friends combined their attacks on the block, and are shocked to see that it worked.

After passing through several trials and floors, the gang made it to the pedestals resting place. At the pedestal, Red Razer is still observing it while trying to think of a way to ambush the "little punks". He realized to late that Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Meloetta, and Oshawott are here and made pass the block (also realizing that leaving that not is a bad idea). Just then, Celebi shows up telling Red Razer that the temple is a sacred place for worthy Pokemon, and Red is not worthy. But Red doesn't care and starts attacking the group.

Red Razer is defeated and bruised alot. Red then calls mercy and cowardlly runs to tell Soulicus. Pikachu then places the Leaf Stone onto the pedestal and a beam of light shines onto the pedestal. Then a man with swirling covered with swirling leaves appears out of thin air claiming that he has awaited his awakening. Dark Gaurdian is already on the first step of returning, and they must act quickly before the return is complete. Leaf Gaurdian then gives Oshawott an Electric Stone and tries to make sure it doesn't touch Pikachu. Leaf Gaurdian leaves while claiming that they will meet again. Celebi congradulates the Pokemon for making it this far, but there are more pedestals out there. Pikachu agreeing with Celebi claims that they should go back to Pokeburg and see Dr. Haunter.

Intermission 2

Escape From Soul Prison

Red Razer made it to Soulicus' throne room just in time to deliver the news. Rocky (the Steelix) pointed out that he told everyone not to push Red Razer's buttons. Shape Gal (the Gothitelle) claims that its a bad idea to let one of them to go alone all the time. Suddenly, Soulicus tells everyone that Shape Gal is right, their "newest recruit" is having trouble searching for the electric type she's looking for. Which is why he's sending Mr. R and Shape Gal to as back up. Mr. R is confident enough as he just finished his latest weapon that will send Meloetta and her friends flying. Shape Gal however has a better idea, she'll just send them off track so Mr. R will set up the cooling unit. SpyBug (the Dustox) thinks that even though its a bad idea, she'll go with it. An impatient Soulicus then orders the two commanders to just go.

Elsewhere, Snivy wakes up wondering where she is. The Squirtle Squad, and Swellow show up happy that Snivy is okay. One of the Squirtle Squad explained that the shadow colored Pokemon locked them up because they see them as a threat. Snivy then remembers the forced wedding and declares that they must escape. The prisoners then see a crack on the wall, which makes Snivy order the Squirtle Squad to simultaniously bash their shells onto the crack. They do so and Snivy and her friends escape while trying to be carefull being spotted. Swellow flies toward the hallways to see which direction has the least gaurds and comes back to tell the others which direction they'll take. Snivy recounts this as the time Pikachu and her Unova friends staged an escape from a Team Rocket train.

After getting pass a few hallways, the escapee's come across a high ledge with just one portal below. Swellow sees this as their only hope to escape, to which the Squirtle Squad agree. Before they can react, Mismagius shows up with some Shadow Pokemon in an attempt to corner the prisoners. Snivy remembers Mismagius as the guy that was present with that "dark looking stone". Mismagius claims that Snivy wasn't so polite at the forced wedding because of delaying Dark Gaurdians return. The psychic secretary then tries threatening the escapee's by ordering the Shadow Pokemon to attack if they try anything funny. After some quick thinking, Snivy jumps off the ledge followed by Swellow and the Squirtle Squad into the portal. Mismagius orders the Shadow Pokemon to not follow them as they might meet their demise at where ever that portal goes to.

A Leafy Reunion

Pikachu & friends come out of the train once they stop at Pokeburg East. Oshawott couldn't stop bragging about getting his scalchop back. Meloetta however reminds him that they still need to show Dr. Haunter the Electric Stone, while thinking if she'll meet a Meloetta of this dimension. The group then went back to the hospital where they show Dr. Haunter the Electric Stone. The doctor meditates on his crystal ball inorder to seek where the next pedestal is. He finds the whereabouts to be in Volt City, and tells Pikachu that while there, he and his friends better beware of a "tall dark stranger". Suddenly before Dr. Haunter can tell how to get to Volt City, The Gear Brothers frantically enter the office claiming that they saw a Snivy fall from the sky. This gets the gangs attention as they leave the office with Dr. Haunter and the Gear Brothers behind.

Pikachu and the others enter Pokeburg North, where Klink claims is where the Snivy they mentioned fell onto. Then they see Snivy fighting off some Shadow Elekids that were sent to investigate the rumors of a Pikach from another dimension. Just then, Pikachu and friends get in the way, which makes Snivy happy to see her friends. After defeating the Shadow Elekids, Snivy thanks the gang for the help (even though claiming that she doesn't need it). A confused Klinklang asks what is going on, which the doctor answers that like Pikachu, Snivy is from another dimension.

Snivy explains the Pokemon about whay she experience in that prison she was in, while being happy to see that Meloetta is safe from that forced wedding. She then wonders where the Squirtle Squad and Swellow are and if their okay. Dr. Haunter confirms that they are as he foresaw it, but not enough to see if they'll save Pokemon Dimmension or not. Oshawott interupts by asking how their supposed to get to Volt City. The doctor explains that they have to go through Lightning Forest inorder to get there, which happens to be north of Pokeburg. Squirtle confusingly says "So your not comeing with us?" to the doctor. Dr. Haunter anwsers that he is not as the Darkness Gang might know how Pikachu and friends find the pedestals. Pikachu thanks the doctor as he and the gang leave for Volt City.

(More to come later)

Party Members

  • Type: Water
  • Joined: Guardian Ruins
  • Weak Against: Electric attacks
  • Type: Grass
  • Joined: Pokeburg: Park District
  • Weak Against: Fire Attacks
  • Type: Water
  • Joined: Grassy Fields: Bandit Caverns
  • Weak Against: Electric Attacks
  • Type: Grass
  • Joined: Pokeburg North
  • Weak Against: Fire Attacks

(To be added)



Lord of the Realm Of Souls and one of the two main antagonists of the game. He seeks to reawaken Dark Gaurdian from the depths of his realm.

The Darkness Gang

Soulicus' personnel army with 6 Pokemon as his commanders. The commanders argue about how their plans fail and/or contain flaws.

  • Mr. R- A Raichu. He has the highest authority of The Darkness Gang, behind Soulicus that is.
  • Red Razer- A Scizor. An arrogant bug type with a desire to fulfill his duties with proper use of his abilitys.
  • Rocky- A Steelix. The voice of reason of The Darkness Gang. Whenever a fellow member is talked into doing something, Rocky points out the flaw.
  • Chop Man- A Sawk. Self proclaimed strongest commander of The Darkness Gang.
  • Shape Gal- A Gothitelle. This patiend commander can use psychic powers as attacks and shape shifts inorder to confuse her enemies.
  • SpyBug- A Dustox. Uses her flying ability to see where the target is and swoop down in a silent ambush.

(To be added)

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