Pikachu (Amazing Adventures)
Full Name Pikachu
Current Age 15 (25 in species years)
Gender Male
Species Pikachu
Current Status Alive

This is Pikachu's Appearance in Pikachu and Kirby: Amazing Adventures. If you are looking for the character's overview, look here.

Pikachu is a main character in Pikachu and Kirby: Amazing Adventures. He is Kirby's best friend. Unlike the main Pikachu found in various games, this Pikachu is quite intelligent; able to speak english, play video games, and read books.


Pikachu is very friendly and intelligent, who is, apart from Kirby's distant friends, is his only and greatest friend. Pikachu is also socially awkward, because of how everyone else is too weird to talk to in his opinion, but primarily  because of how everyone he comes across rejects him at first. His personal and sensical view on the world is sometimes showcased as a blame on the world for all his gut-wrenching anti-social problems. He is also a big gamer who has a wide appreciation of various games, primarily adventure games. He always works to solve problems when in need.

Season 1

After leaving his village after graduating from school, Pikachu hopes to find a peaceful place to settle down for once. When he gets run down by a hungry pack of Mightyenas, he finds Kirby tied up in a cave, ready to get eaten. After saving each other's butts, they both say their temporary farewells for the night. They accidently meet each other again the next morning while finding breakfast and greet each other after agreeing to work together to find some. They talk about how they are both finding a place to settle down and Kirby points out finding a "dream home." They agree to find a home they can share and eventually come across the plains of Hyrule. After being chased by a horde of Bulblins, they try to cross the Bridge of Eldin, where the Bulblins successfully blow up the center of the bridge and the duo make it just barely.


  • Pikachu's favoritism and view on game's is a reflection of Lord Caesar's view of games.
  • Lord Caesar considers Pikachu to be modeled after him.