Not to be confused with the Neverworld character of the same name.
Full Name Pika
Current Age 16
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Species Pikachu,Pokemon
Location Pake Cove Original
Current Status Fighting Monsters In The Scrapple Multiverse
Family and Relations
Deary-Best Friend
Main Weapon(s) Sword of Electricity
Ability/ies Thunderbolt,Quick Attack+++,Black Hole Swirl
Vulnerable To Water
Peeky,Ancient Hero Of Legend,King
First Appearance Pikaland
Latest Appearance Scrapple:Legend of the Swords Episode 1


Continued Stories:

Pikaquest Heros

Age 0-14

Legend of the Swords Ep. 1

One Day In 2010,The Young Boy Woke Up From A 14 Year Nap,From His Moment Of Birth To Then,He Thought.He Had An Amazing Life Before That,Be He Forgot It.He Found Out He Was King In The Land Of Pikaquest

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