Pignite (Darmanitan Slam)
Pignite Dream
Pignite, son of Emboar.
Full Name Pignite
Gender Male
Location Pokémon Island (Volcano area)
Class Villain
Emboar (father)
Ability/ies Ember, Strength

Pignite is the secondary antagonist of the Darmanitan Slam series. He is the son of Emboar. He first appeared in Darmanitan Slam 2.


Pignite shares many traits with his father. Pignite loves being a troublemaker and will do anything to make Darmanitan and Darumaka's life miserable. He is incredibly bossy. He is spoiled, bratty, and wants everything to go his way. Despite arguing with his dad a lot, Pignite loves him and wants to do anything to prove his worth.

Pignie also despises Darumaka. He has made the Zen Charm Pokémon his eternal rival. Darumaka does seem to notice this a little, but he mosty ignores Pignite.

Powers and Abilities

Even though Pignite is very young, he is powerful. He is able to shoot out small, slow fireballs out of his nose. He can also bulk up his arms to make his punches more powerful.

He is most known for his ability to pilot anything. He can operate a train, but what he is really good at is maintaining an entire airship. Pignite even has his own airship, given to him by his father Emboar.

Game Appearances