The Pigmask Worker is an enemy in Mother 3.5 and a member of the Pig Army. It wears a teal suit and mask with what looks like a yellow life jacket for some reason. Usually, they are NPCs you can talk to, but sometimes they may attack, especially if you interfere with their work or pester them, causing a battle to start. They never get any stronger, and you'll encounter them in the more industrial sections of the game.


  • Threw a Wrench: A fairly powerful attack that hits one target. Has a 30% chance of missing.
  • Threw a Hammer: A slightly more powerful attack that hits one target. Has a 50% chance of missing.
  • Fired His Tommy Nail Gun: 20 weak attacks at the entire party. Each has a 30% chance of missing.
  • Fired a Glue Gun: May cause one target to get temporarily stuck.
  • Performed an Excellent Pit Stop: Heals a mechanical enemy.
  • Complained About Low Pay: Does nothing.


Battle Description

Despite being the only non-soldier Pigmask, he can be surprisingly violent if you get in the way of his work.

Behind the Scenes

In Mother 3, this Pigmask was the only variety you never fought. He drove the dump truck in Chapter 5.

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