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Pigface Z
Developer(s) Waddl Doink
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Genre(s) 3d Platformer
Release Date(s)
October 13, 2013
1 player 2 player Battle mode
Age Rating(s)
 Pigface Z was made for the release of pokemon X and Y.


BLUEY WAS STOLEN!Pigface,Froakie,Chespin,Fenniken,and Bluey's cousin Bloonite have to get her back! Player 2 can choose from being any of the said characters.Shuppet sees pigface and runs,so pigface follows it!



Pigface Froakie Chespin Fenniken Bloonite
Flamethrower Watergun Razor leaf Ember

Ice beam


Zigzagoon World 1
Luvadisc World 2 (valintines day)
Spinda World 2
Plusle Minun World 3 (day=minun) (night=plusle)
Gyrados World 4
Red Gryados World 5
Shuppet World 7


Pigface Z

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