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Pigface 3 is the 3rd installment of the PIGFACE series.

Developer(s) Waddle Doink
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3ds
Release Date(s)
January 5th 2014
1 player,Battle mode,multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Handheld


Pigface is battling Ttowahso when Ttowahso falls into a portal.When he comes out he is 3 diffrent people,Oshawott,Dewott and Samurott.Pigface needs help destroying them all so he brings Bluey,Rabid oshy, and the new fourth player,Gentelman Snivy!Together they destroy all 3 forms of Ttowahso and save palpark!!!But at the end they figure out the portal was made by Mewtwo! He turns into mega Mewtwo Y!



Pigface Ember,Flame charge,and Rollout
Bluey Flare blitz,Bulldoze,strength
Rabid oshy Watergun,ice beam,hydro pump
Gentelman Snivy Vine wip,leaf storm,razor leaf


Timburr World 1
Mewtwo World 2
Pidgy World 3
Blastoise World 4
Ttowahso World 5 (Oshawott)
Ttowahso World 6 (Dewott)
Ttowahso World 7 (Sammurott)
Mega Mewtwo Y World 5


Pichu He will give you Items such as Potions
Mew He will give you items such as Revives


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