Pig Party
Leader(s) Emboar
Align Evil
(Notable) Members
First Appearance Darmanitan Slam 2 (2012)
Latest Appearance Darmanitan Jam (2016)
Take over all of the Pokéworld
Emboar Army

The Pig Party is a very large military led by Emboar. It is called the Pig Party mostly because its supreme leader is based off a real-life pig. Its goals are unknown, but it is always hinted that they wish to take over Pokémon Island, then the whole Pokéworld.

The Pig Party's mode of transportation is with airships. These airships are large skiffs with many ropes on the sides tied around a large canvas balloon. They also have a large propeller on the backs of them. Emboar has his own aitship that is loaded with heavy artillery, unlike the rest of the airships. Pignite's airship has a few weapons, and can move extremely fast.

The Pig Party did not have a change to appear in Darmanitan Slam, because its leader, Emboar, was not revealed until the end of the game. It first appeared in Darmanitan Slam 2, with the mission of taking the island's Berries to open the tomb of a deadly creature, Dark Darmanitan.

High-ranking of the Pig Party



Soldiers of the Pig Party


Pig Party Grunt

Grunts are the lowest-ranking members of the Pig Party. They take the form of a Trubbish. Their main job is to try to defeat Darmanitan and Darumaka. They are the equivalent to the Goomba.

There are also Paragrunts. They have wings on the backs, granting them the ability to fly.


Pig Party Bigrunt

Bigrunts have a rank that is slightly higher than the regular Grunts. Their appearance is the same as a Garbodor's. They attack by swinging their arms back and forth, an attack that can be easily dodged. They have lots of bulk, which makes them hard todefeat.


Paragrunts are Pigrunts with wings on their backs. They only move on a vertical plane. They are are the weakest soldiers of the Pig Party and can be defeated with a single jump. They are usually used as "stepping stones."

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