Shut up... you know that this is exactly what you want, and you know it.
Back off of him, you cu... cu...
[yelling] YEAH, YOU CUCK!
Mallory and Pierce, Shadows of Mallory, Chapter 13: Deep Down in the Lost and Found
Pierce Hazel
(21, born February 19th)
6'01" Intersex
95 lbs ️ Hetero
NAME Pierce Shaq Hazel
WEAPON Psychic Palms
ALIGNMENT Resistance (member)
Generally neutral otherwise
OCCUPATION(S) Demon hunter (formally)
Resistance detective (current)
Psychic trainer (current)
FAMILY Unknown
RELATIONSHIPS Clair Voyell (girlfriend)
BIRTH LOCATION Blackstar, Hisplit
CURRENT QUARTERS Wherever he desires...








Pierce Hazel, known as just Pierce to what little friends he has, is one of the playable characters in General's Journey and has a major role in Gone. He is a severely underweight human with a split personality, unable to think rationally and divided between three large mindsets. He views life and everyone around him pessimistically, not believing there is a good turn for life. This is largely due to his incredibly strange backstory -- which he refuses to explain -- and his "unusual" design" for a human, possessing some...unique traits. Thanks to his instability, habit of lashing out on others, and his misusage of powers and anti-life personality, he often clashes head-to-head with Scotch, seeing him as a rival.


Pierce is a tall young adult, standing at 6'01" and being quite lanky, yet having a rather pathetic build. He is flexible and is capable of bending his body to unusual shapes and proportions. His eyes are grey and his hair is wild and rather untamed -- just the way he likes it. He wears a purple jumpsuit and wears a black cloak around himself, which he often uses in public to seal away his real identity from others. If channeling psychic energy from his body, his eyes seem to give a magenta glow and his body will be shown awkwardly floating in the air. He does not possess the correct male parts however, and has a different lower body, although this is barely noticeable.

Sometimes when Pierce does not want to be bothered or seen by those he's familiar with, he dresses up as a woman, adjusting his black cloak into a dress and wearing a skirt to divert attention. He usually is silent this way as he lacks the voice in order to keep his identity hidden.


Pierce is perhaps the most difficult person to talk to in the Zaxinian Lifts, largely thanks to his very asocial personality; preferring to be alone or cling to what little friends he already has. All of his friends were met through unforeseen fate, meaning that he has never been able to go out and make a friend on his own. He is very dangerous and can be extremely hostile or aggressive to those around him, but he does attempt to maintain a good temper and is a rather trustable person, only letting secrets slip if too much is on his mind at once. Pierce absolutely abhors the feeling of touch, not even liking to touch himself, so he only attempts to touch things through his psychic powers.

He is well known for his incredibly pessimistic and negative views on the world itself, thinking everything is doomed and that nothing will survive the "nuclear apocalypse" that he predicts. He has absolutely no patience for those who refuse to believe that the end is not coming and likes to conceal himself away from public when something like that occurs. However, when people want to talk to him without talking him down, he opens the door for them and allows them to talk to him. When around friends, he tends to be rather shy and prefers to not give eye contact. He tends to apologize a lot when something goes wrong, even when it's not his fault, and won't stop feeling bad about it until he fully realizes that things are okay.

Pierce has very strong distaste for himself and the family he grew up in, describing his entire family history as "a total disaster", especially criticizing his grandparents for mutating his mother -- his only parent -- to the point of her being unable to live not long after his own birth. Due to the involvement of nuclear elements, he has been extremely against usage of nuclear experiments and technology and wishes to shut down everything revolving around radioactive material for the benefit of the planet, even if the human race was "already doomed". Most of his dislike for himself comes with how unhappy he is about the way he was born, not possessing the correct body parts or a stable personality.

One of Pierce's best known traits is his split personality, often having mood swings, violent ones at that. Even past all the negative elements, Pierce can act a bit happy and have a laugh, but there's no warning to when he can switch to his negative side or his bitterness. When people get really annoying or hurt him bad, he can get really aggressive and go on a kill mode, which often lands him and other parties in trouble, especially his friends such as Syi. He has never been jailed, but he is a wanted individual throughout the Lifts, so he often prefers to disguise himself from others. When he feels threatened, he will use his powers without hesitation, no matter how rational the idea really was.

When alone, Pierce seems to think the worst to himself, but he has been seen on multiple occasions playing with puzzles or reorganizing objects to his liking, not liking it when things are messy or out of place. He is a frantic about cleaning, not wanting there to be a speck of dust on the ground and wanting his home(s) to be as less suspicious as possible. He likes to put reds with reds and yellows with yellows, and can do things like the alphabet backwards in less than eight seconds. Although not as common, he is sometimes seen listening to music or singing song lyrics to himself as well. When interrupted during any of these, he turns to become upset and takes his anger out, only to regret it later.


Pierce possesses and can channel psychic energy through his body quite easily, able to pick up and move around any object using his mind, which is usually considering he doesn't like to touch anything. He lacks in physical strength, in fact doesn't have enough of it, being quite malnourished and barely having the strength to turn doorknobs on his own. His own psychic abilities though are extremely strong, and he can smash people against walls multiple times. Using his mind, he can lift up to 400 pounds of material and hurl it across the room. When very angry, he can lift up to 540 pounds of material instead, making him a very formidable opponent. He tends to run out of energy fast though and collapses if he has abused energy levels too much.

Pierce is extremely intelligent, but is incapable of thinking really clearly most of the time and has a difficult time paying attention to others in conversation, usually convinced that he himself is right. Because of this, he can sort of have an ego, but he refuses to admit it and often picks fights pointlessly. Using his intelligence, Pierce is superb at solving puzzles and solving mysteries within the Lifts, although what he's good at is usually up to his interests. If something doesn't particularly grab his attention, then he won't take much notice of it until someone can make it extremely valuable to him. His smartness also allows him to a good leader on the field, but his lack of interest in others' opinions unless they agree with him can be a large problem.

Through heavy concentration, Pierce can manipulate elements. Pierce can spread around existing fires, redirect electricity and earthquakes, and clear away water so he can walk across ocean beds and the like. He can also bend metal, and even alter atom properties if he has extreme patience. However, his instability and luck with concentrating will often result in a disaster such as a forest fire or a huge quake in a place that really did not need the quake. It is possible for Pierce to reverse and fix his own mistakes, but it takes a long while. This is done through his "undo" magic, but it takes a while and how long is dependent on the size of the damage he caused. It usually takes away all his strength, leaving him temporarily unconscious.

While not really an ability, Pierce has displayed incredibly strong writing abilities, able to write compositions on the subjects he cares about with ease and loves songwriting. He believes he has a path to go, but his writings have been taken extremely seriously by Fandraxono, who often reads and learns off of them, which Hazel doesn't really notice. He has written several novels which are sold in the Zaxinian Lifts, and without his acknowledgement, the Earth below the Lifts. He's also very good at reading various languages and is likely to help with translation or helping people of two different languages communicate with each other. He particularly loves to write about religion and the feelings of anxiety -- and wants to help people overcome them.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

General ScotchEdit

Sees Scotch as the ultimate rival, seeing him as having very little in common with him and disliking the general for disagreeing with his anti-life stance. The two often clash heads and have the most bitter relationship of all. Scotch actually likes Pierce and finds him dependable thanks to his numerous psychic advantages, but admits that trying to keep a clean relationship with Pierce is very hard as the psychic teen does not like anything Scotch spits out of his mouth. The two are often seen having clashes when unnecessary, often requiring Oshelia to break them up.


Pierce is very good friends with FDX-83. They were once in a relationship, but her near-death experience thanks to his general instability stopped them from becoming a couple. Even past that, FDX-83 views Pierce as a very helpful person who's just plagued by the unfortunate parts of life and needs help cutting through that. She admits that Pierce can kind of be pushy and unwilling to cooperate sometimes, and that his more suicidal bits can be very hard to deal with, but he means for the better and is a reliable ally to have 'til the end. High patience is just needed with him in order to listen to him.

Clair VoyantEdit

While they seldom talk nowadays, Pierce still finds her a great friend and likes her more positive approach to life, although has a disdain for her ability to actually get around and make friends. So far, Clair is one of the few people that Pierce has never considered killing -- which is unusual, as most people tend to really get on Pierce's nerves. Around Clair, Pierce is not afraid to show his more strange side, often trying out puzzles even with her around. Clair is a very good voice for Pierce to drain his problems into, and they share good chemistry because of all of this.


While Syi showed extremely strong dislike for Pierce initially, the two have become sorta friends over a long period of time. However, their friendship is not really much of one. Most of the time when they're alone together, they complain about several aspects of their lives, from Syi's problems surrounding Mallory to Pierce's personal issues. Syi is extremely supportive of Pierce's causes and supports him, and when he gets in fights with Scotch, Syi almost always tends to side with Pierce. When Oshelia interferes, she often gains a bitter rivalry with her too.


He and Zodiez share very similar problems, and always get along well. They have made oaths to help each other out, although when is unknown thanks to the multiple obstacles that plague Pierce's life already, but they are definitely hyper friendly towards each other. Even though Zodiez normally shows little regard for other human beings, she is really fond of Pierce and would be devastated if he was harmed in any way, by himself or anyone else.


Pierce did not have a high opinion of Zonas initially, and was instructed to kill him, but decided later that it wasn't worth it and came to realize that he was in the wrong. He is actually the main reason why Zonas and his girlfriends are still together; if it weren't for him, Zonas wouldn't even be alive. Then again, if Zonas didn't convince him how wrong he was, then Pierce wouldn't have gotten a better grip on himself. Pierce became good friends with Zonas, but admits that he still knows very little about him and regrets that.



  • Pierce was originally the star of his own fiction, but due to its events clashing extremely hard with the Lifts' and the portrayal of everyone in it, the fiction was canceled. Notably, Syi and Clair Voyant were part of the fiction and were split from the timeline and into their own franchises. Pierce keeps in contact with them, however, as they are some of the most understanding people to him and he does not want to lose any friends.
  • Pierce is extremely underweight, having a body mass index of 12.5, which is really bad considering his very thin build. Pierce is plagued with a great number of other design flaws besides that, possessing bipolar disorder, Asperger syndrome, constant schizophrenia, various personality disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and the obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and others. This is probably due to his very weak genetic set-up and the results of experimenting throughout his very twisted family history.
  • Some of Pierce's concepts came from Hawkins attempting to experiment with her characters.  Pierce's various disorders and his lack of a typical masculine "region" has come from the creator attempting to play around with her content.  She has also stated that "hopefully, someone will relate to Pierce in at least one way or another".

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