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It's a maddening world when you realize life is not all cracked up to be what you thought it was supposed to be.

Piercehazel doodle
by Amy
Current Age 18
Date of Birth July 24, 1996
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Unknown
Element(s) N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Height 6'01"
Weight 95 lbs
First Appearance Split Personality

Pierce Hazel, often referred to as just Pierce, is one of the minor characters of the Gone series, yet has a tragic backstory that significantly affected the Zaxinian Lifts. He is a negative-approached human being who always views things for the worse thanks to his low self esteem and little amount of overall positivity and the fact that he only knows the bad sides of the world. He is also controlled by two spirits for the most part - Pieci and Darine - who help him try to keep his mind stable.


He is a tall teenager, at 6'01", and has a lanky appearance, being able to fit into small spaces.  Not only this but he is also flexible, able to bend his body to unusual proportions, due to an unknown disability that his bold holds.  His eyes are a dark green color, and has brown curly hair, able to flow behind Pierce's head on a windy day.  Often, Pierce is seen wearing a purple cloak, black hood and black jumpsuit, hiding himself in dark colors to be unrecognizable to others.


Pierce has psychic energy and uses it to his advantage, able to use it to prevent his spirits from moving his body or to move as he pleases. He doesn't have much of this energy and if he uses too much of it, he'll strain his brain and bring himself down to collapse. He's also rather powerful and can punch through things with sheer force.


Pierce is very negative about generally everything, but is actually really friendly, really lost, and always tries to make friends, although is held back by his conditions and almost uncontrollable power, let alone the fact that the two spirits in his body try to keep him away from others. He's really sensitive to touch and can flinch uncontrollably when his skin is touched, but he likes being around friends.

Relationships with other characters



  • Pierce's name came from a previous name of snicks.
  • In the original build of Split Personality, Pierce was actually known as Crimson, although this was switched to avoid confusion with a character that had the same name, although in a different universe.

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