The infinite creator.
Full Name Dr. Pieralki
Current Age 46
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Helper
Main Weapon(s) Inventions
Ability/ies High intelligence, hammerspace creation.

Professor Pieralki, also known as simply Pieralki is one of the scientist that worked on the creation of Scyplo. He is an infinity-obsessed scientist with a kind and nice heart. He was the one in charge of creating Scyplo's hammerspace, and succeded in doing so. He is Scyplo's guide in Alienta, and has an habit of saying "Wonderful!".


Pieralki is a clever scientist, with an infinite love for learning and books, pretty much interested in the culture of other planets. He joined the S. C. Y. P. L. O. project to contribute with his knowledge about hammerspace, as he was the only one suited for the job. The Hammerspace in Scyplo worked fine, as he was able to have an infinite amount of items on his T. P. I. H.

He was, later, Scyplo's guide in Alienta.


Pieralki is kind, caring about others. Perhaps, too much caring. He loves to help, and is generous, but also has a big ego and thinks of himself as greater than he is in the truth. He loves ancient languages and discovering new things, and is perhaps one of the more intelligent scientist in the S. C. Y. P. L. O. project. He is one of the first ones in the universe to create a working hammerspace.


  • His hammerspace creation is a reference to classic cartoons, RPG games and others, where characters seemingly take items from nowhere.