Pied Piper
The Pied Piper's basic appearance
Full Name Pied Piper
Gender Male
Species 1/3 Human,
1/3 Boo,
1/3 Unknown
Current Status Unknown (original canon)
Class Villain
The Neverworlder,
Family and Relations
Mario (through Luigi)
Voice Actor(s)
Charles Martinet
First Appearance Neverworld The First

The Pied Piper is a supporting antagonist, and one of the two final bosses, of Neverworld The First. He was created after The Neverworlder fused Luigi, King Boo and Dimentio together.


Physically, the Pied Piper appears similar to Luigi, being the same height and stature, as well as using many of the same mannerisms. His face, however, is covered with multiple shades of red and green, giving him a sickly appearance. The lower half of his face is entirely black, as is his hair and moustache. The Pied Piper's mouth, while rarely visible, is quite large and sports two grey fangs that hang above a blue tongue.


Much like PIKA, the personalities of Luigi, King Boo and Dimentio all lay dormant within the physical body, and will often take turns as being in control. However, a forth personality, dubbed the "main Pied Piper", will often be the one in control of the body. Unlike PIKA, who rarely speaks, the Pied Piper communicates often, using various sounds created through his mouth. He also has a distorted laugh, which is the result of Luigi's, King Boo's and Dimentio's consciousnesses being fused. He is much more sane than PIKA, though is much more violent, attacking others when upset even the slightest bit. He is also very gullible, believing most from those he trusts.


Neverworld The First

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In Neverworld The First, Luigi gets tired of playing second fiddle to his older brother. He leaves Mario's faction and makes his own. But The Neverworlder, ever playing games with mortals, fuses him with the villains King Boo and Dimentio, turning the three of them into a combined mass known as the Pied Piper.

Later, The Freakmeister lures him into a showdown with PIKA, a merged Mario/Bowser/Pikachu creature. He is badly wounded. The Freakmeister then appears, laughing maniacally. It is unknown if he survives through Neverworld The Second.

Kingdom Hearts series

By entering a secret cheat code, it is possible to play as the Pied Piper in Kingdom Hearts: A New Beginning. However, it is only a skin change, and none of the Pied Piper's abilities are gained by doing so.

Neverworld Rift

The Pied Piper will appear as a major antagonist in Neverworld Rift. His role is currently unknown.



  • The Pied Piper's jaw is similar to that of a Boo's.