Pie Palooza: Isis Tour is a game in the Pie Palooza series for the Wii U. It stars Bob and other pepole from over the world of Isis as they travel over the world and defeat evil villains such as General Baboom.

​ Story


​ Characters

Character Image Description Abilities Element
Bob N/A A boy who has a grudge on monkeys. He found a special pass that allows him to go to countries to help those countries defeat General Baboom and his allies. He throws average pies at the start, but his pies can be upgraded to explode by Bertie at Boardwalk. Normal



A small island country with only the town of Boardwalk. Even though of that, most of the country is a jungle filled with evil monkeys called the Deep Jungle. There is also the Jellyfish Hive, which is submerged in a sea. The character from this country is Bob.

Poisonmissa Islands

A frozen set of islands filled with frozen plants. There is the Blizzard Hills on the biggest island, and the Toxic Swamp and the Frozen Jungle on the other islands. There is no character from this country.


Monkey Army

Enemy Image Description Weaknesses and Resistances
Monkey N/A A normal monkey that walks around and tries to attack you if he spot you.

Weak to: Normal and Myth

Resists: Fire and Earth

Wingsuit Monkey N/A A monkey wearing a wingsuit that allows him to fly. He swoops from above to attack.

Weak to: Electricity and Normal

Resists: Ice, Earth, and Air

Slingshot Monkey N/A A monkey with a slingshot. He attacks from a distance instead of up close.

Weak to: Normal and Myth

Resists: Fire and Earth

Mini-Tank N/A A small tank that is operated by a Monkey. It shoots cannonballs and moves slowly.

Weak to: Fire and Earth

Resists: Myth, Normal, and Electricity

Jellyfish N/A A small Jellyfish that flies in the air or swims in the sea depending on the area it is in. It launches small balls of electricity.

Weak to: Normal and Earth

Resists: Myth, Water, Ice, and Electricity

Monkey Knight N/A A monkey wearing a heavy suit of armor. It swings a heavy sword that can reflect pies if they hit them, but he is slow, like the Mini-Tank.

Weak to: Fire, Myth, and Ice

Resists: Normal, Dark, and Air

Friztulip Corps.




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