Pie Palooza is a mobile app where you tap the screen to defeat monkeys by throwing pies at them. The game is set in Superia, a coastal country in which the town of Boardwalk is located. There is a guest character from the Kirby series.

​ Characters

Image Character Description Abilites Unlocked At
Bob PiePalooza
Bob Bob always had a grudge at monkeys. Now he can take out his anger by throwing pies at them! None Start
Bertie A guy wearing a beanie who uses it to fly. He is best friends with Bob. He is also a good inventor and has invented the Jet Wing for quick transportation. His pies explode when they hit monkies, taking out nearby monkeys. Defeat the Monkey Tank
Sarah This girl loves dancing and will do anything to get the spotlight. Her pies split into 2 pies, one going left and one going right. Defeat the Monkey Submarine
Perky Perky is a Pengulleralian, which is a alien species of penguins that landed on Isis to escape the evil penguin tyrant Emperil. He wishes to fly, and will do anything to do it. He fires a single boomerang instead, which curves and defeats monkeys and comes back to him. Defeat General Baboom
Waddle Dee A generic Waddle Dee that works for King Dedede. He falls into your dimension after a great mishap. He uses a cannon instead. He has infinite cannonballs, which are rapid fire, unlike other characters. Defeat Gordo
Posch A octopus pet of Bertie that is trained to throw pies at monkeys. He loves eating buffalo wings. His pies don't do much damage, but they freeze monkeys and nearby monkeys too.

Defeat PBJellyfish

Porco PiePalooza
Porco A green Porcupine that is very angry that the Monkies took over his floating home of Zelusia. He can launch spikes to pierce through Monkey Airships easily. Defeat the Baboom Aircrusier
Glowmer A Human-Angler Fish hybrid that was originally made by General Baboom to destroy Bob, but he went berserk and took over the Bombfish Factory. He becomes friends with Bob after losing to him. He launches beams of light that not only blind enemies, but also lights up the place. He is also the fastest swimmer. Defeat Glowmer
Zoomo A athletic kid who lives in the Boardwalk Sewage Plant ever since he was adopted by Garbo the Garbage Monster. He wants to be back in Boardwalk so he can finally participate in a Long Jump event. His pies are very rubbery, and can bounce off of enemy monkeys up to 5 times. Defeat the Jellyfish Compactor

Areas in Superia


The hometown of Bob and his friends, which is overrun by monkeys. There are various areas in the Boardwalk that you can go to buy Power-Ups and upgrades for your characters. Bertie is trapped inside a clam that is inside the Monkey Tank.

Camp Monkeep

A training camp where Monkeys train to destroy Bob. There are many tents that hold both Power-Ups and enemies. Sarah is trapped in the core of this camp.

Baboom Tower

A very tall tower that is the base of General Baboom's aerial forces. There are stores that you can buy Power-Ups and Upgrades for your characters. Gordo, the secret boss, is located in Basment Floor 10, but the main boss, General Baboom, is trapping Perky on the top floor.

Jellyfish Hive

A giant underwater hive near Boardwalk that is made of peanut butter and jelly. The area is submerged in water, meaning you have to buy the Scuba Gear upgrade on Boardwalk to get to it. There is a ring of Tents containing Power-Ups and enemies surrounding the center of the hive. Posch, trapped in a net, is being guarded by the PBJellyfish in the center of the hive.


A city floating in the Sky which used to be owned by porcupines before General Baboom took over. Some parts of the city move up and down, so you might have to jump to get to places. General Baboom, riding the Baboom Aircrusier, is holding Porco ransom in the northern-most point of the city.


Enemy Description Way to Beat
Monkey A pesky monkey that runs around and uses various weaponry. They come in massive swarms. Hit it with a Pie.
Wingsuit Monkey A Monkey that uses a wingsuit to fly. It flies around in huge swarms. Hit it with a Pie.
Mini-Tank A small tank that is slow, but very strong. They usually come in groups of 3. They launch cannonballs to try to knock you down. Launch a Pie at the weak spot on the back.
Wild Jellyfish A floating Jellyfish that launches small sparks of electricity at you. They come in swarms. Hit it with two Pies.
Armor Monkey A armored Monkey that has boosted defense. They are also smarter, and know how to dodge some pies. Hit it with two Pies.
Jellymonkey A mutant hybrid between a Monkey and a Jellyfish. It jumps very high and launches blobs of poison. Hit it with a Pie.


Boss Description Way to Beat
Monkey Tank A giant Anti-Pie tank designed by Monkey Corp. It launches cannonballs to try to attack you and has heavy armor. You have to hit the weak spot in the armor five times to defeat it.
Monkey Submarine A flying submarine piloted by a Wingsuit Monkey. It launches torpedoes and avoids pies. Reverse the torpedoes at the submarine with pies. It needs to be hit with torpedoes 5 times to defeat.
General Baboom The leader of Monkey Corp. He launches homing missles and summons monkey minions. Fire the pies at the ropes to knock the anvils onto General Baboom's head five times.
Gordo A almost invincible spiked ball of pain. It launches spikes at you. When it launches its spikes at you, it leaves its weak spot open. Hit this weakspot five times to defeat.
PBJellyfish A jellyfish made of peanut butter, which is weird. He launches thunder and splits in two when defeated, up untill there are 8 of him. Defeat all 8 of the PBJellyfish when he finally splits into 8. Each PBJellyfish takes 2 hits to defeat.
Baboom Aircrusier A giant Monkey Airship piloted by none other than General Baboom himself! The airship launches cannonballs and drops down Armored Monkeys. Use Bertie's exploding Pies to destroy the crystals that generate the barrier to the weakspot. The weak spot needs to be hit 5 times.
Glowmer A Human-Angler Fish hybrid that went berserk and invaded the Bombfish Factory. He launches beams of light, throws electric bombs, and sometimes floods the arena with water for a few seconds. Use a pie to launch one of the Bombfish that swim around when the arena is flooded at Glowmer. Do this 5 times.
Jellyfish Compactor A giant jellyfish that eats the garbage on the Boardwalk Sewage Plant. He ate Garbo, which made Zoomo mad, making it easy for the compactor to capture him. He launches bits of garbage and sometimes launches garbage bags that explode at you. Use pies to break the five wooden platforms that are keeping the Jellyfish Compactor on the arena, and then break the last stone platform with the Bomb Pie Power-Up commonly found throughout the arena (Unless you have Bertie. In that case, you don't need the Bomb Pie Power-Up) to cause the compactor to fall to it's certain death. 

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