The Tiny Mouse Pokemon
Universe PokemonSymbolSSBVPokemon
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances SSBM
Recent Game 3DS Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Availability Starter
Final Smash Volt Tackle/Bide

Pichu makes its second appearance as a playable character to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Originally appearing in Super Smash Bros. Melee though largely as a joke character, it was vulnerable to its own attacks thus making it rather unusable in competitive play. An effort was made to make Pichu a justifiable character by tweaking its moveset and changing various attributes of the character.

Changes from SSBM

  • Pichu has gained new customs for its Special Set A. Several of his attacks have been switched with its Down Special, Thunder, being mapped to his Custom Set B.
  • While still damaged from his own electrical attacks, the electricity can also channel into nearby opponents thus dealing double damage to the opponent.
  • Pichu's attacks are balanced between using electrical and non-electrical attacks.
  • Pichu can store up electricity by not using electrical attacks. Releasing them after a long period of time results in more damage. This is due to the concept that Pichu cannot fully control the electrical power and releases more electricity than Pikachu due to this.
  • These attacks also have larger hit boxes when fully powered.
  • Pichu is much faster now and slightly heavier than before.
  • Pichu was developed being having a "high risk high reward" mentality. It uses attacks that can damage both itself and the opponent but the amount of damage is higher than previous. Using more powerful attacks may damage Pichu but will damage the opponents even more.


Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Thunder Jolt 10-15% (full), 7-10%, 3% recoil (opponent), 1% (Pichu) Pichu fires off a jolt of electricity which bounces along the ground. It has a shorter distance than Pikachu's but does more damage. It will also zap opponents who may be behind Pichu through the recoil damage.
Custom 1 Big Bang Jolt 13-19% (full), 9-12%, 5% recoil (opponent), 2% (Pichu) Pichu fires off an explosive electrical jolt that will explode once it makes contact; dealing knockback. It will explode after a duration of time.
Custom 2 Static Jolt 6-9% (full), 4-7%, 1.5% recoil (opponent), .5% (Pichu) Faster but weaker version of the default. It will pass by opponents and deal damage while traveling. It also travels for a longer duration of time. It deals slight hitstun.
Side Special Skull Bash 8% (uncharged) - 35% (fully charged) Pichu can charge this attack and then launch forward; dealing high amounts of damage. Due to the non-electrical nature of the attack, it doesn't deal recoil damage. In addition, it comes out quicker than the Melee version albeit weaker with the fully charged damage dealing significantly less. However, Pichu flies further than before.
Custom 1 Glancing Skull Bash 4.5% (loop uncharged), 7.3% (loop fully charged) Pichu charges forward; carrying the opponent along with it while dealing damage. It does not add recoil damage. It is faster than the default but flies less further.
Custom 2 Last Ditch Skull Bash 36% (hit), 10% (recoil opponent), 6% (recoil Pichu no connection), 8% (connection) It adds an electrical element to the attack. It cannot be charged but will initate with the input. Pichu charges forward and slams into the opponent; causing both the hit plus recoil for opponent thus totaling to 46% damage with high knockback. It adds 6% to Pichu as a result regardless if it connects or not. If it connects, it adds 8%.
Up Special Agility 3%, 2% recoil on first warp (opponent), 4% recoil on second warp (opponent), 1% recoil on first warp, 2% recoil on second warp Much like Pichu's Melee version but it will deal damage to opponents as well as recoil damage to those nearby on the wrap.
Custom 1 Paralyzing Agility 0%, 1% recoil on first warp (opponent), 2% recoil on second warp (opponent), 1% recoil on first warp, 2% recoil on second warp It will paralyze an opponent putting them into an helpless state upon warping out. The attack doesn't deal any damage outside of the warp. The paralyzation aura is more larger than the default warp aura
Custom 2 Charging Agility 5%, 3% recoil on first warp (opponent), 5% recoil on second warp (opponent), 3% recoil on first warp, 4% recoil on second warp Pikachu shoots off in an upward diagonal direction. It will launch opponents when it strikes. The attack can hit on the start up and ending animations through the opponent recoil damage.
Down Special Charm 0% Pichu will perform a cute pose which causes an aura to eject from Pichu. If the aura connects with an opponent, they will be stunned and a heart will pop into the air and then fall to the ground. It will heal between 10-20% and is randomly decided. It can be picked up by another opponent or player so care is needed to make sure Pichu can grab it. It will last a few seconds before vanishing.
Custom 1 Bouncing Charm 0% Pichu vaults itself forward while performing the aura. It will cause the opponent to enter into an helpless state. It will then produce a heart though it will be behind Pichu.
Custom 2 Explosive CHarm 5% The heart will cause an explosion which launches the opponent upwards slightly; dealing damage as well as a heart though it will only heal from 8-15%.

Special Custom Set B

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Double Slap 3%, 2.3% (loop) Pichu charges forward and latches onto the opponent; causing them to be stuck in a looped attack. Pichu will performs between 2-5 slaps that deal damage for each hit. The final hit launches opponents.
Custom 1 Focus Double Slap 1.8% (loop), 8% (final) Instead of the connecting animation dealing damage, the last hit does the most damage. It functions much like the default but the slaps deal less damage.
Custom 2 Stunning Double Slap 6%, 6% It only does two slaps but will catch opponents. The first slap will stun the opponent and the second slap will launch opponents. Nearby opponents can also be stunned.
Side Special Charge Beam 18% (uncharged), 32% (charged), 10% (recoil opponent), 6% (recoil Pichu) Pichu charges the beam and then fires it. Charging it does the most amount of damage but is quicker. The beam extends for a long way before vanishing. It has a very wide hit box that will launch opponents as soon as it connects.
Custom 1 Charge Beam Assault 4.2% (uncharged loop), 6.3% (charged loop), 6% (recoil opponent), 4% (recoil Pichu) Deals less damage but captures opponents in a looped damage and then launches opponents when the attack finishes. It has an extended range and longer duration.
Custom 2 Unrelenting Charge Beam 10% (uncharged), 20% (charged), 4% (recoil opponent), 3% (recoil Pichu) Weaker than the default but it pushes opponents forward as it moves. It has much higher horizontal knockback.
Up Special Flail 10% (low), 25% (high) Pichu launches itself upwards vertical while spinning. It will knock opponents upwards as it travels. The more damage Pichu as accumulated, the more damage the attack does with a cap being at 25%. The more damage on Pichu, the greater the knockback.
Custom 1 Meteoring Flail 13% (low), 25% (high) It will carry opponents during the attack and then meteor them at the end of the attack. It does more damage the more damage Pichu has.
Custom 2 Volt Flail 10% (low), 30% (high), 5% (recoil opponent), 8% (recoil Pichu) Pichu causes electricity to surround itself thus damaging the opponent during the attack. It will shock opponents during recoil damage. Due to the attacks nature, it will increase the damage during mid attack as it will damage Pichu
Down Special Thunder 7% (bolt meteor), 5% (bolt non-meteor), 16% (blast), 5% (Pichu recoil) Pichu summons an electrical bolt that slams down onto Pichu, dealing damage to both the opponent and Pichu. It has more knockback than Pikachu's version and is quicker.
Custom 1 Erratic Thunder 4% (bolt meteor), 10% (bolt non-meteor), 12% (blast), 4% (Pichu recoil) The bolt will zigzap down thus giving it a wider area of damage though the blast does significantly less damage.
Custom 2 Close Up Thunder 6% (bolt meteor), 8% (bolt non-meteor), 14% (blast), 6% (Pichu recoil) The cloud forms much lower and closer to Pichu thus making it more damaging though less range.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Volt Tackle 3% (collision), 12% (spark), 3% (Pichu spark recoil) Volt Tackle does more damage than Pikachu's with a much wider hitbox but will slowly damage Pichu during the attack. It is also a bit faster but harder to control than Pikachu's.
Final Smash 2 Bide Varies Pichu takes all of the damage it has received and releases it in the form of an attack that doesn't damage Pichu.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Pichu jumps up and down on one foot and exclaims "Pichu!" (Up)
  • Pichu tilts back and forth from right to the left while saying "Pi pichu pi!" (Right)
  • Pichu suddenly falls asleep and then wakes up while shaking its head while saying "Pi?" (Left)
  • Pichu turns to face away from the camera and slaps its butt.(Down)

Character Selection Screen

  • Pichu spins in a circle and says "Pichu!"
  • Pichu winks at the camera and says "Pi pichu!"
  • Pichu jumps up and down while saying "Pi!"

On Screen Appearance

  • Pichu emerges from a Pokeball and tries to expel out electricity but it short circuits and fails leaving it with a sad face.
  • Pichu is seen sleeping and wakes up; unsure where it is.
  • Pichu appears to be evolving into pikachu but stops and reverts back to Pichu. It then says "Pi!"

Victory Animations

  • Dances excitedly.
  • Spins around once, then jumps up twice while clapping its feet.
  • Jumps to the top of the screen, then lands.
  • Fires of electricity which short circuits and blasts Pichu in the face causing it to fall back with surprise.
  • Pichu tilts back and forth while saying "piii,,,piii..."
  • Three Pichu's dance around the player's Pichu.

=Losing Animation

  • Pichu faces the screen while slapping with a smile.
  • Pichu has a tear in its face and appears to be almost crying.
  • Pichu tilts back and forth as if dizzy.

Victory Fanfare

A flourished remix of "Falco's Theme" from Star Fox Command.

Idle Poses

  • Looks from side to side.
  • Stands up on its toes and looks around.
  • Shakes its tail back and forth.
  • Grows sleepy but shakes its head to wake up.


Pichu's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.


Unlock: Classic Mode

Pichu (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Pichu (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Fairy Pichu

Unlock: Boss Battle


Ghastly Pichu

Unlock: Boss Battle


Pichu (Thunder)

Unlock: Complete a Character Challenge


Pichu (Double Slap)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge


Pichu (White)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Pichu (Purple)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Pichu (Down)


Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Spiky-Eared Pichu

Unlock: Complete a Pichu Character Challenge

Volt Tackle

Unlock: All Star Mode


Unlock: Unlock all Pichu's trophies

Alternate Costumes


Color Title Color Notes Status
Default Yellow Pichu's default appearance. Starter
Red Red Colors resembles Pichu's Shiny coloration/ Starter
Blue Blue Gives Pichu goggles similar to the "Swimmer" class of the Pokémon series. Starter
Green Green Resembles Link's cap. Starter
Purple Purple Morty's bandana and scarf from Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Starter
Black black Wears a bandit-like clothe over its eyes. Starter
White White Wears Lyra's hat from Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Starter
Cyan Cyan Clothes resembles the outfit worn by the Sailor trainer class. Starter
Pink Pink Wears a parka similar to Nana's. Starter
Brown Brown Clay's Hat from Pokemon Black and White. Starter
Fairy Pichu Pink Fairy cosplay outfit for Pichu. Locked
Ghastly Pichu White Ghost cosplay outfit for Pichu. Locked
Spiky-eared Pichu Yellow Based off the spiky-eared Pichu. Locked