Picco is an indie game created and developed by Nintendo-Chrome Studios. 


You're living in a huge underground city with over 20,000 residents, however this is'nt you're normal underground city, this city is full of ghosts and ghouls, zombies and many other uncharted creatures. You're aim is to get out of the city and back into the glorious sunshine of Solarina. However you will be tested on you're agility, aim, and hearing skills so make sure you bring you're hearing aid!  You will be faced with over 500 levels and 80 villains to conquer and 16 worlds to make your way through.


Main Characters

Marcus & Marielle Jepsen

Marcus and Marielle are the two major characters who, through a sinkhole, got pulled in and fell all the way down to the amazing underground city of Pizolooro-Kambuikia Zombie District. Ap- 1st Scene

Don Replidocs

Don is a scientist who was studying the zombies when he got found out by the ZAHSC that he was spying on them. Ap- Level 26

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