Pianta Adventure
Developer(s) Nintendo

Fantendo UltraStar Inc.

Publisher(s) Nintend

Fantendo UltraStar Inc.

Platform(s) Wii U
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Pianta Adventure is a game by MrGameGuyUltra, and owned by UltraStar Inc. And yes, this is not a joke article.


After events of many of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Wario's adventure, Bowser had a new plan. Bowser used dark energy found deep in the dungeon of Bowser's Castle. With that energy Bowser, Petey Piranha, and the rest of the army became more powerful. They had captured the 5 heroes leaving room for only one hero who must save them. Pianta.

After each world, a cutscene of that boss losing there Dark Energy and escaping back to Bowser's Castle from a Airship takes place. Once you get to the last 2 worlds that changes. In World 7, once the boss escapes, Pianta looks out into the distance to see Bowser's Castle.

Once Bowser is defeated, he looses all the Dark Energy and falls to the ground knocked out. He drops a key that Pianta then uses to free the heroes. They return to the Mushroom Kingdom. Pianta then waves goodbye and leaves to return to Isle Delfino.

If you collected all 7 Star Keys, you can fight Dark Bowser. He was the source of Dark Energy. Using the Star Keys, you can transform into a more powerful Pianta. You must fly around and use the Star Sword to shoot beams at Dark Bowser, or slash him. Once he is defeated, Pianta returns to Bowser's Castle as the Dark Energy is annihilated and explodes destroying Dark Bowser once and for all.



Character Picture Character Info
The unexpected hero! He also has a tree to smash his foes with, and can jump pretty high, alongside jumping up high and spinning around in the air and knock someone out.
Another Pianta? Well, different colored Piantas actually! Players 2, 3, and 4 can be dark blue, yellow, and pink Piantas.
The Toads also join. Player 2-4 can also be them. They can use various power-ups instead of a tree. Captain Toad, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, Green Toad, and Pink Toad.
250px-Rosalina SSB4
If you fail at a stage 4 times, Rosalina is there to help you. Rosalina will do the stage for you, but it's not completed, but you can contiune. If you decide you don't want to do it while it's going on, you can play as Rosalina for the rest of the stage.


Boss Picture Boss Info World
Your quest starts in Pianta's home island being invaded by Petey Pirhanna. Which Pianta and his friends stand up to, starting the adventure. He jumps around on a rock and grass platform, and tries crushing the player. Also, he has Dark Energy. Good luck. Isle Defino
250px-Bowser SSB4
The first battle agiants the King of Koopas! He doesn't have Dark Energy yet, so he is pretty easy to defeat. You fight him at Peach Castle. Mushroom Kingdom
King boo dark moon vector by kingboo10-d5ypbvi
King Boo, he is in the Mansion at the end of Posesed Path. To defeat him you must use windows to make light to weaken him, leaving him able to get hit. Once defeated, he flys away to the Airship. Posesed Path
King Pokey, he can seperate into peices and jump around trying to attack you. Or just try to smash you while in a tower. To harm him, hit his crown. Once it breaks the Dark Energy is removed leaving him ready to be destroyed. But he then runs away. Deadly Desert
120px-25a25ae986e40dd375e8cb94a88d0625c2f3404d full
In the gigantic Ice Castle's peak, you encounter Dark Energy Mizzter Blizzard. He will turn giant and try smashing you with snow boulders. Once his hand is stuck in the ground, you have to run up his arm and hit his face. After you melt him, he falls down and the Dark Energy is released. The small Mizzter Blizzard then falls out and runs. Ice Cream Ice Berg
351px-Wiggler Walking
After adventuring through the trees, poison, and fog, you encounter a giant treehouse. Once you enter a Dark Energy Wiggler comes through the walls trying to smash you. Half way into the fight, the tree house starts to fall, but once you finish off Dark Energy Wiggler, the Dark Energy flees, and Wiggler runs for the Airship. Foggy Forest
Once you break into the Dark Doomship, Bowser Jr comes in his Clown Car trying to attack you. When he is defeated, you go onto Level 9 of Sacred Sky. Sacred Sky/Dark Doomship
Dark Energy Kamek has a more powerful wand. They use it to transform themself into a much more powerful form. They will use 4 types of spells using 4 elements. Once you defeat him, he turns back to normal Kamek and escapes. Pianta chases after them only to see Bowser's Castle in the distance. Sacred Sky
250px-Bowser SSB4
Bowser used the Dark Energy to transform himself more powerful then his entire army. He can fly and shoot giant purple fireballs, along with other powerful abilities. Once you defeat him..He doesn't give up, he transforms into Giant Dark Energy Bowser. Once he's defeated, the Dark Energy is annhilated, and Bowser falls down revealing the key. Bowser's Castle
Once Bowser is deated, the game doesn't end there. With the 7 Star Keys you must fly through the sky battling Dark Bowser, as the true final battle. Final Fight


Pianta Adventure contains all enemies from Super Mario 64, and Super Mario Sunshine.


Item Picture Item Info
170px-Super Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Heals the player.
Only usable in Multiplayer, if someone is being Toad. This helps them ethier throw stronger fireballs, or throw more faster.
Gives the players an extra life.
424px-Super Star Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Makes the player invincible for a short time.

Worlds and Story Mode

Isle Defino

Once your adventure starts, Petey Pirhanna attacks Isle Defino. This is just a Intro Stage that can be played once each file.

Mushroom Kingdom

Pianta follows the trail of Dark Energy left by Petey Pirhanna, finding the Mushroom Kingdom. This world is 8 Levels, starting at Toad Town which is under attack by Koopas and Goombas. Level 8 Is at Peach's Castle were you battle Bowser. Despite defeating him, he still escapes with Mario, Luigi, Wario, Donkey Kong, Peach, and Yoshi captured. 

Posesed Path

Pianta chases after Bowser's Airship finding himself on a pathway to King Boo's Mansion. King Boo's Mansion is 2 levels, the first level being the mansion itself, and the 2nd being the Boss Fight.

Deadly Desert

Once Pianta defeats another Dark Energy foe, he finds a desert outside of the forest. The Dark Energy leads to a huge pyramid. The first 6 levels being puzzle stages, and the 7th and 8th being the pyramid.

Ice Cream Ice Berg

After escaping the pyramid, Pianta finds the edge of the mountain. Thinking it was just a dead end, a ice berg crashed into the mountain knocking Pianta down into Ice Cream Ice Berg. The Dark Energy finds the strongest source of energy there. Mizzter Blizzard.

Foggy Forest

Pianta finds a path of ice leading to Foggy Forest. More Dark Energy seems to rise from Foggy Forest, being close to Bowser's Castle. Once Wiggler is defeated and escapes to the Airship, the ground breaks as Pianta falls towards a bottomless pit. Suddenly, Kamek, and some Paratroopas fly out capturing Pianta.

Sacred Sky (Dark Doomship)

Pianta is trapped in Bowser's Airship. The 1st level being an escape, the 2nd escaping the Airships. Once you get to the Dark Doomship in the 7th level, you have to break your way in, while it attacks you along with the Koopa Army. When you break in, Level 8 begins, with a bossfight agiants Bowser Jr. When you defeat him, you go to Level 9 which takes place outside the Dark Doomship. You battle Kamek.

Bowser's Castle

A 3 level world.. The 1st level is the path to Bowser's Castle. The 2nd level is the adventure through Bowser's Castle. The 3rd being the battle agiants Dark Energy Bowser and Dark Energy Giant Bowser.

Final Fight

You can only play this 1 stage if you have all 7 Star Keys. They are hidden in the first 7 worlds. Well, the 1st being there after you defeat Petey. But now, use the Star Sword to destroy Dark Bowser, the source of Dark Energy! If playing as Toad, you are also transformed and have the Star Bow and Arrow. Once you defeat Dark Bowser, the game is truly finished. 


The gameplay is similar to New Super Mario Bros, Kirby's Return to Dreamland, or other 2D Platformers. As Pianta, you can jump, hit things with your tree, jump and spin around while hitting others with the tree, and groundpound. As Toad, you can jump, groundpound, and throw fireballs.


In Options, you can change screen brightness, and sound. You can rewatch cutscenes an delete your files.

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